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W_omen's History Month Outstandin contributors recalled B~ BARBARA l.EOMBRF'O .\\t'W.\ l:.\dllor \In all .. he did. there \ICJ.., \lHlll'thmg lll gnw.th, nf family lh- mg. of the good ta ... te of thing~. lJf -.tubbornes-. and of the ~hanging 'ea-.on. ·• (Hilltop Press ... upplement. l ue,da' . De~. 7. 1965, in memorv of the late. 1-a~ l u~ille Corey). · Although the abo\c quote \1~1.., meant for the late 1-av L.udlle <..\m:'. thO'>l' ... arne \\On.h ai-.o ring true ~1f Ruth l·. DmH.l. and Be-.,ic l. Par~. Dtmd. <..on:y and Park ''ere in- novator-. at a time \\hen thi~ type nf a ... ~ert ion b~ \\Omen wa~ not en- ~:ouragcd. fhe Ruth L Dowd Fine An~ Center. Be..,..,ie L. Park Center and Fay L. Corey Union are building~ at the Stare University College at Cort- land that stand in memory of three women who made outstanding ~on- tributions to SUCC. ~ Dowd, a member of the SUCC faculty for 42 years, was professor of music emeritu~ when she died on .June 30, 1973. A graduate of the Cortland Normal School (as SUCC was formerly refer- red to), Dowd concentrated on the areal! of music theory, opera and voice as a teacher. A soprano, Dowd gave many public recitals throughout the state and appeared in several New York Ci- ty concert programs sponsored by the New York State School Music Association. I'A Y tllCII.U·: CORE\' LJowd lounded the.· SliCC \\ar ... it\ Choir in 1955 and l.'onductcd the Coi- lcge Orchestra, Women', and Men·, (ilee Club..,, and al ... ~l \\Ork \ith d1ildrcn'., mu.,l·ial group .. and a~ted l·ururl' ll'achcr-. -- A Stud\ ol :\t- as director of the dmir at St. !\1arv·, titude.., TtH\ard Conten1porar~ Church. · h ... ue .... \ Core.'\ \HOle. \I'h1' \Hiler 1-'ollm'l.·ing Oowd'' retirement. the helie\t''> that f~lith in :-.tudenh i' one SUCC mu!'lic department ~reared the.· of the primm~ requi-.it~ ... for Pt'l'l)Jl' Ruth E. Oowd Award. The award j, \\orking with ~oung pc..•opk.\ now given anually to an SUCC senior Ac~urding to l\-lar ... tw ~- ( ·arl..,llll, mu.,k major for cx~ellcnce in mu ... i~. profe.,~or of rel·rc~llion and lci,un·. According to Donna Anderson. Cmc..·v \'1. a.., \\a\ ahead of ht•r I imc..•\ chairman of the musil\ department, in the l·on .. ider~ition of attitutk\ and the award has been named in Dowd'.., \;lluc., in tcad1ing. honor, because .,he wa., a \\crv Although Carl.,nn knc..'\\ Core~ onl~ dedicated teacher\ who \alway .. trie~f a .. twn time, Carlson l·alkJ her \a w make sure each ~tudent achieved rarl' per~onalit~\ and an c\pcrienL\cd (his/her) maximum potential in ~ounselor who'-. hadground indud- music.\ ed more than hook knowledge. .. Those of us who had the oppor- As a ~ounsclor, Corey \did a tunity to know her will be cognizant phenomenal job,\ Carbon -.aid. Cor- of her physical absence. The few of us ey wa., \profcs .. ional, ethical and sl'n- who never had the opportunity to sitive to student.,,\ Carbon ~aid. meet her will continue to hear people In January 1980, a recommenda- talk about her,\ wrote Shelia Hebert tion was made by the College Council in a Dec. 7, 1965, supplement to the to name the SUCC Physical Hilltop Press in memory of Corey's Education-Recreation Center in BESSU: 1.. PARK l\1rk \\a-. \ g.ntduatl' ul thl' t llll la11d ~orrnal Sdwol and \\lll'h·d h11 2~ ~l'\'\ in 'aril'll' tl';.ll:lung, <td llllni,trati\l· and puhh~· 'l'l'\ll't' tllk .... Pari-. nrganitcd till' llr -.t f!l'llll(l lll \1011\l'rl -.tudt'llh Ill p&trlil\IP<.lll' Ill <1 l\\ll·\\c..'c..'k L·amp prng.ram at Snn!! l al..e in 193h. Stw 1\a\ lthllllllH.'Iltalln '1~1rtin!! thc..· Y\\ ('A 111 ( ·nnland 111 1915 and ,, ... , a hnard memht·r Ill! .1 numtwr nf vem-.. During Piul.. ·., rt•t irc..·ment ~car-.. -.hl' \\rotc a 337-pagc hi-.tory of Sl't \( · from it-. founding ((l 1959. It \\' till ed, · '( 'ortland, Our Alma Matc..·r.\ In 1944, Park rcl:ei .. etl the fir..,t ... cr- vkc a wart! l'\ l'r g i vcn by t hl' Nl'\\ York State A.,.,odat ion for Heal! h. Physical Education and Re~reat ion. In June 1945, Park wa., honored with a di~tinguished ser\icc award from James Sarvay, former chairman of the SUCC College Council committee for naming buildings, once said of- Dowd: \Ruth influenced many hun- dreds of people, and I know she is held in high esteem by Cortland alumni who studied under her guidance.\ sue c. death. honor of Bessie L. Park, who died Park'~ name has hccn attal..'hed 10 Corey, former associate dean of Feb. 25, 1979, at the age of 97. d f I . d' an alumni scholarship awarded an- stu ents or counse mg, 1ed Nov. Park was called by her ~olleague!. 17, 1965, after a long bout with the \guiding spirit\ in the establish- nualy hy SUCC to an out.,tandi ng cancer, the Hilltop Press reported. mentor a physical education major at woman ... enior physical education ma- In her dissertation, .. ·-· .. v.;:;:a•lu~ep:.s~o~f-.:;::S~U;.;:C;;.;C:..:..· _____________ io_r_. ____________ _ ========= ******************* SUMM-ER CAMP Positions In The Catskill Mountains of New York CAMP SEQUOIA Box 339 Rock Hill, N.Y. 12775 914-679-5291 Traditional Co·Ed Camp 90 miles NYC. Our 55th Year. CAMP SHANE Ferndale, N.Y. 72734 914-292-4644 Trim-Down Physical Fitness Camp 100 miles NYC. CALL OR WRITE INDIVIDUAL CAMP FOR APPLICATION APPLY BY APRIL 15th AWARE, YWCA & CORTLAND WOMEN'S HEALTH CENTER PRESENT: 4th ANNUAL CORTLAND STATE TRIATHLON 1000 YD. >~ 20 MILE 5 MILE ,.~ Second Annual Women's Health Award Dinner Sunday, April 20th at 5pm in Neubig Hall- S.U.C. Cortland GUEST SPEAKER: JUDY NORSIGIAN- Applications are available at Core Union Information Desk Boston Women's Health Book Collective Authors of OUR BODIES, OURSELVES· TicketS: Sl 0 av.-able at the Corey Union Information desk or caD 753·5027 · Cash Bar .. : .· \::.: Application Deadline: April 4th Competition will be on an individual and team basis Applications may be returned with check or money order to the Corey Information Desk ******************

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