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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, August 12, 1943, Image 3

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M®ms& 12..W3t Sfes liii^iiiHiDli sm^'iA^M^immi Faith In Fox~Ho.es Strong, Chaplain Heindl Discovers i f Kecliflf Father wmtai Stiff IMft 1i»f? *3Ta * sunlit »««!* it tfco way th*; (kamaa J«ttf* C atxlft, Mu)a»» lajftkat* *#•!«**•, cJuur- •cterfaed W* aarariee aseetia* In Uto Soot* Paclfc vfoi fc£i former pariah orient u4 now Navvy chan- 1.1a. the Rev. Jeha K. Wl*#*t#*], recently rescued when Ms safe tfc* 0. a BL Heltaa, mi bttT «** Kuta Golf Tt» roan* t*Be*, atv **rrfn* with • Naval MahUe Beeaitat i» the Septh Furfflevia * HMBP*wr •# Holy Roaaty Pariah where jftaliiaff Wneaton «•** formerly ar»***Utaut paztor for five year*. In ft tetter received V &{* mother yean* Maid, the MK *f Mr. and Mr*, Jeeeph C M«ld *f «.« Birr Strict, Rochester, toU the fottowina* atery* Te»*eTd»y Uu^y J»> I had Uw greatest aarprli* of «y N*«y career Some new officers had come u» and I bad keen to* ^HMQT to took at them ckwtty Whea the ru*S» of aervinr w** over I taw the back of ft ftaftd. fjiftt I WOf- nted. He.ctllwJ for some eaff**. rod when*! w* » *3*ia*T It to Idea He kept looking it ll» M If &t knew mc. I terntd to hlM *nd asked him if fee were « chaplain. Hi* answer was •yea* Then I told, 'Am you Fnihtr WKtitaa*' t«4 &* •aid he m! \ *\Tbfs waa followed ky ft *r**f- i«jr whkh *«enl«h*a tb# »tiier officers. \After Father Wheaton'* ftffc the U. S. S. Hele&*Y wa* auKfe h* •aent four day* on ft rftft Without food. Then be got to * Ja* t*»M (aland where he WM kept by aft* Uvea until rescued. Father Who*, too came to oar hospital trIUi alight Injuria*. \If* funny though earring WBB every day. we haven't talked much •lore the flrat timt He aeems to be rather ahy ., . Aa aemcoae »*W, •Ifa a small worM!\* After rlo^flBr 3m 5x*nt* ia tl*\Bo«lh S«* Umtk* it k why w iMj* «w no «l!^kb i» f«dbofe*»* W^ ^e tncxEr Wwkct ; »«Mt *r*n *ig>«r« te M« \Unit 4<***/t him W» r*#*ry i» )oa) tMi* *w» iMMsyera t*^,\ III * Mm I* j|«t« pmrml*. $t». wi Knt W«ii««-C HK!w«t «f IT* XHmmm, «*¥•- lit* *aaowi»* *r«- U«tt i« tt» »«rt» 8** tatemh- \ftmfctt* t^iat; wbert %re »% •IKO* lift *r*wf *t*ftilw tf«»a« wSktcfc Jrou ft*** TWHM« xtft4k« alMPiit, wc «** tatt iMrW wt latest »*«* *r wr *i«*u. jFHr#* »^*ut ***fc tfeftw. otN»»* * ln«t« c*« *b*a aa*»* wa^rUj; 3ft» jgtM i» ftel#4 Hj» n!k« *W i |'. Wf iriwf • «» •« of w a»o»«Uit# «t» ami mm** •iwxx.TktT* m m, *M •It wm the (WW aotaHbi <j»H e*» htaor the fcrtlew* «h«.u«n«: «^ »v*rl «r it iiw* i»<o th* c*ft«j>- tlooad 'r*d-' *• \0*39 At* QoftT \Wt feJrwp o« the pdgt «f o^ dugout Kwrry *«r to »tr*ln*d: , every eye Kaat *lie 1>e««t««T Mwe\ ; ff tilt Ittrtit* Mm. WM Of thr tlB&e—thsaidcK to God and the Air 0»n>» — tr» jSfiwBr lupftF «)« ttnny K>und ol Ike \flout Ja«.\ Otu> a!«ht-' Scatters c«teli Iftem f «Jr out *»d tts how! \Bat once 1B * whilr one o r More of tiff «f*# plumtf flip throuj;Ti ft ekimJ hopping. Tliey w-e the wortt m«jrtem»*n J in the warW or »*rb*pe ow ack-aek keen* \T5i« nam* *W*»5iiD* Machine UU Lb*ir chwip, hith-{vi[chf<l w»* tors every time—i>ot at ttli like oar 4e«|Htl»r»ft{e4 fonwrfflJ itftnev? fc 6y tb&t tl«», «Mr«t«- Alt: 8XUIW irounS; oot no ntoeh afraid of » chance bewki, Iwit to #5«y <il««r of our owns Jbdfc which cornea desra like whieperJiijf Judl»ton*s. Glee Waralftt' *Once |a » whSJe U»e Nip« let c3o*e eamtgii to aend oown *n e«t Boy. you mreuM never oelieve tfee Bound they stale*. Every on* tccma to be oomlagf rifht njank at TOU.' AM 2t'a KOT * ahrlll shriek like the movtee Mstke it i««ml If* junt a» ever |Bore«a&w *rb-wh*wh-i»h- - imm-Km&VhVmKt f*u h»ve l •Jeaty of t£eae aitex Aimk henrttig It to 4hre *lnfco *iie Jtole or allt trench. A»<3» mm, $» we h\« the ftound! It'* e*»y tO ander«t»na why there ure % «theJ#U lit foxhole», It'a set tltat cm l* acftred (not Give Altar Furnisrirnfs For Saf{ors* Scfiodl DUBUQUX — A new BU«ML crucifix, altar eerda mid candeift-' brm have been donated ay tke pariihlonen of ft. Otcellft'a Church, Aiaea, ZJL, for tke altar oaed on Sunday* *od Firat Tti- dftys in Creal Hall, low* 8t*t« CoHeje- N«ry student* from tin 13««ftrS» cm} and Dieael Scaoola and train* eoa from the V-tX ooaUateftt At- tend Maaa in Great Halt \hftrmn trwrfrftr r/ Tit Hmekoat A«»» Wi» ik» Affn*all*a if ftt «toer arr JAMES c KK/urerr. a. »v VOL XV ACCUiT JZ. IMS — KO » (V«4tof(M, » C> rr «» Mscjt w. M. Bum *X » •XT join & ejuauuU~jr««ftt* UKJ» T»0»«3 ft. O-COHmi-Xti E£lv KAJiOtO a. COfCtOK. d^mnut lUmf— tltrr* M wc«>4Hit>M wm t* ft* fwMfe* j^»^iyri—^ fe^i r«r r«« ti «ey««B« &&. r*i (* ««aik* eMS>. jtm%h b^n a •»»*» (3*e ttrfU «:th <f«trj r<rt%i tiJ* f*t jrew> MOTtCX' S^^rAo. IIMI lit suO wW •*» •ua. u jiMiifc— <u CATSOUC cooftox •MI mtUr * « fnHatw M *•« cftn* I»r «**• *M M6« 0«>iii'«h« »«nli« laGH nt V* *«• •»»t»«il. a*4 A* —tmftrri «OI V« ..*•>* »«I|HIJJ1M> tar aft liTtfiiM am »» *•» »»«» (ft* nob*!!** MM «f DWr Mnn^itbM; TW« b ta «x«l trilk ,Vu) Law <• C««/»*r;rf W *• ttotnaw CM af *• C«a«l SUM*. MX****, CATWOUC OOCXJK* *MT .OCftXU. Set. Matte AMBMMB* OKca>i a* ct««nM «.-*»•«• 11^-XKVMKT It T» _. It T. CM. L*l« UHI tail UattM St. I •*»•> CftfJft%a gu.li . urn xcwetm.g. r ^•flM'-i *»0«JMi Nurse Corps Cadets Training Approved At ffiw&fr&. >WiiHaiiiU iiiiei^e^i,;^^^^!!^!!^ te -3^»®^W^ i3rfi*»^-aaiy ^ M tt» «^%*«*»fo* iatef mmimt ^t^mbf^m^m-mm^m i» tji* ratios, *# *«« « mdy I^^tHSti^ HKS 1 'tarn, *m*m. »*&&# *A**r of the «****, «*««N ja»T^*S' i*f*b«* M»l*« «t ito»#»A IV\ 1 to *ibw 6t«l»*e jSs» »** iNBf ,of : *«*il i^ ^lr#. lV*#Be« M>-WM ' they wJ}{ J*«3«J ibe deirree, B*ch< Tj«» .*.p|troprl*f*tt ^Wet^* #>da eloji' << ifcteHMst in K\tt*tlft6 =4fc*: to je|»e mmmM |» «w«H? #'•* r ApjH$ciatt* »re urfed to afsj*J»t»t -glvjlian dS'rViee, - nMro-m-ma-ca),\ ktrt\you Hew* •*- ttamodlfttejy wUir the KoiSS*^| \«4«r»M ft»»a» jftay In* ,#«#. r*r »trt helpleaa feeltorc - jttat w»»- ««». Hochwl*^ MM, • *8s#ft* for ag.jftt^ggj* *ft*;| 0 «' , oiic, 1 Wtteyii, that doe«i't h*vehi< Boiftiy la ail mite. And can the ftow-Catfcallca make up the prayera too. , /•Bat tke aneet «tcciU»c ere the doc-StOttaV Sijio* the 'Setting Sun*' have taken *uch * oempleU \sihel- laacklaje* wl»eii t*r«y rewrore over in the 4ijrtb»f» <T*« feai* r««4 the Navy c«BiuiHroiqiic« on thepa i» Oil* are«> they lUttutHy don't dare. And, iy tft« way, we hitve seen It Jwt-l»ftpdi ifeexe — we men **t tetUjif proonfftBda! We be»r from the K*vy »iid the flyer* tbemsehree, tke »*ulu of therftieki —aad tofoe «f tkeat we *e#~a*Hl the fi«unw ?«l»H*l»*d »« exact! \X ued to think that teecause from ear lnfor«»«o«, the Jap fie- ure* are all wtonff aud »0 wet, that nwybe we iJW » HtUe boMinjs b*ck or p«4dt«*; too, But wo ret the etra^* flope — th»t we know DOW first bawl *~ with lew txeep* Osm* timt anyoeie eftaeoe are mili- tary HceeaaUkw. It AMMJ* «• feel • tot hetier t* kfiow ih*t our sue* ca,tait *» net kaUooiwed. AJI4 »UC- C*M «c «M iusirfftf. Jtut keep your eye* «a thi* Jtheater. We bive eo atsjey niea, |>leAee aad equipment iflrtAi hart I'Jiftt t|w i«jsw£i are slakiaj. «i»ao»t. •The J*p» hfti»)Wt't * cheace — Iwt they will bafe te Jeara it tke bard way, 1 •eupjoae, IT* are- not fooBnr aroua* or too-JittiiiJ*' aay mere. Th!« war wiH «« erer a let aeooer than w* fcat earaeeted- The kite ftttended the llew fork .»eet» hi of int*r*»ted liwtVtiiOoJU *R Thur*d«y, Auynat S, to JMwuf Major General t&ofUt a F«tf*P, tor- *»oa Gefterat of the United iKal**, explain, the Bmm BiJJ »r0|»o«*l to reUebi the nation*! mwvg «lt«*- tlonj atarted 1* ahowiac' W- **w victory — kit •'•«• oft aB aide* at «kw wifctt we JW »*rfy~#oftea tbtw a»iiy everwhetmla*;-air >aw- •r — jmd iioiiiimrettwty MmaB eamtaltk*! £A jnet a* aoe« fcekean eaetea yea* — «*eat «* flpa «wi-«f- erriBas itf e — lor fl«e*e atake* * '^QMr < »k)ii pre •*(*!. > 'he oerari* •«/ >\an* , 'Kf |ia iwr* ure- ale*. j«£Vi*r aad i WKJ *r f aiyv ftrotaa * ^effi^kai-i taaa A i y ••*$ Jtavy tM^'atn^ tdiooifiiir »tf\ u\ pnevtrr-ila ot r<* ' Ueleu* Diiaoti ' •« * gv-Vh mt \W\tt *t fM * -ier*«* Kelt v o< I C*i It K • WJlif 4« »**IIt W W«4 > >II4 it 1 'j R*» i ftfher Vli%.ni*|t>trt w-lwunert ay ttit U»v !*•* H>V Ixiulf D IUTI '* • »** i « <b« i\f!*4tel arq vn tff**ir iir tvu»!i<* ***** »t 'u« t J**»- i H» ft i word* l*> e t»«r \J ,1-iftrJ i h« *•»»•> M ! It -*e*» » e*\ weH* inle i r t ft» a se i * t * •» t i fti, t >! tin * * he «4y 4 |>e, ftjf \0 i it 0 I A\ np> 4 a*ft »t * rt*»* t- .t,r * t» it\ 1 (.ravl r tec 1* I 11** ii|t\«.i tlir wi>ir« of r 1 i 1 - i »ir»fd i I.**-* , *I* *-* UMtirfoml AuireQdaJf CUM »y «a L t i'hi 'it* o**!\ Sift j ^*no»0 « W #»•»*» lo*\ «* v ri»r rf»* a eraje**.*- I»mn r»<n> l a |> Mud fftka* *«4 ru*h ejt r»«« lis jt »n p«*turft» m4 »t* injt hm laikta BIT a i «H than tire t-HW« of a forekta * t >« 'ftiir «• * * !»** rte ttrirtor «uft lb* eoeke «' » * aio ir aint Uit><r oearftjee la ftdir « *u> f an. hemiuriii >«»& ft* tm- laa w» en the charltjr lh* lb»w» f«« ti etc he* t* ftttd <« re* « »a. 'he 'nil-* of l* t»M» riw h»rv*ot „» in rtrv ted • **Mnanrtii* ( ki *ti*\ > 'l JF &»» rj M(*ftet;*' - *JV •«\»\ a ed AJS 1 «• «t *•**« *•\ r^ik«d a «*«w York, AU home eJiv 'Km be has *u«n*4 a n* ii<iwiti rem atw>n » Uw c>mi» «. CUa Jj» ft* -t ft* *»*»••*» * B «Wj> vjajicu J Honftifr**B vrbo I died »*l \<»t I* _ Knroite • >»j6ai»>ir- W*B0» M <Cntvsa\il w*a K»rW •> »P- w*rdr o T*» tetdenU «f TV***\ to*n Hu rxn i«wjr WM WJJM-A et br Mi«. n - K«v atarr Joa*»» I t r«.eJp-n »fc->lo* \ HO'JF «r*m »y i h ir h ^ I A t* 1 - ft*'\**** .» Offo'e *V«r* ^L tt* if* W«t MM m* 55»e JOOOW*^ is^as©**!*-^*\ and i i ««•< 'o' o*l«t* «*» toat»' **«rj«|©« #jt|r <**. »a«^ii««U i«tWfl M»*» *fd f «r«-*e> •\'\ tiensawl ffe ^nwial^i-^Biaiew tf «, *d •«• «*ft »*!••» o **» •3Tor1C#i^ «^««%» Pe^ftBW t ar ml at h » Kt« « • y Diocesan Women $jmr Rites For Sster Of War Stamp Campaign *• JoS8 J*ij ™^ <€%>altai«!!rf fir^nt *%»f # tl #rtdNS% T«« j|i%^»*6ft of M jwofewwr* aad ln*tr0cb*r»> t)S#!supiea Kufo>e, JS#«u*e ift m^i/ C^iho&c »che<>t of Kc»cM Servico *>*' &* ^•.! i *t»w *»•«** #re Ifcjp' > flteoe att the «e1^5«*«^KafiHNl Sft^rmMftsSSMt^S\ SS7 *<«d»mt«, _ '55»ea» tf0f^^|ffW fitoflu wtf j|*Mtt *5%tiS^h\r ttlMftd*. Hr«^ »-ki*i«a« «9-WK ^OrL.3 ffij 1 ^!^ can be ^a4 *HW«tar At FjaaJftri^***^ 8 ^ me ^ ltm WJWJl aociaj ajeewciea, *o|| IMjaife wisdom of our idowmeaa in «et«*y; *ft4 soa-Oal&eiie, «h^«ii«j&o& %s0 ma^mA^ UIUMW. *^1*A^# Sutcr M. Atiftfftttnc U *r M Ajf Jt!n» BrSHoan ft CM it* a lh* IttrAeate* are« ,iaru iial Hrnet * r «r n»r r than CO *r« a it e(f vei -fd*> A^a iM JO 114 < aftr a oat; «»•«*» if NMarVr LorrtBl J»ir*fft»;l ^w^r M AJ« I*' BO who ww r th* '->*r *«*r of -*» «M(t»di Mt- vra* a isrmoer o* rte fc » *« 0' & JCMJ.5 She tftltfht I St * , «*rr ( MaaadKSrna Mt- Kacy* »». lhll ABi>«fn Imiaiariiiai Coa-tptVih W*&# I'hftvft, /o- <*n y«u* i* St >u bon>J> Koc^KtflaV an d for <wei r ye«/a in to *nrtiof»y • 91K i\» SJ- n«r Jhite Auc««* ;* are t xur*'- M-*» At * Rrewvaa. »oc a n -te M-» XVdWttfd *fera kot> af Aior yunur*' 1 a«rv<e4* Wi \* h< td a* » a m rridav in •fnaftmh r*<, veic (\hatff witp hurta. In thr «h*»«r* , •» He'} <U|niM;b<v *>*n » JIH-V ds= ^ ?* I\* CSere aiwt AWftKitautf *f <*»• Very R'T ewer WaooM » kftl ia *c*oola of aorSia work. *«iaa*| New Orfeaa* ^-^» m^-H}^- a*e «ow aetfibite wKik {Bhtu Jaaae*-!-ant* St !©»od*jje*4 *3fW\«Mf »« -- , - .. ^ WAXmr ** T JTj :<*»!»-*« Jeaw, lh« t*« to«« here *y the Meat tter Mraeii r 1T*W «^ jftfai «a1fa«^^ Cea«Tj«teT »tfiii«y « Hftt^Y--. #..

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