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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, July 13, 1944, Image 4

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'*% •V \*• .4 0\ 1«1V A V-^T\ 3*.\* **\I tJf ,?'#. -\J- isr ,^ikJL^ 4 * A«-J A 4'-^ l }^ ,\ ( \ \ i h \ if y • If I ,' J}* 6 '. • -hj—— ifc£5^.flft^»Y»g»^»uiw^^ -yTfVT^l^ ^^^f^^wWMttrj^jj IMrfit* that JpJ$ W^^MlW ffi^^RPF4PVp^4i *W*»W»Ml»«aW*^^ •I»PI»IJW;HUII«IIIIIIILI il.i»>iii»iiiiiiiniiu>iiiiilnMini»iiii»«ij.inmii»«, wWwMtal'Wif «M^NM^«^(p|J^^i»\' •WPIulJIflWt *- # » fe mtm tmm omi ^S^tl^® #f smli ** , BUhop*' ftiggoMtiOQl for 4f$M§Wk m ROCMf S II R littl WING (O.-INC GtfNWOOD V/O $**;tM'r< ?iW)ttb*K« of Catholic U»iver»ity *t WwJainjtcn. TJw two . young Am*fIcRii* j*ec*iv#d £be congr*tUIA- €Httd ^ach with A gc44 medal, *nd : t* oa<j off SwUi Archbijihop H*nna A» \one ot Mmtofc set Umm t$ sta^--.^ieeft»- mtslng younc priest mid even the tniifhty Home could not wrett iaU pxlxfr proUKC . from Roch t*t«r. Bish- op - WcQuaid Iwwl otlior plans for Dr. H»nn>t. Awordingly, whe« Bkhop McQuaid #p«nfd St Bern« ^, ^rttin^rjf po^, fulfllkd all the mJtht hJtv« JIUCC*«<U<5 C*i:\dm«l S«.- hop«t th»t hud b*c» placed to him •tit'^6 becume AuxllUry Bi*hop_<>f •fe*»-\.^&>« *-««*- * ' wives ft strike of matiQe work- em threatened to tie up west coast aMppifUCj, Pr««{dent Roosevelt: ap- pesy«$ ^_ tte \Apsi^fe §f Wtasm n , to De*jJte hit *4vmnced age, Arch- »litoe|k Saiwa fe^tdte4 Use Pwii- MMn% bmfci the €iiHc«- v iS«a(i- lock. Bitl the long hours botti day aad aight whlcit tffia task de- manded W*K an act of final s&c* health broke «»£ to 1935 foe re- signed Ms See mid retired to im hakzvdl Home »sd the seem* of • m- m •- ArcftMehop Bami$ Is feeing bui« lei |Ws w€€^; at the 0*mp> Ve?> jyjflL-C&iaetorj! |BL tfret JSteiaaatjCity. Whtn p*ace comes and Americans can travel again to Rome they will iuk to a«e the final resting place of the Arciifcishop. For thoso of for tht fir«t tim« j u* who knew him, «ven from afar, MM tomb In the Sternal Cit/ wiJI \Hlw»y» l» '\^ne jNirt of at -Cpsrefgii »hor* thAt *haU aiwityi be Aroerlcja! • '- '- '^»o**» '•— Ituplring; Oj^r* in the life of i&ff - infant B«K&*a-l*3r . acmjni^r. Old** prlciiU who »tudie4 under hira a«ure m, that lit wa* a gift- the jtcmlnary that »ven to thi» day otder prie«t« continually appeal to M$ m^miW ««d Ire^veiitly re^ CHU something thtt hi Wild over *«jC\J§_*tifl ^ fftmlttasf ana al- felaliti^ native cliy. .. But the rich *ift* and enej^e# or Dr. Ilaium were sal confmea aj» :itw \aiftifeF-^aifeir- tfte-iot«i folfef of Kochester tett about Itf» ARuHBISHDP H AnfiA MOURNED HERE (Contlimed from Fa$« 1> et*ie • -anAt#-—«s>fieltmal te*der$fcip <te»ti|It»«t- IN' «tfy ana dlo-^eae^ ' Pi a%t«i&% 4 €iiimedM -Btow fc <MI •*» the- «t^* .#f fc'io-wn-* t^wn Mill and nt^ped *ran»tt ' *leiKttll* %$ tke> irtus^jf l»i*ci «i {Ok' /'l^ltteuc*. *»4 iwraonal pre«tlj?e»' HP usually had n quarter to \\\K poe*et for th* uafortunate and m m& «W» #«te % find fctfr 4VOi«y ftr^Hv de*titut**. 4GT-# eow«tn»Hp4«« t« find in the bap- tr*n»aj «MJ itMtrrlag* book* of #f tihe Sacred HearC ftvet is St» Jotejtfh, Mo,. ' He Jttudled for the priesthood at Hie North American; College in Rome auid mm ordained In Home May 30, 1885. ^Eaug&i mt S4. Andrew** On his return to Roeliester he taught at St. A»dr«w , s SemUwr^ sm$ aorved aa an asadstauat pastor at the former St. Patricis*s C*tlys« among lUUians of the city. In Ssptelttber, 188$, lie ims named prof€^or of dogmatic tlie- oio^ at St* Bernard's Seminary, which postSon &w bold until. Bee. 4 1012* whmat h© was wnsec«atacl atiKiliary hi^op of San Fram^co la St Patrick's Cathedral here. He heiaoie archbishop of Sam Fr4aolsco !i*»0 1, 1910, witen Arflh». *Hho» «*atrt«3« W, Jordan dfed. ' -:-ift'1030' h# «idalnca to th» p^rlisst* •hooS' ih# -|t«v. Bernard O* HKOnar— sfon of tela' hrsothem.'f'i , a«k, aiid JJra- Hanna,, . . Kow a O&aplain in fee tTalt®^ States , KasQp,- Father' Bernard Hanjia todi^ is present in Rome M $b» fmmsA Sers4ee5' held low- hts . undo ml the church' of Santa, Su- sanna. _-•_.. • _ . In IM .^^i*3f- paaee*. il^m ife ^ «o^ of iUM«l}trattort armiml l»0fr I |m|MI «HwjlM«» «« JMIina\.'tii «f the Italian tan*o**p be«Miie Mas. i^^ter ilpife «R Jto-^ggsat tfce dia*^ nw^nK the M «^ |^„ YM Italian* **d brinicinR tht m * ^^rWryqtffta ^WfceattiwgM^al' , » %»iioi sWeii^to 39&4t.._ |^m> put «n^mp4L 1M«i^«^ & an American bo^h- '.««««r*sd when' .1*1. «•• ., , ,,,.. <fflM&»''tt L 'miiim^ \%ht« [S!^^ ^^^^M^^fc^^^ t»iB«A 1d» »emhfrs!il» in Hoefe- :h^\s»d \i^s& jttt. hoJMlrarjr W» III i I** S^wlfefef- .lias. his vk'\*s oi% Mf-> :!« rl>In^ ail '^SfSfttit, St{S8tatoW9r'' • '«! If if 1 I 1 I/- ?! 1 i jr I I* I? m I

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