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The Catholic Courier. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1933-1945, August 17, 1944, Image 3

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KM ;V* T,',,'.''. ,--s-3?i!t,T^--;-- ^i^.-^-vr.v^ spjt^^cv^- .x*;-- T v -v*^*****' - \ ! -* ».^ \ ~ '— ••- ' *SfcS T5i»-*w-*- -***>-« * «*<rfia*- SttBtK^tesSayt***. •r-,^5^- ^-'»«-rti \;.1i * i »M^»»^iyiM;M»,iiww^ ( . WWTOa ni WMW?> , it>< , w »W«1HWH iit^itiWwiirMwwpiiiW'Wii«i«wc*»».iii»[i'i»i)ii;|„rMiMiM(mifl l fc,; Wr, portant retigfatts woifcs are ; *»«*% (^«4ar-|Kdnti«ig& which | Allied authorities- have e&n-<' etmted were Bfeoteo- by tike tettam wbh* r»»fef»g a show ©f garfpg f we o* HaSyV Butsi*r£le«e* fram ftesiruetioa 1» - tls© -inc \Wwy are wortei, of art whicb for- insrty were? ia fiie-lftgges QOZfay,. :--„V^*JR4'.- wfekfc. r . ; ^|^^pK^# : 4IKted, itei^ • Sivteba. • Tim JNtae; 'i f. i.) ^? &?«mghei; Ttae Flight - teto i»e« M by mnaa; i, P©fhe»it **f Z*. irtefe,\ by ^Hwsj \law Aonaici* Hour by FJhppItto K4p»li a •&&. fefeh by Jfsss fm C3ev»; \S Jig- rone.\ by Oetatossi©; \Madonna ©f th» Divine l<m^ by Saphmel; a *f«dejma by UOait * WteOcma* % ftebsMhmo M Manm; a land*;*^ by Cl&ttde l^teefitoe 4 %nri ^ner» Checking over Hue sealed es*k#M mm hoiked to the b**em*»t o! OH> Vatican Mnaegs^ muBMstafiep h§ve discovered thai t&e art comiffn- meats which f&t Germans delivr, er*a to the ItaUnn* in Boiae, be- fore tbey wer« finatly taken to t^e Vatican, w#r« i^ort theae 13 pic- tured and a half-dteiea orate* df #ther art 'et>|eGia. , Aath&rltlcs tell lae Gierse IMT© fleajr evidences of ^uitMrtJiuUoiii* »»d fttWght npi>ropri«tions•- that UMI epes deftnltelf were opened wWlo te ttw possesftoa of th# EexTOA»« w«« delivered to the ttuUim »M%h®i- mm deflnitoly was not w&at it p«r« ported to b*. OUTWITTING MAZJS, PRl£ST OflllllMSJim KEATS, SHELUY MEMENTOES HBW YOBK.- <NC» -A l«o»te4 Casstno priest, Ifeuro Ignanea, lielped save the priceless Keats and $holiey relicss txwn the Na2ia,a«d has restored them to the Memorial House at Rome, according to a re- port from Italy to the Office of War Information ftme. The report said the relics include *irreplac*aWo i^ots* first editions, *«in«scripts and poems, an#-j0*» •pb Seycm^» lf«mo«§ wash driving •f Keafs, made aa the poet Fay d>- tag in iiis house in Piazsea, di &yb$* tia, where the Memorial House Ht now situated.\ Host preelauw 6f tlt« |K»rtabk Keats-Shelley rclfca i^fefe jsnittg-. «led through the Nasi lines J*> S^jptembi?r, IM% wheto the Hcsawri- m\ Um\m efflae 4Eftisr <3e*ma» jhsflfr fire, tHe, replirt said, ^fi^ ^e*ft, f^b^ii by Pttmat MMppQ*. Qaitw&iU- ;i»h&n : the BlhW^«i«^. \withfei- tfct h»tt|ei^'«&;th^r,wfci?* ©a^ a|«ift '«a»gi!ed\-pi**t m'^isbk'\ Hg«an:e« ^loWI^Hr lift W ft 3Koi»e^boaui4<i <letmah teuek <H»e Kiorsftirtg. H;^ «Wfr^«i a «dlInpM«fed. ftvltettHB!* ! ait)d;-'|)e^' «oftteliijtg' £faf - grfet? im. miiojhfi?:- i»9iiast«ty, im *^^*mM*t&m&m V*^.W*am*Cm**!!!g& «^jil»BiJ9^WWW^^^ ssionary Of Chaplain WASHINGTON yT0MROCt*S~ ^ top fywtiikm m-iwmw$& mi wm$%M, §^kmm^ IA# tit Wil«li^l«i»k i^vtett raaHiie -lw»^i ft* t*t« frs^ #f 'WSIfc^'iil^fflJir^fff'- A*Stt«i : . *l fi»|Wf. Xim -Hill, fW«*-:.« .fl€ : ^i»,Jli- ***** f---Pfc«. _Warm pralaa ef the w#rlt J of- V^^MT Leonard A. KeMy.i^^fa'Mw^tirjiii^^ «f» f» «-W«aMa'll».\»ai». rrvt Ulljt f ^ t« W*W»f hAIW. Ml'' -fhc jtCTryffliiir wait t&m jai^HT' j; • It a. iroth College, PltGfoM, k can-! pifl^C«t& iffT^l ss^.J^ifidSSfl^b^ t*tet?d in * L letteT metved by Mis k ntttim toe ii*««hm ' - - - -_ -^^ mmh lrlyf# wte\ «i^h|t«:'Wil «t«i»i • In *. Hi* .IwiblUfiP Ex^pM«ney Bl«hop Kearaey fmm [ IT'Roosevelt 'te «ta1«ft.!ft-'3Xfrl%»!»w!^^ ^v&'to.lfa.Wm: m BK^ressor of religion at Nai-!ta elation, imi 1m ilvis ^b« B^l '*«#* fe~^£tfn»«Ftlifi$r itiyL - . father A. Cour^lUtud, «g#d mia- ! veDtthej^^ loelfe jfoy__ji» f$<jmmpb& sionary In the Satooiua Islands. shal^lnf «p, with WMcittti f^la»d Writii** to Bi^iop Kearney Ira» by Mw^ln J«ae« F«i««*l ^Itilli titer Geiipitlfnid mi«'; \Mlow «n- -Jj ae « ^^ lo»tpj ic«|»|e* unknown voice ^ )ftM te *® •^ AjSthmWUdor «ftt^» country to rlts ^^^ fitt|w»«i J»tci?df to.«Citt» -*i and isixig the praises of ft priest from your diocrae, who spent l»aay m«irthp~w^tT h Hie, UK a 'Nav>* ehaplaln.** Fatihof Kelly. the ifttsaio»«af explains, u h% H not only oeeit a J great benefit to FMU fUBlXV ttie boys t*l&e«fl directly under hia Jurisdiction hut also tor my native lloch, who htive appreciated $t hia real valuta his gtmt teal, his siac«# ! o pi^tjv «nd his^priestly example.\ Declaring fchat Falter Kelly \hm b«e». for mysell a cause of tho Pmtm rtHner h«th Arfhl»l*U»|> 8p»MiiaiB Hie neap Aimrtiiiict IK?!* «pnte.l» W^fainit*^ t«^ivl»f flit bin«d un4rr tti*h«t» Mottoy »t think tHut th^ Vntieup ntfgiit-tlf ' Ht*iu* S» tw .,. bf*f«rr rlr<*tloii. - ; Wo're Hht;ii(l fef ^ehei^tl- fh FrtmcB 4iad the ©Jt4h*s**ecft**l «p!iito» of many hi8*« fwttt ifl \Vnj»hbifi^on ta tiwt Jilpfllt PUlM fold within * frnt-am^WmU-Wmm 58 and the *©»28# , «<t thft*«vih larger B-32's really si:Wt ttt-mni*- sage the cStiess of tfafS ftiilh^ Sim. |>«apit« the p*6ftMU#fr b€4«f highest idiacation,\ Frtther O^w- bm»ght_liom hij^i^.j|!ftcfi^-.lft*_^|B« ; : gffiipjci Tldas, *l=«ta a reBglous, a priest of tho Society of Mary» who ha» ^peat 35 year* in those islands, and to llv9 near sweh a irmo m Fattier Kelly H a spirit liar refresh- ment tor the sent t know, by hear* in| his hoys, how much he Is eati- mrtted aind toyed by them $U? '•\ JMftor '• deseHblng hMi • Ftttt&t H^lljr provided ia the open air t he» ^ust.thiJto/Was «# ch^pe^ «U tho .•jWldieri, ^alh^'^CloiipiHaHdi\ can* *'ltay Go«r#*V6 this ^oo4 priest asd h^d hl«ft J« store f»r y©«r E^- 6eency-In tite latiircf, and permit hte to mm& %mM to y»ur afoBese porlejjces .of tafyn ahd different sotils, he WliJ b# qtialfcBed to b© a iirisi class soldier o| Christ fight!**g i;lbd'-8md ^fth&l ' : «t pesee-ife»e war- time y#mr. .pmtornal mmmm4. H r»''iViS\».iV'''-.'jj|i-%)jp\i flaot^d hylMitf Il-a^e- 'for - grace rpe^S^I, fe. ... . ... ... -..,_ ,,. •jff**^ SJ. t i.fel»ae' ',o# -lie fees! ittemp' for oi^n^ \ , ®*^ - W& wi f^ift '-Sft«tiK. .set-«#-fIng•, •. aew -gr^e».- ^t. \ifiu&ik- 4t iijtWWt*tmi»&mt>ti**p&-WiUi.t,w*iv SS:— .:fhe.. Moi^ itor,-' fi&lt rtSunti' 'w#! -«tiij ; w$tfw6 maaur -re* S«perlor§ # t^tat!^ m)^ lrf«ids/ «i- Ettgffsh Churches riari Kites ro ivian flffJMli Cortrihiittec wICTf enop#i IJatticy ijgit' to carry tl«s» to 1Bb& mU £$ ttr year, «r*-preying - *h«ir-ih'Wifci«it* : tioa of the CHP& ^«1iWcal,. Aelwm CoiAmitfci*«. 0<ju»i &% tht fefl»m»g : press to .*ini**if them «»t jm w«t*' 4er Winw?heII- to ue^ahi- h!# -ribr-Hltil again.4\ tfeom. Bttt mttfd«r,wlllbti^ ; and:- «jSaviet..%'da*y < *- : »MuH|a4m have to- iMS%er Hit' 0mto£to.g* 'dirogted*\ ,. .. I..: : -VS-\. r .VJ-..,L~- ' tojtt'tltfr from vmriou* tr«k*fl«ra: WWW INMII .mem4 iDtifA|tft# Hfiiclp^, rrvTiti ttmi our nfflihbi>i* *MWtth «* L flw''Bti» 4Mtjp(r: is hrtvhiK <HfoMUb*r»btf- intrmml trottb!e», * \\\ • - '\ 1»B SI«ir#tl*tiRS s Ifcliji is#a^P(Nt itfr-. th© left-win^ ^WT H# *^»*\ »«I^|, M Jhaye tKMGik W*nipNit>i#ii' T| wl»- ; «tos ISwtivlu ^^^P** tpgr'',0i»- sdifl# #iyl#l AiiMNfNii^» mn*t -rnidrnt «n>»wy In ih> W«»f#««i.' fitemiqibftA \fie id tt»f : -Biwit myutar imdl most htvitth fO- •-M iimf id*\Bevlf * wtiba*»»4flir« wlitt «o«t# ^ eftibwf #«aW» *#P- HNnitifi- AineBlflMi «mfMk!i #^i*** fir«4^ to ^fltiwwwil^ ~ r t? ,• A<&1 to life ptrntnet t&»i^^$ ^ladaa« f , ih# use*! r^HfA.*ili »t«prftil- l»l»jf Isa^«f itlw %# feaSlsr,. Id-Ici «ympa*b|e iplfe l»* \C|irm- : lb© fo m'iBe,! *mr, It). fW ,is«atei..liijfeiget , a' $&• ptto, -it\' fes' rfepoflei h^re.'.%» »r^* '..#»«r^\it« : fe»|®|»- , sw#' os§«t*p#«sd iii ' iwri«>as- aiofl^ ••-©&•' lltltate- \ace^fai^p t» tlwir -«apait^ s Aatf th^r .«@nil« ttot'-fe ^Jtemsdly 'H^^fee^ry.. Wmm ti»e ' t© tins* tl»y r^eff« eorwHi- ^&ii8^act • finop. h^Jiia. - \' *\ \• •' Ta© Ap9M'©lM Oct|e0B^s Wtt mn vftetm% ir< the , aa«« of'_His ; Hall' naa- 1 .'NSIW YORK—OMhollfi cbw&es thro«gb©iif. Great. Britain. «M?«. *sr- ra^ttf - tor UM' ettebiatl^ .'«c|. V&TH$dl? Olff. — 4 c«mil9iy. 3*»*^s.i5if l^tesks^MiB^-aaa',Mh«rfc©isMittojg •'Ete bw*l of Pt UMP lia€\tMhoS«#f.^ : rvicM on ^mtdOK 8GJ*,- iT/'^bfeb rr«ie% \^s^rpfi in |ku» IftHtftift. Ifeo. s fe5spr€-s«nid fh«s5'\been\ ; dealgnatsi.' as\ '\Bailk' mil C!»^f lit tfe ¥#tlc««» «#$ gratitude f«r-\lh« 'lBter«st «f A£e]BrKdiia-Sun<fay*'to mark ih«'an.»i-.] for ^*k^stl«^ In ll»p VlltittfittlNrtw %My-8fe«. th# : \ r*lP»ft. saI4-\.^eh-'.|«€'.rt5ary of fhft |Ms«k-'«r .<h« Battle f Ish • Onini^b *»f HI* AaawflJlVW\ \ . !«. Lawrence s Relic ted on F#ii \ %\g%t>f>. ^l^reltft-' ate' vfett«i : ^tb«?|of Brlt^la Ift I98D. •-according toad : ' «ai»ps \wh#r» : . mlsslaiasy' 'priests 1 y|«;^ ito&Sved. &e«»-% tbe'-Britlab 4a^ 'a-flirani^jFt pai !9l*r$f^teRil y**i* i f \ iH- ^ >l< tnim; ; to th-it l%tb^ ftffft, •iWf» t Tftt-Mttll Ff^^HtbHt*r Al W* f»US^r W Ah^»%«* : *M*f*;J^^'^f«i««P« - -SiSlS tS. til 1^I1S4^W«^«^ «w*Jim^ ^ xn^t^ir -f«w #tttl6 -*t«libtw» |p |WW* - v . -T - • - - -- - Oil »tw^lh«ii\«f»«itiin tw fftllsf' - m *ft »i^g»wi-»ft*fe JKH4. Btib^p - l*ay -of -Jft&ifrfiaift,. bltia«#. te »»* ^miMt' H»IWLI«P Hntbit. —«_• . mi-a«iittf« ^Sit fit* aast vmL: \ *^» «^»^* *» ««!^ n» »,im*s> - a*i%- i^y<*»-*tttrHa»iis>«gl!f«- : -m ihtlnt*- 'WH» iwr.««s»-*#«i#»— »#|o«in*tion, |fiy KSfrttMt d* ? _v»U«Vr«'*i«**^*t-li^».^^|»wi*l#»i «IHI' i« l^Oiir S«ly nf W«irt»g|iiii #«» : «w»tei kfi* im» tint wp'uMkinK ' ~ -«t*iit -iwrtftf - m* ^mm^uiymrfm — . ivir-tliisbih|-:l»li ptWt; w». *N •• \| .^Snt y«i^lS* fcttttw/' 1 Hk la? • pitfe i}mp at \fiif 4»jr thftttli turn Sa^sssst \teiL!s'i?i3 «31 jsSte; & «7&%ww r»ot torttttinr >t>u. IC^ry ItutMnf Mult, tlWy *iy i«fb«n -I. n& HutJM. t* 'pfBf th»| Kn|fl«ntl m*y ft!«rm i#;th#:|^Ii!t« « .li v » ; 'gf#*l Urtmr t#> -ttt «r- |MN9l*-^f«eifc=«Uicr #»#- *t|teg tJwf/fit»».,lt»tniiir^ i«€'-: .thi nnrnt Mtwpi^#f l#jr*tto» Wt -if* ttMjMip «ae lEnw wh.tt6 lh« ©irlsliiii!'«»»' ltt^h> jrmtb,** J.ll .HUUIHWW II ••l|l,i|.ll,| I.Tflillllli .,1 |».^»»IW|.I<I il|»l»IIW««>\ sS Wrt.ifBJa» i , ll ^^.t*'li»>iiiiHl|-L(iiwr^Wv^.frfiM ^?.0.'i'il»i|i.«ltflili.lt.in|lii)l..|tWl) r~-£-r£2*; Jf §- r ~w$. •^ t fin?\ h, •Wm*$ wm$ it for twi%*-lt% *NM«> , - ^A, «-( J. \ art &>&&, l»W*^^.>.|..^|iM»lil.>^l,l;»nii| l |ii,.aiji'#|ly>..^ •^^^P^p^s^.j,., . i*! 'A^j^Txpyr^ *^(t '

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