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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, August 12, 1943, Image 18

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^mjJm'm •Misfit-SMI mtvttw & \a> Bigs* WIflia 15ej# WsrfMtessfe Layman Thinks TheologicaHy ass W%fc t&s AjjgBsfestfe *f. ife ««JW ummmBfmm Mm mm MMMT, A& , v , J^^'^J^fe^*' _^___^____ _ ffe €ATtt&iJ& CGUfifBH fats m? mop mt$)9*t<mff mpvmb- A-4imv$n. mmm-pm fm btmrn* m imntia sm el &* eroamm m €aikrfltt .&ea&t M twm fi» SM» aimztrm t'Jto4-it .tterd to. i&&muta$-bm mi &mmQ ww fir *s iltii§mw #*• t» mku & ttmiifiirh^is ih .«aWe& tfaaajlhgti. fp tmttd m to ulf mpm unreliable norirefi i>f (a^ms0im m *»<R» \fJT tfffi fa inf^ffnatiaa =% BEK. JAMES M, 43EU& CSP^ fteisewily — fa feet fcii&!fa*8y. terfaBsia. Aad of cowrse- an the o<!d«r pagattteaa. flfe, e=sa*»8 Ut the <Jl»*rctkm of i»9t:iic3 BJ^E ecocoasJca ead Use *» «tf» «ft» «**, «M -iw^s *s?SJfer ft* -renfe.ol' ate ctergjf «H»pJai». that, -tops*®' gnaw* m Mtte «*/ m .&• [ »#-w|M» SB ifttto Shoo* tbcs&MOr. f t *T\' \-\l\ \**'' «\«^-«*£*•• Wi tttt* of this. Bat the peril 'fiat these ore exorptless*. to feet; If 1 * 1 , ™P t >*** ftt ****$? ** G *°*?p ! o«ar Wesasrs ctrSStatte*. fibs cfcrHJ» there Is a Mr siumber of pcite*, maom? AnftwaM. -atflcl* 'tutton of Tora& nad (wilt, sriO te»» fe Holy Order*--soirwtfiaaif sot f ap^ra- la Jb* Sww Jjrw* 8H» and -fee. shattered beeasse .«R*O have' tow 9 prrtty stntKf baft* ait m i^ any «e* « «ojf 0m» to History 4»fer tea cat ort»,c»iXe «&• ?<ow an:t ajpio yot| may sttWJ\ fft*«^- : I** ,fl» fere* #• Mfi •&&* '\fh# CtfttQfM Ml'mEit h «^n'l^i^fp^_^ j^^JSf!..,^ jPft# w C«#^fe tew^j 5 \ * M«Qe9 f. :R1&%!r«gS'. «fefiep-ef K«f«Mjp?.- altowa a realization the r«ct tliat to txite «t «li th?ni(Inj( antt of a!! action It iltcalozy, am- m ftaap of ttt» conarqucnt fact that lfe» W^|»s8 baltte flifiw la jw^re:^ to llse «f«fM* Sat? aase—to tjte t*ii> tl»- ti»£ of BfeeJostov ten* of' tfieolo- tis<» \t^M»loate«\ to tit* ptwtaX b*csij** all phiJowpWcs Co? if- yoH PASTOR AND TEACHER #lfteai» ill- OBjflliifBf As fe&«f ilw f 'l«*es&' €. Wwster, f'usior of ife» 0«wefe of tip••Hstjj' fitaff erf CsI#f8l«S-. MI» IJC? fei«l totwsigkt Mm fcjo raaiaci »!lb tkmsmis of sm&» : fa rib cfoftfowo, if* ebe .^^..^ efjtsrdiv i» i'fce pistlih »chool. fifls i»otk as a fecdher- wa? undcrisiken jgtiip't- «•» \«S ruot i>tt»lo^* |«n uAe* fefa «wKawrteii, anrf cfoswl eraly will* th# end of lib lift*. TJwfe(H» to of courafl « ttKsotofy bnsf ry«%Mor w««f Pretj^t «f i»tn«Rc8 tw<iil »fe #poijtUmciit^^ u» Fustwi; of • -«-^.. IW* <frfeo«| .Q»a«fi Ws ycara ago. %ea *»i«E to «im«fepifi?tt of p*!*' feral *M*ffc, he c^iiittwctt to fre o teafijicr? bb worfc «ISJO»| tfie slM<(cnt ii«i«« tit Mi %hff% ffosjpfiat lw« b«n m «ffccti¥© «U to tlie tr*ter j^fl, «-jatr»tr« . * Wfo si* 'rear? at Coifilwflloi' woo him a Wl of «&»lii»«g frfeji«li«, jtHt a^ bk teae'Slftg catcw miteaeerf feiu* to tho«fa»rf» of yowjig m«a te «us4 nhoiit Uot'hmter. Faffn^r Wer»er »lit, tm missed Is the school- f&w» iw«l »i tlsie «|faf an4 fo tf» pftpit, life fast® jrifnrf t tfainetl fn« teJiws, shotl oo tosaer C»d il» «n$M to iHipartJng ifw fret lis of ««• Ilaion »« rthsr wwfo, doct tew cffW fttio (mm $# wortd antl its I^W*. The ufay»es of his pstd^tS&mrei refat-K«m pupfl*. frtrdi, sfenfi Mlow fi-im, jfaf h© mx. ia,<ptWl • To hi* fiarerito. Wt» lurothw, fBUWJP WIIt'Wei?W{»¥«w v and! Iil» pfeirr «i«i broiimp, tfw eOCTIlEII «te«4 to synyioihy «« i!^ eJpatb «f tfi/i* .giftetf pripsn MMBry ti^lioj»» ttuit. ataxo «p America. Ite &«ir«.ft» cooiws^a^ folly wltlf tf» sft<m wo> «fforr {icoi»!j)tf» traidrft ef tJ» O0e#fe««fe W «alw ^very home. Atnw!n»n» liave ftao* much freedom, mwe« Iee«Jf«y, to theft ow a ptan* Btoffl mid is ihelr (teftBag wfifj oit»#8i iJjt-tofife the «»;? emngmicy m tvat>h fbrtB jo reljseet «lre«rfive» on wbal atfd how mnch fey ni»jf liiiy, Dttd^r&tt ihe prodwoet of dc<tlcr sMI fee peradtted to cl«rgft OOfitt uiiagirutiy law of sujwly nod demand «o# t&e nccfjitt-ij *ritefo» op to BOW on pries®. AD dte laaitftet »r«ttftf #ted t «ms tW f«{e of «oo<e prodne*«» aad ntpnhaats. Tn»f* ai»d eoi»feb«^aft» fii, tetttafwr «t IttJdei fcwe B^«o held Up lo «ome ejrtratt by J«w„ ftqt i|jtwlter« d« w« tar pijr rofwema b il)« .WQ moktity oa the «*t- Hltji of priiiPS. It is w« ai>pliraiioii ot' the *evet>di comwandmciit, *1hm sftali noi steal,\ aftw a lafr utte* sjidil orevaU to «H P UT- iHimm and «alea ©f good*. A fait priee! How the Iorda of finanw liagfc at tltw torttlMFhe M»a ol eicasojeing ifno mfa price of any jti'odtift by the acteat cost of production with « fair profit for pro- 4we«it and *3r}dd|«wuan has jiewr entered their e»?nd. Celllop pri re* urn inqp«»ed t*y tfcs Ctt*^ nr«» i«0W% an sttcmpf to stop that form of sfealfog whk-k comes ftotw o*-erchargi«g. The <!athplk) diirtcilt has uiways taxighi the doctrine of die fair ? *fee. It fe baaeti on tfm »«tu«tl taw a»d aft the poa&ise divine lav*. t fe * nmmr of lustiec or S»}uiifee» ol ri^trt or rnamg. Anydiing over atod «bo>e Am xeat value -of, *o article^ inchidiaf toefr «f pro- duciioB sod dfetra«ntion, and atlowitig a reasoniibt« pr«fit |Q alt pro- iumm aod dfet»t»nto«8, djat h added fio make « fixed mif&et'flrice is *» aaftKi tirtdtM of what fe!o«ga to attoihsf, A mm steals fieai Ida weMdiof whc» ft© ta&m M»U©$' woift hiotur^wtfyt lie «AKI d» tfcis »y tiAMag Ids lioa.se , he e«» da ft % lowing bins ap o» rife hlgtw^y i*W» a gfun. or in * stoife vritl* an unfair pjiee. •ft i» wsll to get hack; to frad«fraent«tk WelfcMot«t«d pwpk sfeoald undprst«ttd (Jiat sorae «t least of rt» 6PA dlrectoKv «re mere- Sy atoppbg Uiat form of Kiohttrs di»rt c«ol<HUsts wa»W wmmii tluotitjii violffting djc law «f 'die Suit price* is m toiitiz fearful **> thm p*glM»- a fltriiggto fc«twcon l;b« Cod of Love OM t£» ecda of liatt Si l> * tertalto thai rfee csiijf«alo»i of' science wlti»al phLl&»«^hy, at knowie^sro witboat tnilln, of facU wititsirt tao»i»t» fe»*» mmbfta in th» corrujitioa of o«;r manhood *od wotaanlKxjd — it to • *trajES«o between Ihxi and t&e e«fntiaJ c*cd tat man to «r»& ajata in the image of Cod ttn*£raUdi *ad witto- \It to eortoua p*thap,» tlua & a fcsymnTS, tKi«t WJ tt» iniSitiSKri^ d ton wbM& tiaa 'liecoaui the itcr.ch l Pf»K«n«HJ of Earojo «j^o»«tljaa Diocesan Reeoixlings 4 MV20AN IAH3 OFF - U» . . . F*th<sr Aylward'a d>icoar»e» rir*di f, * m mo«s elber m«t oJ tb* ps»flsl» at tbo church parkin* ttation ... Thoy drlv« to G««»«v<» ftfid l^tfft w IiOcMaud ttoad . . . ftp fc&o drtvo «w of a tteatiltful Ifllte-si^, eadtto raw m »• • \WJ»y Mft gifftSteil by the 3fto«. Aa««*ti«e jr. %hwrd„ csan.... Ho i» di- ttwtn* fit ©«* ^«dy of tit* take 'JBfetnat lTos«« . * • Ttot. f* tee temlful atato #Iih * cootoiaal* am house and spaclou^ groand* . . . Tho 8»oa are attowa to Outo rooaia . . . Thm tMy e» to «a&- ser * f .'.A conference CoUa^ra and they barn that self-impoaca st« i«»co t» Sfto rote of tl»e retreat Hgusro »,» ^arty to fetd ma e«rty to rise for Holy Mass . . . BroRk- fiwt follows in siJanco «avc for tho ablrttuat reading *. . 'ifho l*yol Catbo«e\ te Oso t»pfc foe opirUnal rendlnif , . . CtoKtenmct* fo!Sw ... Led ftjpr ewe of tlielr own iT«up thiey follow tfto wsqr of 0»» crow iWglMMIiliBII •MWSIJ rHAYERS FOR PMCE Tils' giWid ao»» 1f|«tf fe cotttlog ftoio *U t|.ttf liatilc-nonfs §»•»«» proia- fe* of »ia appjposicMBg vietocj for )u»tfi.e and honor, * irietory that will mmi tml Mm for Uie wdrfd No« fe the timft to redeuhb our jM?*yefts fo* socft * vfclat\\ 1 her* was anmciJjing off tho wsoal line IR ^Praise the tctfd and Fas* the Jaatiffldlioltl\ €haj*1alBs are not eombataafes. not %l»tt«g mm. 'Then? are others* ta Q*M the am» Btst ft h wmng- to W 8» busy in passfeg tib ammiaatioa that we ^ s ^f*«^ tt ih«rtjw&J«^oT¥e foiget *«t praise the I<oid, AM ottr roiBi©?* ptowaa and aught witt \\* ~ \*\ ~ ~* \\\\\ latiHi litte if fe tetd 18 aet«lrfj ta» Ktrt tfe to*d will k with «s, #ill Wesa our actus with vfetery and peaw. if m« turn to tfiut in $m$m, .\.-:•* nray^^ fe ffeatc sJjtniM Ibe on oa* ptoaram ev«ry 4*y. Tlwsy ihoald include tftat spSfit ol good-will Cos aft that ytUX prorniss the tterld f?eed«t» (torn ptMeculian and agyrosaion wlien victory ronwi. WJilWIiiWI Cwta&i ilioisgUts aist> ta«m«Kr« Ifhft)* aw> momenta mhsth wJbqit* «v«r bf the titllalft of fe body, the seat ,i» «» its knew.—Victor -. v;- ¥«a d» wreM to wai^t afeafl*«l|' wer. JOB* own pedcaoaal nalvation, *g«^rtlt«-te«» he does lw&«? «&« SK&es 16 Thelp oihc«8.—St, Bernadt, s - **lfivo,)ece fe_ eot *ff«| ks^fe 'the'^airclt isap it Is *ttoa$. . , *. ••%#• Cltawfe'says ft fe «?w»^'%eC)|«se '•&:»• * *felatlo» -of the n*t«ral te» wMd». h&ids .alt ansa,, • ^he^-ij m%. <JWJ $m im ^atfeitlic* aad QUERIES and REPLIES It It ChfhtHn T# Ot 1# Wit ft* Any ftttfVM? War to « terrtbl* tragedy bat, tragic though it be. It to not at- wsvys ossenUaily evlt In fact there *re many instances whon it to right and IswUilablo. If tbto were not true, tliii Church would nww have caaoaiited St. Joan of Arc. It It were not true. St. tduto «rouJ<t not h*vc been a Ousaaer. aor St Bernard an advocate of the Cru- sades; Pope St Pius V would fiat havp prayed for the victory «T Don Juan of Aiutria at JUitanto nor would tfcs p»pnl Zouave* h*ve been aumroaue4 by P!u» IX to filfht for the riyhto of the Holy Not otdr to it permbsiblo to w«a». w«r under ccrUOn circum- stasc«a but it m«jr even ba a*a>at-> ter of duty to taiu up arms- Sup- pone A father sees ato child la 4*ager from a murderer; soppoxo a son se«t hto mother btltif t«*t- od evuoUy. wid »uppoi» that each of ih*m baa the meana «t h*nd to defend hfc* deiir one. Clearly it to not only lawful but positively virtuous to f%ht to aucii clreuru- sUnces. Indeed it would be *intu| not to dr» ao. iroe the same reason men «*$ inatifled In taking up wem l« detead aad urotect Uudr accompHiihed la a#y othor prac- tical was« This ttoea not mvmit that tvety war to jastified, Keltbor doea tt auTaa that it to tijht to «lorlfy war for Its own aako or to fan tnto flamo the war-like paaaiouaof ta«a. Only in the teat *xt?emity K elth«r ta «l£-d«rfeaw» or ta <$tf«n*». at wmcQue elie grwre^f ttoeaJftftid in body or in'sou^ ;m*y ta*a tad nation* eot#f into osort*! comlmt. eat Christlanliv aaa aever taught, f and does uoE itaca. that war to' &1- \araijrat wm»i»t« Fram the pea at Father »kAar< *>Hs, «gg&ft, SMsfewlcaw. ot taw VWbt <?«n«*»*te«, ?Ito»*«ii. Better oot mesr at \backward Saitlh Attieiica.\ Peru h»d three *ca«rajfoas of aMveraity jpudwatea- tafof» :«*•- had a eo3ie»fo,<--L»ttto«- tit up the Old Teatamttif <*l£b ibe pmnefii ta Kiaite pointa b« wauld Have maoambered ... BJia itgt «tor- ica Interest «nd bold Into hc««m . . . Ho tells of a» «J<l«;rlj woman vtoitM, oaw- wfjo c«u|<I «a& «ad or write out fe-notv her fafl'li .. . She wrts aatol what she fcellcved In eho lmi»acu!«to Cortcetitiiw . . , S^u *«id that nhe bad * n)0tli«r in If eland whom the dearly I* wed ... 8h« *ald that If *h# c:mit<l have brought that mother into Dte world without evil, sJt^e w6uld bare tjor.o It . .. God com bring hit Sloth- er into the World without evil and He aid it . . . The mea !««ve tfco beantlfully appinted duaftl . . . They go out into the' auitisbto* and walk towards ibo Uika . . Giving the Biblinai atrutupberit uro the •heap which the Rewreiad DJrec- 6?r procured to keep thit ,tfKU3 dawn ... us mowara availljh!e ... imitation of tho Kasxtry in the nftovjtooft . . . CoafcsstoRa Satur- day .... Another eoafe?ta«o b* the evenlnjr and Ecntdktfi'i With tae mso'a totems ralwd m hyiojis ... At lo p. m. %atoi «ut and <jul«t descends over iihe throe nwi* tit the horns . . . Sunday afteisaooa ih« Coafareaea ends the (Ctreat . . . The mea pirotora to leave . . . They orals* hijf&ly the rtoire.nt Miuter ind hta eoutis«l .\.. They apeak enthujila-'itli tally of the meal* »trv«d and th«- teneral comfort at the Dtocesaa iSetreat HciLie . . . ta the state of jrrace their spirits are uplifted . , . Ilea who haw far the firat WBMI aada the retreat pledge tfteanselvea to btiar othexa ... R. to an Kiptri- etiee that cannot be fully «ascrib- ed bHt mu.1t ba lived to lt» appre- ciated, thty all •*;. hvgotn tfceas, vtm men mm aara trJjt the? knew that- there <n> no iaftol^f\ woHdl^-eo world of tba »1«rlt, a* iWrh. of kindltecss, af Caodaa«a—fflo* »K>rM of love* -Aa4 BOW we Ssacn* whak atl that lead* to aad' w* taoat g& back 4* t»t Itoes* of prayer and fbsd oatdee- •taadlnjf ta repeateaew.'* Mr Sokslrky, a» He cc»fa****, to no theobjgfas. bat 1 «kmbt if aay theologlaxs cotiid ha»» eorpriaaed that partlcalajf truth mot* correct- ly, ar.d there «j-e f«w. if any, tbecrJogtaisj wfio oaJd bava ipokta ft to eloqu*nr?y. IMesi the nation ail larfe> a#4 tadtad, uakaa the grtal roj*j«lty of the peoplts of all iMttlotwr, vi^. ton and ma%vUh#i In. the pwa* ea4 srar. get. !»»Jd of t&e tratb m trenchantly cxpreaaed ly the news- paper columaLst, there tetll Be little fKjpa for tlte world. We must all to thai aitfeat al feasw become phitosoplitr*, moral* im> theo^i^tns* W m cauf iaae to see ta the w*r aathiag but a- moK- •troaa arcmaJy. tn»tca<I -of the in- evitable «ud lejtta? cflfia* of whai baa been «pios oa fa t!te vrorid for a few deca4rs feaeji, K$ war wW ftawr beett-feught 1» ^da. \ za « deeper *cnse tha» the aatial «lan*-ti»er3 imajjine. w« raiist tcara \what It to fttt aba«i w Moat of us aa.«ei»'». yet- atcnutmS tta* elementary knowledge?.. We are eo> distracted by thoiighto of bxlttt* and campaign*, of boxes* and rll- ilans, of hopes and promise* a»d pfeapaefs of vl-lory thai we doa'i «ee the »trusR!e • etttraa** be- tween Palth aad Anti-raith. It When tta vtotbla war U over, wa are too ttre4 to Agist the real war. m raljtfit better ttot havo botfesr* td to tltfit this one- Wliuton Churchiil «*d PreelOent Hooaffrall! faara raaf #_ coapjf of C&aages oa the woma \bexinnin«\ nad \ecd.- It ia the esd of the twjlnntnjrr saitl tit? Pffmo Mini* iter, whea the Allies drove the Axis Powers o«t of Africa. \It fil the begtaalas of the end,\ aafd War. Rooeeveit whea th* Aafto- Caaadlan-Anierlcan forces made m •aeeuaafol iandin*- in Sicily. With 4ot reapect to both of these com- petent observer* w* have not yet seen either the -end or 0*8 befla- nla* of THE WAR. When what we call \the war** to over aad \peace\ has settled down (God «peed the day), ws alisdl be free to make the real ttetiaaJag. the be> adaalaji of the world-wide war ajralrut Materiaiism, Atheiam, Ir- reliiioiL (CapyJlfbt. 1IM3. HI C. W. (X> mmi Kfe&£i^&fe ^^^S^^^^^^^x^^h^ Because Thou Hast Not Knmcn /•rascdom had ttotoivod tho grootost erf aU dlvtn© benofaclioiis. Iho cumirtalion of aU the blessings of patrtarctt and prophet and pff&sf cmd loi?ilo» *tf» ftd* ftteionl ef cdl uto pjcimiceai cw o!4 Tfacrt bertetocttoi was tho vbltation <of tho Iong<rwcdted Rodoemor- The 3%n» wore there, tb>» c?or«fltJoi8i that dearty paMud o^t th& visitation ca.-pteKsa& ftf^photlc j^sxisuis**- monta united with talroctifous manifcctalions to do- dare tto vfetttattan. Tel flwi |«ws did KCI feaow Quit!, did not know ths deer of Hto vtoitaticru Of all the woes ftuSt Jarusalem had suffered in her k«ig history, nam -wm «o grecrt as this, fhor^ was «o mat-God is ka»6nll Jf«» tra^gecUes of oH, her fai^ngs from grace, her stoking Into ruin befecro the invadw, h«r narrow at th« de«4nic*ion of dio temple, and the captMtr <d her ciidltom. Th»9 series of oatastre^jhoo lor Jjtsmsaleml But oono of (hsjin c^djod fat *3to toara oi Ot« Bodeemerf * But tha destruction that Christ saw facing thee. O Qty of Jerusalem, m a purthshmorrt few 810 fact feat \Thou host nof knov^ii iha timo of fiby visitation.\ *«a» GQinothtog so terrible t so lasting fitat U called forth from the «y«a c£ CJuM hitter tears, from tha Upat itd Christ soflfawfut kratteitediatt. \Ho earns unto ;Hl3 awii* and' His mm taceitfeti Him nol.\ Christ has Bhst day lor cossta^-'fo.each'oi &$.' %l'p, eart temada Igtsomail hr letedng? to Jknovr the signs fhijrt Uitt tar thai day hr af &fed* '*»•• ca» stuch*' 6JO ^p»s» «rrtd[ fcturor it ift fh# thno of oux vi^tafitsi. Cfetisk'S |crxa««t $m ttif fewt «f9s ^leaEtaaf 9! their .w&adl -of. gtaot:: H*.^l h<ripe.lil# r^3a»io-'femi»ttf^ter«i-^miei r«j|8cd Hira let us Mmk-fiom HhttAafsra.saMao-Jairf^l- • edg«,of ift»'?9attifir|St ! lOxHt <«w»l> ta- oiir jtt^qrc*! - : i m^tfa***^^ f- y * :i

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