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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, March 21, 1986, Image 17

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Credential files: Not just for • sentors Your credential file contains records that support your application for a job or graduate school. Your tile will contain leuers of recommendation and may also include a course listing sheet, a copy of your transcript and a copy of your resume. You need not wait until your senior year to submit let- ters of recommendation to your file. If you had a job over 1 the Christma~ breaJ.. and feel you performed well and would like to have a letter of recommendation from your supervisor simply ask your supervisor to send a letter to our Career Planning and Placement Office. It is to your advantage to keep your letters current throughout your college career. Furthermore, there is no fee for doing so. The only time you need to pay a fee is when you begin applying for jobs and would like your credentials sent to prospective employers. At that point, the fee is $35 per year or 25 transmittals, whichever come!> first. As you can well imagine, this service is a tremendous convenience for all parties concerned. Whenever you want your letters sent, instead of calling each person writing a letter for you, you simply contact us and we send the letters I for you. . The course listing sheet can be helpful in presenting strengths across several areas or concentrations. For exam- ple, if you are an economics major and have also had several courses in human relations, computer science, and management, it may be helpful for you to present many of your courses by category on the course listing sheet. The transcript should not, as a rule, be submitted to pro- spective employers along with your letters of recommenda- tion. If you want a transcript in your credential file, you must request the Registrar's Office to send a copy to the Career Planning and Placement. We will only send your transcript if you tell us to, and you must tell us each time you want it sent. Any transcript sent as part of your file is unofficial. Official copies are sent only from the Registrar's Office. You may also keep a copy of your resume in your file as a backup in case you should lose or happen to mistakenly send out your last copy. Affordable Student. Housing within one block of campus. Availability from 1-18 singles. Security deposit- $150 Semester rent- $650 share utilities 753·3386 (days) 756·2647 CALLING ALL CAMP COUNSELORS! If You ... Heed a Summer Job,. Are At Least 18 Yrs Old, Complete 1 Yr of College by June 6 Have Private or Organiza.donal Camp Expe~ence I I I I Older teachers happier SCRANTO!';, P-\. (.-\P) - l\herc·.. ccncral· ly· no burnout among older tca~hcr ... : ih:~:or­ ding to a University ul s~mnton rcscarcht•r who •mid they are often happier tn thc1r wh-. than their younger colleagues. Thomas W. Gerrity, nssbt ant pro fc:-.~or of education, ~aid he found in a .. une-. that teachers tend to grow more satisfied \\lilt then jobs the longer they stay in the profl.~!lslon. \This is contrary to the popular belief thai teachers are especially susceptible to burnout and become increasingly frustrated a:-. the years go by,\ Gerrity !laid. \Our research in- dicates that the most satisfied tcacht>r-. are the veterans.\ Gerrity said he and three colleague~ pollt>d a random sampling of 166 elementary and secondary public school teacher:-. in the nor- theastern part of Pennsylvania and in the Binghamton area. !'hose surveyed were placed in age bracket:-. - 30 and under, 31-.50, 51 and over. The~ \\t'rt' .hil.t.•t.l Ill ~·nn,Htt•r I a~·t,,r' -.udt .,, '..lt<t!\. ~-l~- \\ llf 1-.er'. rnanagl'lllCnt rt lh~·rl'' ;.mJ t ht.•tr \H\ n pt•r:o.onalit~. hH Yllllngcr teadlt'r:o., nllme~ \a' >t prtmar ~ ~·tm.:t•rn. A~:~ordmgl~. d''\'ur \'-'' u~ualh hnl-.ed to the relaml'l-. modeM ... alant'' !laid t~l younger tea.:hcr:-., lit;rriq \md. Salary di:-. ... au:-.fa ... ·uon \'\\ al'o found, hut to a lesser degree, 111 the 31-50 age category, liernt~ .. aid, where ruty \\C'Ilt up. But ht• 'till dtdn't find anyont> \\hn thought tht·~ \\t'lt' ht·· rng O\ erpnid. \l'hert• .:orne' a tlltll' \\hen tht· 'a.:rifi...·rng year-. arc over and some of the fnngt• bent•flh normally a!lsodated \\ith teacher:-., ... u.:h '\ tenure, and lhrec tn\llllh' off in tht• 'umnwr. tend to becmne mort• important.·· he 'ard. \When your lasr J...id ha:-. graduated from ... ·ol lege and the mortgage is paid, you bt.'l'Omt·Jr~, l..'onccrned with monc}. ·• FEELING TRAPPED? Let us save your hide with a beautifully typeset resume completed in a week or less. Excellent quality Fast service ... Announces ... MONDAY NITE MADNESS!! 9-12a.m. Buy :2 Pizzas S get a Tannery T-Shirt Free!I Lots of In-House Specials Also! NEW HOURS Sun-Thurs: 4p.m. - 12 midnite fri S Sat; 4p.m. · 2a.m. S.A.B. Presents an outstanding hypnotist performance ...... $1.00 admission fee TOM DELUCA Don't miss out on his amazing performance ! Thursday March 27 at 8:00pm Corey Fu.nction Room · . - ...

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