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,.x n·:f:'\J I f\rida)' April 18, 1986/l\he PrtS!) •• • lh Mt:RU·: (~1'\JSBI·:RCi v.t: \\t:rt: m~ompctt:nt -- I . think we lo!-.t ht:~o:au'c \~t v.erc on the wrong side.\ Given .Ja...-1-..,on·, tcelmg'> about the governmcru, it ma~ .. ct•m 1ronu: that thi!> album is often de.,~nbed a ... patriotic, hut hedi!>agrecs. Yet he doc..,n't 111-.t· people thmking of his song \for Amcnl..'a\ a~ ~hara~teri'>tic of the New Patnotl'>m. \I've heard that phrase 'the New Patnotl'>lll' a lew time~. But if it'!-.looked at a!> r he late'>! fad, it '11 be gone in a minute. No one ha'> a ~opyright on what their country meam.. It·., not a thing to be marketed. To refer to it a., a bandwagon i!l very shallow. The fact that there is a resurgence of people trying to define rather talk - and sing - about politics that paramour., (he'!<> still seeing Daryl Hannah), there b one ~ong on the new album in his sad- love-song tradition - \The Shape of a Heart.'' ''I wrote it about how the heart shape ha!> become a sign language for 'I feel for you in a cute way.' Why do we love? Because we need to. I want 'I love you' to mean more than it doe!>. And I think it ~an. I insist on finding the good in everything - it's a really annoy- ing trait isn't it?\ Rolltllf.! Srmw .\la!!a:.111e '\~I A lK - I '\J XS ha' J u '' had 1t-. h1ggc:\t tut 111 thl' l nlll.'d Stall'' v.11h \What 'r'ou Need,\ but the Y·}cm-old Au,trahan band prole'>'>C'> ro lun mg alNllutcl} no ldt·a ,.,. hal 11 litkl'' tn 1111 11 h1g 111 Aml'rl~a. \What You Need\ wa-. thl' la't 'ong the} rt·~ortkd fm tl1cir hit IP \ll'>len l1lo.e rhit:ve~.\ ami II \\<I\' prat:t~eall} an alterthought. \We wrote 11 on <I Sunday,\ \\Y~ lead smgcr Mid1ael H utchcnce, \and rcwrdcd it on a Monday in two takes. And now that the ~ingle\ Jumped up the: d1art!> like a kangaroo, we can get goo<l -.eat., at McDonald'., when we tour the United States again this ~ummer.\ Now that'~ a !>and that's got its prioritie., \traight. While the rest of INXS- Tim, Andrew and John 1-'arris!l, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Gary Beer~ - is off the ground. His fir'>t-ever role i~ rhe lead in Rit:hard l.owensteim ·.., nuwie ''Dog~ in Space,\ ~urrently !>hooting in Melbourne. Hutchcn~.:c dc'>crihc.., the movie as \'The Love Boat' !let in the po~t-punk era; I play 1 he boy in the boy-girl story.\ TII,PIN(; l'HE BALAN('io: - Will Ja~k.,on Browne ever lighten up? \You ~ould say I have a '>Crious problem,\ says he. For once, he'.., joking, though hi!> public image isn't ex- a..:tly that of a lightweight rock & roller but maybe of a guy who take!<> him ... elf a bit too -.eriou!.ly t hesc days. \I don 'I t hitlk so,\ he -.ay-.. \You have to take what matters to you ..,l'riously. The tone on the new alllum, 'Lives in the Balan~.:c, · i!. very 'erious - there's not much Ievit y. Hut when I was jok i11g around, with 'l.awyer'> in l.ove,' people didn't get it L'ithcr!\ Mo ... t of \Loves in the Balance\ rcrte~t'> Browne'!> interest in the situation in Central America. He's been there ~everal 1 ime!'l, hi!<> curiosity sparked by reading Joan Didion's \Salvador.\ He now sees the region a!'> a potential sequel to Vietnam. ~'It began to appear to me that the American people were being lied to about a war agai11. There's a strong feeling that we should, you know, like Rambo, go in there and really l<ick --- this time. I don't think we lost in Vietnam because NOT ABLE NEWS - Jerry Hall is appearing in a pilot for an NBC sitcom called \She's With Me\ in which she plays a model... Sly Stone is hiking the comeback trail. A&M just '>igned him ... Simon Le Bon's wife, Yasmin Parvaneh, who was four and a half months pregnant, had a miscarriage last month ... Neil Young is in the studio in Los Angeles recor- ding a new LP; Danny Kortchmar is the pro- ducer. It seems he has given up his country sound; the album rocks. Meanwhile, Neil has sued the state of California for almost half a million dollars; he says he was improperly tax- ed between 1972 and 1975 ... Chas Sanford, who wrote and produced ''Talk to Me\ for Stevie Nicks, is producing the Don Johnson album... Spandau Ballet will be leaving Chrysalis Records (which they say did not promote them properly) as soon as they are signed to another label. They are recording their new LP in Munich; \Art of Noise's\ Gary Langen is coproducing... Patti Smith has told her label, Arista, that she will soon begin recording a new LP in Detroit, where she has been living since ·t979. Department of Theatre presents the internationally-acclaimed musical APRIL 18, 19 I 1986 8:15PM Sunday, April 20 at 2:30 PM Dowd Fine Arts Center, State University College at Cortland Tr< k1•(\ $U>o <$3.oo wrth sun J.D.! T K kt>h on ~<~It> ,11 the Dowd Fint• Art!> Box Oifice only. Hours 12- 2 PM, Mondays- Saturdays. Remclining tickets on sale at the door. WE'RE SWAMPED I The CCSA Print Shop is in the middle of our an:nual spring rush. In order to maintain our high standards of quality, we ask that you be patient and allow us more turnaround time on your jobs. Tb , ··a··nk : .• f. : .• ; . :S :CCSA fr·int Sltop Co·rey _U:n:io·n x.,-280.6 Heart's new beat marks comeback By LAURA f'ISSINGER Rolling Stone Magazme \Everything we do is an est session,\ chortle-. Heart diva Ann Wilson. Then the poker-faced proclamation: No one will vi!lit the john for the duration of this inquisition. With not one but two publicish on hand, thi'> i~ dearly !<>up- posed to be a big-deal intervie\'• - a milestone to mark the unlikely re-emergence of a seventie\ arena-ro~.:k band as videogenic platinum hitmakers of the Eighties. But the at- mosphere in this hotel suite tonight is anything but serious. It's almost as if someone put laughing gas in the ventilation system. No wonder, considering Heart's reception earlier this even- ing. While Phil Collins and Michael Jackson were collecting trophies at the Grammys in Hollywood, Heart was collecting winnings of a different kind from the vociferous, Ric-flashing fans packed into the Civic Center in Hartford, Conn. The outpouring was part of a larger prize called a comeback, and Heart's has been a whopper. After a nearly fatal four-year slump, Heart's ninth LP, \Heart b~came the first in their HEA'RT catalog to reach Number One. It's gone platinum a couple of times over and so far refuses to drop from the Top Ten. Each single - \Never \What About Love\ and \These Dreams'' - has done big business. So has the tour. Usually the only groups who walk around looking as happy as Heart looks tonight are either dumbstruck rookies or phar- maceutically subdued elder statesmen. If their previous star- dom ever taught the Wilson sisters anything about the word \blase they've forgotten it now. As Ann said earlier to the Hartford audience: ''I'm lool\ing up there into those back rows :tt all of you, and I just want to thank you, because you're the reason we're here. You guys stuck with us through thick and thin.\ The speech is in- disputably earnest, but the facts aren't quite square. A lot of people did take a long station break during Heart's skinny stretch. At the hotel after the show, Ann, 35, and Nan-:y, 32, offer a refresher course on their checkered past for re~urnees and new fans alike. To hear them tell it, Heart was prclty much a populist band right from the start. They were local heroes on the Vancouver and, later, Seattle bar-band circuits. But before that, it was just the two Wilsons. Puberty-addled Ann had become deeply obsessed with the Beatles (uHey, today is George Harrison's birthday, guys!\ she exclaims at one point). Nancy, sharing Ann's Beatles- plastered bedrom, followed suit. \We were both ugly duckl- ings - and still are, off and on,\ says Nancy, who squirms both times Ann refers to her sister's \beauty\ during the in- terview. \Maybe that's one reason we had a chance to become people, know what I mean?\

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