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By .JAMES HENKE Rolling Stone Magazine DIRT\' WORK, Rolling Stones. Rolling Stofle Records.** According to one early report, insiders were calling this '\Keith's album\ because of the unusually large role guitarist Keith Richards had in its creation. That role is audible im- mediately: \Dirty Work\ is a grungy, coarse-sounding album that almost seems as if it could have been made by some teenage garage band. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Rolling Stones' first LP for CBS is about as uninspired as any record the group's turned out in its 23 years of existence. Richards may come up with great riffs, but he's no songwriter; it's no wonder \Harlem Shuffle,\ an old R&B number, was selected as the first single- there are no other real songs on the album. Mick Jagger. for the most part, sounds none too enthusiastic, and several of the lyrics are either overly mean-spirited (\I'm gonna pulp you to a mass of bruises\) or bitter (the title track). This is not a fun album, nor even a particular- ly interesting one; the Rolling Stones are obviously tired and unhappy, and that comes through on this ••Dir- ty Work.\ BEYOND THE PALE. Fiona, Atlamic. * * So far, Fiona flanagan has attracted more attention for her social liasons - she was, for a time, Julian Lennon's girlfriend - than for her music. Judging from this, her second album, that situa- tion's not likely to change. Fiona is a female rock & roll better right out of the Pat Benatar school. Her voice, though, is a cut or two below Benatar's , and, musically, she's not lucky enough to have someone like Neil Geraldo for a producer, songwriting partner and sidekick. \Beyond the Pale\ was produced by Beau Hill, whose previous credits in- clude Ran, but here he's buried Fiona's vocals beneath a relentless heavy- metal assault that shows no sense of subtlety, or pop smarts whatsoever. **Album Review¥¥ Gl 1 1T ARS, ('AIUU.ACS. ETC •• (<:T<'., Dw1ghr Yoakam, Reprise. * * * * Like Ricky Scagg~. Reha McEntire, the Judd~ and others, Dwight Yoakam describe~ himself a' \Bill Monroe with drum~.\ but despite hb allegian~e to country's pioneers, he's real- ly a honky-tonk singer who pours his soul into c'·en lyric. Yoakam had to eo t~l L.A. to make a name for himself, and he assembled a top-flight band there; the musk on his debut album i~ pure country, with lots of fiddle and pedal-steel. Yoakam himself has a pure, heartfelt voice, and this is the year's best countrv release so far. · ABSOLUTt: BEGIN- N ERS, Songs from 1 he Origina Motion Piclure, EM/ America. * * If your idea of ro~k & roll runs somewhere along the lines of David Bowie meets \West Side Story,\ then you may have some use for this album. The soundtrack to the much-publicized British movie about coming of age in London in the late Fifties, this LP features an all-star U.K. cast, including Bowie, Sade and Ray Davies of the Kinks. But with the soul ex- ception of Bowie's title track, the tunes are weak, the lyrics are ridiculous and everything is so camped up that, in the end, it has very little to do with rock & roll. SOI'i(;S rROM UQl'lU ()A \'S, PlllfiJ' CJ/as.... CBS. *** Clu~st~ul ~otnplhl'l Phtlip (!Ia's ha~ te1uncd up \\ ith 'll\.\h ~ong,,riter' \' Da' id Byrnl' ( ralJ..ing Head~) and Paul S1mnn and \\lth 'o~alist' liJ...l· lmda Ron~tadt and the Ro~hcs for an album of songs. But despite the f;uniliar naml's, thcsl' an· not pop song!'. - you ~ertaml~ aren't going to he hearing them on Tf'IJl hmy radio. And, in fact, they ha'c many of the same characteristics as Glass' usual work - in par- ticular. his trndemart.. repeti- tion of simJ1le phrase~> with slight variation to create a melodic effe~o:t. It\ an in- teresting experiment that hr- ing Glass and ~ontemJlOrar~ classical music about 3!> dn)oc to the pop mainstream a~ po~sihlc. ***SAD PRESENTS*** HOLD OUT FOR MAD MAX THIS IS HIS GREATEST ADVENtURE. April April MEL GIBSON IS MAD MAX ,·· ... ·- ' . J _·. J - ~ ·~. _:...........,~ ·'\\\'0 nNA TURNER lliSTRIRl TJ:lli\Y WARNER BROS. • \'I.'AilSUil\UMMl :O.OICA'tltlSSt'(')MrAN' ~ 'e' ,_._ .............. ._ .... 18, 19 & 20 5, 7:30 & lOpiD $1.00 W/ID $1 .. 50W/O 22, 23 & 24 5, 7:30 & lOprn \\Therc.- art' .i Oscar nominec.-s i11this ont' pict11re:· hunaniWaiUn t'\nMl\I\\\U\liU\ $1.00 W/ID $1.50 W/0

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