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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, September 30, 1943, Image 4

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.\ mm-w^ 1 ^^ f }*r ' 5*pSV*H=rr^ft«- *&&Sp-~ 1 ) n. -\^- i-t^stSi r^T^^J^il^i^?'^^ ' -^Jtrtr -C'&S B '*™*t>*W»**W«*««»H»e6[t»n , wwntonwAwm 1 1 MI,H 1 • • m ••••••* '••' '\Tpf Non- pr :W 4ITWP& • y v p '—• L *•••• 1*. ^AL *w *--. ! ml%m stmtA to wttkb $mmmm wv 4 ffMfie M(py^ 4*1 *** I« «t «»*t i _ v „ jNfew*^ 4n «*# iq&rmd *rf $i* fit* I. $&»- W^* ftw* «fc%i fevlly i*«Jb» ; #aMif *l«Sf r ftj»4& 4^Mbi«l ^ |«» ft» Sieari, twr fe«?#r taken to i»w*»»«wmv»»t>tii«M!iimimM iniivuTS&i^wejAn^m'j r^s?*^ 1 WIW'»^IIIIW*ll»IW>]l,IWIII««MWilj»llimiiJllllM EDWARD BAUMAN ©f yttftctyKir that tilt Fa«i% -«o- i •*« »»yfe« H W » wmtem !dt 8.' tmes. Atmmmp -#f ^a m * IHP -rt^» «K»* . i?f S'.'^W V «JJ1 A*5'-*-H.Bkpp,^,^—--rnp- ffra?irfiuft utt »tom-,\ \Of Hbffliwi > **!#\ saatttiMflyp'\tea* ** tow • • ts«a«J f • ti t$mQ •mtrifae* mmaUmt when «*t«» tells r t«*it«||^t T *.bout \nijtht'life\ to tfee old emm- : »w r*t«UIi*JjPil, *jnOn tiy witm «iis was a gtri j «ife Smmtem 'immf • ..^ • • * • J , -* * » -<&«NlQr. Uses MA- ff^gos w-l^- •»• •*ww»- \i»^r. to f»BM^ tee t^^n«» gT WHS wl|flflr% in €&-»tefe «nd fe'*. ^paf 'ftfce j^ten WNNftini- r £r?m?i-*?2pgg^^^ -\—— r - — »< 1—1 ' • • ' •* • '^7\ \ ——-T ^ -t'— wm — ,.m..w.m*-v ~ - — ••- —-— -r - rTj^ ^^ i«*.is» wwmas' fcttt the human sold. Aw»^ IsNlKSIr In a^s Ibst hour of ib« M nroH«Mvlifirn£r^^sW~^e^ frcxh ' and you»g t A^am i»nd Kvc r^iplf ttee . t'lZf-^kiT-m.-V *F^» <tlway# will fe#, j^uflt. DSJP«*Nl» &&&%*•$&' •-.= .. <4ow»J.ti the tttsic'ef tte« w«rwL^l^^*^» utatc^fi'-^^hen tfe«re Is «T saeijs&t smr whleli|« # s ^ aa# • atrtpeu fl«»t'-'«v«r speHs tJie *t(wy ©f »to, th© ®p!e »f IJw»W JSerlia 8»a 1^f» eur rnxm- mm>B tmtm agaiaMt .floa. !&>»{!% tftjptfoer^iis^i gtfcep Bggoos> lroii«i^ht «um 'Q|0 fe«a»ef«Hit or ™Tp^ JW •«© Cb« ftwp^ «p^ tlie bftttteftont 14 ttie s»|rttaai- f«*W*lg ^ tbe/telseft lit those front tfee ^clslr* l»8ttt««rowiKi WW^**' *«»*** We ^hsll help ia. m% B»l<»m& gr f^tegFff l>r Berlin,, W »»tn»gSR-ift- to|rfa,_ en§9 — -^ |^i^agi4ltm tsm, The ^ttfeolte I Ossr«h lii America is jareparcd tq . jslftf^iEftd_Uata»fjslit a^tii.- fttlfiti* of fin. For tto firm tfaae ^Wraedl this earth becnune it was Jtm steg% «# msn's reiwttloB. But 3&ve» the mhes of Paradise Lost ~5|*r\^«Ci wJ >». ^i„^„ # *u stmieMtttea Saten*. B re*»k«l «mil« Cbt, T cI • he verted, 'goes far be- Ar§Uft|«^op I*«c«y Jiald U aho«ld nor tRT8iip|*dBer tTiaf fe '{M-fnrary r ^_J°' ^* Church in post-war re- conKTuctlon h»s anything to do wJtli food and clothing, me4idne and -housing, yond those material considerations. of triumph rtm «• tQwcmt of an- f™ n E {ST^?ir\f dera T t>f HftOthcr Adam tlisf1* Chriat .43fc*|i»othfK- .ftps-- tftftt'\-w*«tfd. .,^» 1HAry? : \•'-••—--•'• \ ~- - -•' \ •— •- • « • On the lust evening of PmraUCse God decliwsd wtir on the Areh* PrhJcs of Dftrknew. Etetwcen Christ snd His MotHw on tlie one ksnd, find SMsn on the other, Ood set * spirit of hos«!ity~«*n irre. ^ocshle w«rfsr«! I^ils is the war- fare thit Is all fc&e *'»ri! of the mmm mm the eni of mm. Thia it the wmtiim ths* rsjjefl la the ixntrderoas h?«nit of: Gain, ^hte U the w«rfir* that is World War 1 •nM~wojrift--ffttr-m-;^aity '.irfmo\ wwf«r# t&«r r«$^»\oS: 0\®\ clly streets where juvenile d«Jii«nieiicy «nd lust abounds. Thi* is the war- fisre tits^ sff* -irlfWe ao* vice sfcrq|E«lfii|» for il«mhi*tfo>*i off mod- e|n literaii»% mmim satf jpoele^K Sis\\is 7h«T W*rfsr4 W thll^*waS^ , * I f* r *»«W»«y *»*»% Hfc. breaks - ^ , M ^i B S:Sr!!i^?51,!^A l !?{^wtr-t Hint the uattim lislfif* •ytfiviVt&t ^^.' jy-^yf^.*?^***??!^^^ ^ ' \«^*-w*^»' ***{}*& tmw»m*maitri .& •(>!.«.«. Livlna £ WWW W WSH^SJr \ T H DOWN! ?•*•*?« K^u and tlMftn the spirit of; S&t*h «rt work in the halls of education sad in the breakdown of family life. # • • ^ffle reo«nin»e»i*stlo» of the F&lttJb? Ettsary is BO tas^ir^atiwa . jdL MsAmsssiiBftsV^l^rjIiss^^ iiie«|HMi pl«««tl« protrmm, The ercise or OathoJk Faitlt. I»i ail ht»iw»ty we know tltat ow Amtr- lean w»y »f life wlH 1* «lf ftntt<4y enhafloe4 if Oatholks mother* , wQI only let tfeei* wipper *fe«h«i I r*«t for tost mtoiite* w*}te thry - rally their famU^a la tfce u«Hft4 • gvsw sf llw Pss^r- fto«*Ty. - 3^iW% llfjs in '4toMSfeteifc tj^»r.li s#te?htiE fjrewi ajMt«§fc' : -ais^dei*. feeepeip to eleim *wlt -Wt* «ot>weiMi Of spiritual careksancwi and in- dttfe*enc#. A Um$%wmw* vfo& ean re^itote the s|lttiaj|i..4t^ifis* tiaw virtue mid jfie^ : ;';«||wy-h«^es* '^fmmm^m^sfmM ^ «aih>- IrfJ^j? »#fd* \for «o>wn«0(iea|s Jo ••aeetore:-\ia*t ^FaSctoa- : -«a4 : • everj?' form of despotism must go, It la all very \well to plan a brave new world in which liberty and * de- mocracy Shan live. But in that very ^•atoeratic worldMor which hltie-prints are mm h&mg drawn the^^Ommon people shalt nil© themselves. But how. shall this be done unless the lives of the peo- ple are characterised by virtue? € *Certofc*3y, if men cannot con» trot themselves neither can they tale themselves, door government .^fttafc^aoxality is a contradietion M~*m^~-&wmxig MioraJity tlio ind4*Idj|iil elthsea will not prefer the common good to his own pleas- ure a»d comfort. Without morality the vlrlties of patriotism, honesty and Justice will disappear. With- grates. I» a democracy the peo- ple have » e greatest possible free- dom, but unlfa they are sober and temp«mte they neither deserve nor can endure that freedom/* rTor »im/y?,tffmm-4m of Poland mils* Ti^e^^a^^pffjr-'^^ .%* «f 'VfimmSt K tomG$fa&8 -/ tto«t ; (Corttlnued from Page 3) mm? In order to confirm the Nasi fcargahtf % mm mi relate the- Ettl»J»^caisli relatloas. This is net our fault; there its no doubt about &* » • Vtttimg at the meeting at. teadeH or W0 was Frank Gan- nett as ehafcnaan, 'Khe henedie- twm Was $>roii0Ufccea by the Rev, jmmh A. BMee^t^pastor of St ^telslaus dtoftlfe Rochester. , l||if*» 0e», Wiadys^ U» mmm&. h«p^ of the Fetish [VKBt&m^t^-- -mm%- ^Kft voiced - *gr^mlm fe. ^^^*%- Monror Qam- }* '_•*•»>• ..1. *. *-*&i\ ? ®*7> *t ^^#*» * »* 1 #%' ^pajfta«r. IWie isse»hiage*8 reso- lution, wat presejttttf^ fey aty &u -hrari^tt • Ztihm A: Ut*t. Ckjoncil- pom.. CSiatftes &&&&*> .n^reseM- lwm^»2|^lf..^& Wor-tt War took i s • 1--** 1- *Nr-*a**wenfc the B«a- !»»»,'' :^r«^ai», -fi%b;' o#e*eMra- fghlshed ttie imts^il #ottlons of *».|pp»ft' ai$d,.ie®E taees were W»Wr^ ^jliafen. is Polish 'tnnsai ot the IVBmte '\•JMWui «S& J ^.•ift-^-i^ia-i. SA __^^ ^ ^ SW6Mto« •»r . „ ^'i&fe.'«©¥#§'-^tlji-for 'mote •jfr'MHfet&r «t r^'«iise te^p- '^^fi^.'-r^l^ 'Mhlf.,igid haw heea ills «*WfWJMmiHW|i'IWU» «^ trampartn wgmtt' '#f Hartiitiin, of, .St : Hm<» Ht •. toft' Jtwilsft sya*

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