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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, September 30, 1943, Image 18

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* »t >V} :ik kgi-t *t,<-y \irr ««* %> r# > -tX f -* 'f*i, j,, f \ ^ i f f \ filter »wmm ht ttm nef#fes» twines* m . Iowa tfttetfry. i* jtfftta fiw# kJWbrk to It J&tttfarfJM &'!«»: W& mm$ with r^b^fm^'w «n§ «*•. :«grjr for iftg&i Mtetey, i* 4t*ftfi& far* &;fi«f% to fe f$M c ltf£foiMWftr}tftifj$^ «t tfpfft probanda is itt * - ?TV*»-wrgff »warw«^»jjewyawi.c wa^j^^^^-w ., ro#e* . . . AJS«wr ^»p «go, tb« Catholic ^*Wk *» f M* ^# . . 4 « - \ *- ; *-».r ,.«» the a«ft« of Wr susses __Jw& jaw..!!* GOmmn ffl^tfp!»9M»B^touuBefiea».jB^ lor ^mmsd pm t$m Sk&Wk wk®m uhtf » fat «W tit© ^liflcken ei man. pm$mma&/' ]®mA ©» «i#terlal $ |%r 'lMy'*ftir\ftipii 'Y^TftWwi'iwd At* «om^8 /«»« ywr. S*^&& w^^* iflU It In SSLfe^ 1 !?JS e -^ ril l\ TO - d J-i»rpfi^SSae. 74iSS^ft hw%£W #WW MJ JfftttT ^iijf, Wli«i « Ji»If bairup ©£ ffiglil/ Rmong woiae » wortwra The wrf«-orda: jMJHMrtlgE* M\fef**il !3M;$$l£^ «f. p^- movement S» x -^H^teOJW- fft#*W#a (Miff eifefo» ^6« _ l»^ flfitm) fit feMB 40$ttB?§& ,'IPSWI^ #' ^e ponton; _^. i^-. 9f-*JRmi «i#:i©ip& Wlieft' Hei ^ fii*ftttr% nwmrme4 to f^dta* »*.,, tation of charges *g«dn»t the city ^? Rochester doctors m$ employ- ers will fliwt Br place. Itt Itte «bun? dant ^pxoof thAt ftltth c^nteol Is in no sense a remedy for the abortion evil, In fact the evidence points -^x^l^^.r3SS|^^*u^^H^s0dtifc«-: ^t-:.r:ijpiitfii^ r t«^*w^^^aae HarjKMr'8 to «U decent people la altogether In ortfep, \ It may lie that the current feigh blftb reeorils *re -afttatinjjf the enemies^ oT£fie~Boiae «ttd'Qie nA\ tton. A longer view would teach then* that eveafcually people wUl swing l)ack to the naturiU from i • Against the abnormal, except among tl«! incmiibl^r .perverted, ? »«fKfl' KfipiWMI vr •SPHJBIMrWW #1 Entottriie^ It A»Wflpn f#*t<f pr<»^^r #ft^r tli^. w«jf», -Bo «% ^ftt Wftt of umimrn tote. \ \ »WSwi t^«Mf»^f«C^SI «r*Sfli3t lifeotJj^i» lowr, hpi Hifiiii tfwt tofe* tfe-WiH^f w iwttiJbfii? to so!© soarce of aity %v^jrtli*wlrib c^trlkiifetLttf' oiif wimiyy <»r o«r p«oi>1t*. If prosperity mn iutrn omy #if#«|fc atteli ^ vftt^m to Impoas&le ©©millions, then / «HH ##H jdbai so 4«# svfttfon «» Aaiylftft t# l»b^ fttli fctt|oyi»#tit ©1 'idtfoto the^mu$m to i*» '«wfe^ <%» ^vf^tt«4ii«-itoiil'ww m : . ft m ' ICIOUS REUNION • suit. 6oc#- IS ^a^©C-SN %r^i#p BlA^f ^fe C^t^iijp^tAt.. Cftiljolk Churciu -*=•.-—-=.•.•, Td%t«f ft r««tffi4wfi :Su*i<xm C sWhat** Right With Th« World: Wtt • th» tfttiitam *»* **tew*it wsssssBf B^IT. JAMES ii GIILIS, C.SLR « . . - -••—. U<*-~*tim hWary of'lWi worlden «Hftr »le«i© tMmill Ute wrath M |<i*moi«itritfei thai •verywher* de* msnto 43a» mmmmm$ r •e'w^-mocr^igr—iww a^rentrittetf -into- \' • '\ • \ MlM^«|6| ; ,#||^tl«W*,..,.--.....w ;•-' S£?t?i' •'tt^-l&i-A<Mfm» ofdemo^Efttlfi mufloi lot two* f«»ioiws flrife- |t»« csitift I 4/mt wmi to olutter np the trxt, and second bcciuiw I plaj) » 1>U of A #»isprl»e.. I ibra»ttna ih*$ oMy thojte ffaden w^o have $& vofce<S BJUCIJ ttoo to th© source Itomlm »f AmcrlcH^ history wllK im- mediately rooognlsfie the authors of tiicse pcrhups «on*atlotial state- ment!*, 1 ahall give tholr name* at. tlie e»d. .Heaae don't peek. wju«Hty It now breaking down un $W th« Wows of the experience.of nations. It Is therefore unnexre»- •ary to imUt upon it* fftlsenca* It.—Democracy, government ol the mm&m, rcsulta in mobocraey (>., demagog Ism, license, ftgituttbn, anarchy. JfcHDsemoorao^ lt^ muny point* of rfsembhmcc with tyranny. ft^SottvcMeyr Morris, shared AI^XitMSor 3ttftt»Mtoiis , dislike of i»^-I *p#oil»ft to the revereiwi niAflfR^ '-«* -W««Whi^on» A<l«miri 1tio% f 'llo%y «»4 ^|^l''tiftal* , M* .i ^^,4iltite«Mlig io them t«y ln^l|#ttt«l''--'iB«i3Wftei«a, with, fie- $Mfc J^vbMffwify f o* e I & ft h « * * W^l. tefen! ii II Mm could *je»r somo H.miul$mt ' thimblerigger fihatp 4tem\ Wt^to^hf founded **ihi ipw :«W : «X»ti&«t# wmtSknr of fp wlij^**- HhM H«VMF tot#j|^«ro to* <l|*^p|ri|;,|f ;i li|f ato&.. .;-- % f..; floiw^3S,l»%' ten -at#©ioa*-#^ : •«t \3tt*t^ lie \He -:goiitai»tkl .#f iW^ity* 'K?fiit Xftfte' of ^oWhmeat iMtf^r^jQir .*&-.. MINI ^MiNlttoll-' 4t o fftr the tent. Now the key, /baps even more ^surprising than »ie»tft-#^il-*feo^%>feo«y'*the^piii-' ; ^1 «1%rys «• imonaKr^htst or\* to- talitarlaii of **lf^ itto^l. I5JO *a- thor* stre at follow*4 l«^J» Hii»ip- .s»l ^tl))«>tiWtW|l(lllllillfll<IWMSI[l!ljft QUERIES nriji ICC .^ Christ At*n« it Our M«4i4t«r With Co<k 'fhi S»inl« Caw Give l|f Norh- _o|,; ; ?«MaB$uaty. If .omitMt ~ipm '|h%*p- s i|i#lii; .. ... ; . fefc tho fnctfii of .M-sjtaMi »r3 doatruction of c\-er,vlhitt* Cairlst SB tn^toltA. out peilntor with 0od* '^veieyth|»g.,'^tm wo #§4 |jf|». '^ML lioiwef. • i^rottgft. Uim f **m®m- ik one), Ifttdtetor betw$e» Gad and men, Himself ra*n, Christ $ni&tt%: .who- i«ti?t--\B^i«sr A :**a* iOj»--f#'WT tl-'llsjv. ^' ffff-ms tnia surely doe* not rule out the It. * v)ttw». - 'tit'.w. tt^ftejuptte ^^MiBi#-i»i'' K '%»tti^'^&itt»et Item- p&,:m%tmmm of the;.sWht«» wi&- taft aM^i^«i of #te~ •IM. m$$ h^mwt • of 43 Boherty to \The - BifiotornJ ^ytteh* 'of the 0n!te*l Stiite*; f - S»— Nichols Htmsrjto&Ht. ^-^Bhey-. dapeto--J3^iuit<UU - 4—Itnlphr Adam, Cr*m. &>rr38?_ Albert .HiecJi^ ^^Thmtm ^etfersoa. ?.—^osiaa Jcffersofl. 8.—John C. Calhoun, ».-nTohn Adams: Id.—Charles A. snd Mnry R, 'Besr^t tX,—The *Comte dc Montalembert. g|2,»**AIex- ii Carrel l3.-4?nHect State* Army Militltry MDwiweL The interested reacler (aad what good American can fail to be in- terested in the subject) will find $H theae ©.ttojfcatkttis, find mora^. [Wtim* *f -^&^»e^-TraMsh»r^y\ Bruce of Milwaukee, l£r,\ €amp- beji adds » couple of not less quot- able ««aten^e# ? of his own-: The Founding Fathers vrould turn in their tyavos if they could hear; themsolves called #e*nderatta. ^r e itro not fighting for Democracy,^ biBt• fiqaf hb«rty. '\ , *v. ^-^4 ; • '.#f~«ou.rie &&& k m, .eaJch .in; mfcl*. |hl»» C*bvtouafy the worA demoo* •taoy*\ took Mijmtt.mtyheiimfe -m%.. .»|ottth#\ ©f ^-jnoBt. VAiaerios^ changed its meaning slnee the days of Jefferson or even »ln<je the days of peJhoiin. Mr. €Sampb#l though he quotes these etartpg l»AK< f»'-»0t-« aens^tioniillstpia ,fkQl-it. .!«• ^rttfer heitrhr ;the-%olfl'\' ftisnlf i«i^ ta The ifeld #f poiti* «ift fa*aosophy todays ahd he i» :#odlitottsly ? .well mya;.-.fto/auHees' \9w -polmt'.iBai t&t&t&wa is not- . : '^W #*\ <* *<w^rd*f#ft n»^^*' #i; Glpio,' imsfteaiw fe& f on*iHi: W-; Itlft- ; *^-:.©f f -«ar-.itear®f«htffli\ <>i*' twe«n Jews and Christian*. Rather It is.» m&»- in whleli the- -arfattsfe- •*%!?'; ls«Sj#ff f^flStah moh« • of ft«fft <ri| _ |tt«l-;.io -«aMi t»' th*- #i^potft \®M$i e suenith of the humftn body. ftHJT M ; .^i®iltti pelf* \ •*«*«•*> *'iei^Ksi.»^- *#Per.^ ^I€ 4^ can exUt. No *uch p«i#9ion' a« « of the citixerMS at mil Hepul nts of. 1te'.^^%\-B0lte^ie^^ wmmm 'mm t# qputet' not ' from the infinite merits is mediation. Quite the ^on- «C|p.S mt'Wm^' 3^r4 «uuwt hat 'pfiMmdi. t» #* -Hte l*ve^ ones in '*\•\\- -aif i^r--' payors to ontr .f\%«ir ; aliays--' «NV i» •Chrt tWfowgll. -8b .«dr 3o»» w»-'iniBav piSr f CHUSO S«itits to: plead ' ^;-pps|aen3ee of -tibw- h th«if Ow-r, ^m^tho Blessed Moth m m$ the Saints eftrc §|#| u» notb- ean ' onl^f '^f««ent owr „^ft fc.J * ^*\*4 «bMBf *lw-,*jr -rt**. «^ st-ohafti« • • In -otir fundamental .teeiie^i* ' ^fr nnd^staadtef ««f the natnre of- -otir ..-f^riittteait.iii-. the-' mfiads of Wie- p#p1*-^hits «taing£$ .«nor»-, ^osfe^- for tiam m?$6 iMm $b& &g# of -Si^wmn, Ad«aas» ttEatftsfott\ .»JNfM^enro% and ffe^rtfBt-«fc©lff- fifeoe which-* - ItMli-- ;#ftttrle«n» •-»*' pri^te-' ^iSfiMeera^p- -wtowpeawi ; 'i««*t. - Jelferson dssgn«4 It, 1» the most significant and most important po- litical pheitomenon . of the day in - Kead Tb* Menaoe «f ttie Hert. You witt- not always a*ree with It. But to read on*y books with whiel r r h • u i J r 0 I I Thp practise of &5.yixi$ frequent •jsculstiona is vcrj- auitable for of;-_oJ*erjn|f ouap' work - ciilei^r so in the ca.se of tciv* I aai «^|l»«ry> a^ioaii ~M: lfer : I 1 1 fi s j§^ ^nifettpt P^^^Wplfe ifj$i: -f

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