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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, September 30, 1943, Image 16

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1 wr^5> i ti- •^ -\ *..<.* , FV * A> *' to r \ r*j»n.*!(>W i\_li. 3T^«I W ff^^-^™^\ if I wh if^Ci, ta •* » ti*-,-rf i-:ffi. yC%_ t »«• -.raj r Mtefers wo v# 'r& •W H •**% , „ *«v< v >Vfa$ • / JW-v* v -i?*^ \•-Js is f*S \*t ™s? v* iPwW\«S « i*-> tH P«S*1^ TOWi Wi ;^' r-SEWI m» m,*M WMh 4*ti&' i* ••'' i 5i'\ s'J^ 5 ' ••^ffW^i ' / -#*', ^r '/_'6« aBaWHBf^S ! :-«TOfEi3 ffepiwSi filial*! in -|rt^^^i|!. . '\\ .f\ \ .7\ \<*^ * t* ^ NT ^ $v tiif MM curUtlltw^t of th» HH^A HI «tft|«AwGN^ f#t tilt nmottf mil!idt»* of Jtmitii ra»li» m»on tj^i ^^r v ff|«ei »ft p #ittf« t« tin 'fiMft'.lfkr««'-tttffidflf inifift «naa Ctty, h*v# feet it tg$i§m& to th* Army Bi« Hoipital, NormoyI* Ordntnc* D«pot, §m AntonSo, *t tht r»ev;?*t <•? tht ^auroti^iit- - Of lite d«pot. Tftsy »r« j»tlr«i of « feign i^«i«ti4om^yi^» f tm tkfa wAn- 5»t«r ot |$# <io*pel - U onc# In thftunht, in wiMifcmtit^ and tit un- ^Wtaj?ittqr Willi tJfff >l«i»1e» ttprpf i%iit, mitv C^lne, |ow#r phot©»Siil«r w llrl<iftt |K.CW>ei w •#»>?»»~*w«««()|tei^»# i *' - 'MMIIMMWMM* «c-^*e*^*-- fyf&f 1 ?* jmm ^xm ^mm mvws *%t$ '^ H a.#^*s*W 1 «tV»*.** - r * -v i»<fl*^ ***** • M, T**3*^. MMMIMlnMiM 4 % TWi OftfCINAL ARATOCA ^P*tt«m (tt? Tomorrow,*' a ttww nov«l wftfelt tii!ir6dii€«ii tcxUy'8 t««n »gc ci^r «nd rttf«l cWMrea, ^ m S»; ™ \fiwJfcMit «^oii know ii the tp»pit*ti«iil for * n»tion»! f h *| ?Jp£» 2^ ^SL 1 ^ hcR #JMH*y «ont«»t^for Catholic school *\ ~ \ \ ' \ \\\ cbiWjrgn, ipi»n»f«il by iiie Bruce wyfWBOTioiY T\ rt CD kiCB'e BOTTLING WORKS MONROE 2400 *Ai**iJiitc*riJB u 'v ,/f *i» » -.;^< • Essay Contest J6MMH ^ti the advfnturt* of thf rnnin Coiwfy siMl^isaw irfiftsf*l»«€l Si ;«a:-2' -.'.?'i aejsgp33Wiw*SrB»w 5*S^IS*onS«»J^fEJ«iP IrJKs&r^A .aoa-JT\T HIOIMC COATED TONGUES 61'Witt 1? fe fisel fa iff g©@l name and i^putatloii.\ The i |Mt MiRaits ~«y purse, steals trash . .'. but iftB4- : «HBgtT' ^^ ^*^ft,^ ?ll ? 10 ^ Hl ^ a ^.-lfe^.^^ foSs lwqftfc' «n4 t^r IftfeHnjf -biin Hve, gfvc* bl^n only * Cflici opporfatority of of te^Iaf tifai befet«r ^crl «n4 ««> vjvlnf litoftIt A s^^tation, mm hxeksk, m»y ^ew$My )M» repaired tot ttos wo?M wfiff «ttfWK««» keep Itor ^j» on fh« #^ol irlif«s the cr*ck .\>—«a wrpe to mm |*eof»t# <^o>Efear- riutxed or Buttering This disposi- tion\ is Site n&dljr of psydioJogy. Ii mzggmts S*tan ia,«*rdomt: glee at ttie miaery of man. . DEFKNSK AR8KNT Howevet, mo»t «f t&e tJmo, * rippitu: tmi&m ix attido to func- tion by A 4e»iro to helpttcn oae'i «*a$»jf <»• tn*nw^ o»«*# «l»ne«i % fabricated comparison. The l^iilty one expect* to inflate hit Attiieairb Irre$*?«Me hmfm te BxmsWZo .tome |>eople, the w«jfr ting of* poisonous tongue has be- come * *econd nature. Unlike the «jnt«4iter t wbicb ho!4«> ©at its tbniriie, until It Is covered. with *nti, «ad Qiej^ *wal!ow# them, the gcandal-monger emits opiwting ln- **ct» m$ sprsa^s tfeeas ©y«P t&e fulf...JMioie el unybody «R4 fy«ry- Ijody who in the lajut utira hi* bile. in t|ie' hith-hwd, ifttelUgeiitly cov- «!it-««mVer#atlont ©f drawing room* und profc.->«iorl ofllce*, PIOIS PKE«ON8 TOO -_.- y VZKT *&m*F~tMgt~ *r «^rotr \fen -te^eMier of itich cases, the m*n who j Ii at- tacked h»a « chance for protection off defense. Thla opportunity la de- nied by\tbe coward who sneak* up on one** g«od name and knifej it: The American people are known for their high . aense of fftiraeai •lid, juaticf*. „WhX we should have m many irlao |lve no thought, _to !! '•• ( ,] It 1 any means confined to the crude m& illiterate. W# need not eoa> |iire up a picture of Idle* **sy worn* tit jWlth **mM crowed, whispering acrow the partition hedge of their Sural Life.\ MegrMli% the prin elple* of the €*thollo mm I4fe movemant, \Pattern t#&-Tom#t» row** pre»ont» In story tdtm'ttwi trip mnfa h$ Joe Convvay through- out the United Stuteis ana Nora Seotltt» ^ visiting the reclamation project* m%4 studying the proh- lema of» the migrants, the ahare\ croppers, various torming methods, and the luck of Catholicism in America's rural »re,a*. manhnndling. the truth is a na- tional enigma. This can hast be illustrated during, .political cam- paigns, when Ilea fill the airJDc* tongues'of fire In Hades. Many of oar newspapers, with,, no sense of honor, lend themselves to the pur- pose of their favorite foUticoe and afford classical instances of tryth- twlstlng, • The greml pity #f the harmful Word Is that it is so difficult to reprieve list effects. Reparation Is often as futile.as j|he\ nexM»* ed- ., IteJrtaT Ti&siJ3Gim£'~bi ~it 6felog*loW* jEttl; no, «¥tii j««-rIghteows s»a «rticJe In * newspaper. Ifrerybody plows ptnojsg ofleii |««1 c«JleJj w Hi tm § the damaging. Informa- M :c<»A:.--K'-i? , isa :^n '\ Open to sevont&.elghtli or nbith ifaJeioyiUpr Mm attending :,»nt i\ r-' »y* i \^. 1 •A, f\ ( To fltoy War Bonds Norn «-. ib»- dtHiolio rtiral or el^r ichooitlie $mim m$m. wm& $t a |tp$ w# sAvlngji »o»4 ten .sjnCftv* w* Mr pries', df \Wftr s*^togt s'lAmpifr ft«4 wveai honorable i^ftiittoft awoiHls of a choleo of ^Filgrlitt* Ail,\ receiwly pttMlshed ftnttiolojy «* CntiioiUT Afeorfe.stofies,, w ^gcwi •Bihle ulo^ii^ lot p^^ ^very tejiober: «nttrian ^liitels. to the eonteBt witr f^ertve'.-* INMS ctprof- sir® • «MwlMflr%'- mtnijtfti aw •Tstterft fo#- -Twito#ot?gv** -« «oi8t*H plet© .sociotogF «»H hn«8d oft titral iife,.p0piprt^; mi ft mxg&m&ab to tlie hool« by the &»thor» SM«r M. Jtillani* of the MntyknoU W»- stenorii, 4u«i.ijt\H for the. tssHysj, whl«lii mmsg fa~mtott*(t teSRwpi\.'t!ec5-\\ir SM% will 'fee tho Wry l&v t 'it^ Matlonal C^itftolie Rwrttl tile n»am»-. asenij MFJI. ' ABttit ^ti^l^ ''•fttf^r' eoliimnlst of Blue mmrtfo, IsMt 'eiii-Brr'-J«*w-'P. misfit of ednes^lonv Ikfttini^U^ttMk he'lrown^.<^f*X»$* ^e. ^^ J thing Alh>ttt anybody, If nothing prompfe yep3yr : Jl fe«M^---Wfe ^ionr ^so* ua* iw mentioned in nil he enough to rtiseh % |hfet«r AH the um, *m prevent tnueh harm and wny snTDMt «-Wt^- ^ p*y rteh dividends With <5oa and i Wh4t#romp^r HwfAetivIt^ of m wan. evtt\ wmwkt* *Np» r 4 BI ** »i«^ai-• ; « ... »«• 'We*hiit^Hif *te«it• »he»' ther^ II The more you use your brain, m. '4Whmto1t Ihte^tton of dolfllr ! «|MI more hrain you wilt have to *«*, *j^M' : J&Bk&>.^jg&*' Hsfc ^MW^ fc«ifcr*(SefflRsj» A. Doraey. - »L'X^^Tjr' •VT'^fV^j LONDON HEARS R DURINGVATICANBROAOCASI n«aaee» ww-isiisitti'-«^fc^y m-^m .noise, - It i« i»n aiwt, th^ f i' *!• Home Mips*/* • JRM» i»vfNwit''-«i''«llit hfc : l«lii : *%im. Duns \.•S«!oto«s-i»h«iit ( -me 'st* i*e»*; ' contimied one ivas upon to add fuel to the Are that conuurne/j what man holds dearest* The only regret those eohteiaptible ethicnl murderers seem to have, if One - \ JtrugrS 03r~lue which they tear thlnfs apart, Is that their tongues are not long enough. A little boy at the dinner table reached acroj* the guest for some butter** T4*e father repri- €»%^\r^h**t^«^toi»«ht^ tton, but only a few will see the . JqpHogyT Attian..or a woman of ehKracter always mU guard his or her Edmund Burke, the great English statesman, said this of his wife, who was not beautiful, but charming: 'It is not the things she dots that attract and win so tnueh' «MS the things she refrains from y-iK&afr-g r BUT THU ilfifiiiiwiiiiiii mix !\imi*immum*'mm$imi**mmm p(;i^ii|ia:i^j)(i;a^:i!iiii|iii.*'fti«i»' (or Catholic* »?»? I II m li m %

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