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..... ~ ... l'W0/1-'rlda). April 18, 1986/l'be Press - ----,---- ( --~ THEWEEK I IN R~VIEW _ _j ' The World I , The While Houst> l uesday declared the military strike againsl Libyan terrorist lar~eets a success that \struck a him\ agaimt terrorism and sen I a mes~agc\ to Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy. Spokesman Larry Speakes ..:onfirmed that one Air Force f\-111 and its crew of two, remains umu:coun1ed-for and is the subject of a naval and air search. \When we can clarly identify persons responsi- ble for terrorisl attacks we will hold them accountable,\ Speakes -.aid. He said the middle-of-the-night air strikes had \successfully accomplished\ their objectives, demonstrating that the United States • 'will no longer tolerate deaths of innocent Americans and others.\ Bishop llesmnd Tutu, winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize for his anti-apartheid campaign. on Monday was elected leader of lhe Anglican Church for all of southern Africa- The announcement came after a day-long meeting of some 500 Anglican clergy and lay people who convened to choose a new archbishop of Capet()wn, the highest Anglican position in the region. Archbishop Phillip Russell i~ retiring in August after five years in the job, and Tutu will take over Sept. I. Tutu, who last year became Johan- nesburg'!i first black bishop, was considered a leading con- tender to succeed Russell. Olga Peters, the American-born grandda11gllter of Josef Stalin, returned to Britain after 18 months in the Soviet Union saying she missed the West and was excited about reporting to school Wednesday. The 14-year-old arrived at London's Heathrow Airport late Tuesday ()n a flight from Moscow. Smiling and glad to be speakiag Eaglish again, she told reporters she had no regrets about being taken to the Soviet Union by her mother. Svetlana Alliluyeva. ''No, I'm not sorry that J went. It was a really great experience for anybody,\ she said. \I'm just glad to be back and I'm looking frward to seeing my friends at school.'' The Nation The regional director of the Federal Emergency Manage- ment Agency abruptly resigned Monda)'. citing \irrecon- cilable policy differences\ over the Sh()reham nuclear plant, a spokeswoman said. Sen. Alfonse D' Amato charg- ed that the director, Frank P. Petrone, was forced out because he refused to vouch for public safety at the plant. Petrone's resignation took effect immediately, said Marianne Jackson, his spokeswoman. Slle said Petrone made his decision Monday morning. William McAda, a FEMA spokesman in Washington, said Petrone called FEMA director Julius Becton on Monday \and announc- ed his resignation.\ A huge piece of Challenger wreckage with a 2-foot- square hole burned through its steel casi11g is the most im- portant piece of debris recovered because it may show wtiy a joint failed and caused the shuttle explosion. The two- ton section contains the portion of the joint that ruptured and spewed flame 15 seconds before the Jan. 28 tragedy that killed seven astronauts. The Navy reported Monday that the salvage ship Stena Workhorse had recovered the 10-by-20-foot chunk Sunday in 650-foot-deep water 40 miles offshore. As the House debates military aid for Nicaraguan rebels, top Contra leaders are engaged in a fier~e power struggle that could decide who will run the war agaiast Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government, according to sources close to the movement. The sources, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said the Contra leaders and the White House have tried to keep the internal battle out of public view to avoid jeopardizing congressional approval of President Reagan•s request for $100 million in Contra aid. The State Republican Andrew o•Rourke, the claief executive of Westchester County, announced Wednesda)' that he was a candidate for govemor and wouldn't be a sacrificial lamb to the popular Democratic incumbent Mario Cuomo. O'Rourke is the only Republican to have said he will run and is expected to easily win the GOP nomination at the party's state convention in late May. Beginning his cam- paig~tton a combative note, O'Rourke charged that Cuomo must take some responsibility for the growing New York City corruptin scandal. About 3,400 acres of land on 87 New York farms will be .. taken out of crop production for at least the next decade under ·the federal government's Conservation Reserve Pro- gram, the u.s. '~attment of Agricultllre has reported. Accordi~g to Olen Sh~rron, conser'Yation prognam speci.list for the stiite oifice of the_ :federal . Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation SeJWi:ce, bids for the feder•l'PtOsram in New ¥c:>rk 'ranged fr<lm .$20 per acre to several hundred daltars. The federal ,program :aims to take higbly erodible land out :of ~gricultural pr.()Cluction for at least J.O··yeal!s. Farmers wltose 'bitls were accepted aatee to \i. plant tqe- acreage in question *ith permanent vegatative ,cover and not farm it fot the next decade. · '------------------------------------/ COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP WEEKEND y ()() tlfll q i() • .Hll 1 Oil pm 2 Otl pm April 26 - 27, 1986 WORK DAY Saturday, April 26th ·\If< ortiJnd rt•,tdt•nh and ,rudt>nh Jrt• Jrl\Jtt>d ru p.!rCI< 'I'·'Ct' 111 .1 rnurntng ol < ommuntt~ ht•.wtdt( .Jit()n \.'oluntt•t>r workt·r~ ,Hrl\'t' .11 ...,uggt•tt PtHk tor <.<>IIPP ,Jno clonuh \1\'orkt•r., dl ... pt>r.,t• to \.HIOU. prrlJt'< t .,,h • ., Workt•r., rt'turn to '-luggt•tt P,Hk tor \ pi< m< l >~>dlt <ilion of tht' ( 11y·., nt'\\ tounl.tm .11 Court Hou-.p Pr.trk ttt>nt~ltl\.'1' 1 /11r rJHifl' lrtlurrn,llulfl ,111d ,,gn (Jp • .111/.J< kw 1\.fu• ~lih-ll)()} TALENT SHOW m c ooperatlon wtth The Am(\f1Cc1n Collegiate Talent Showcaw (ACTSJ 7:00pm, Cortland College PER Ice Arena T t( kt>h Jf. C on•y Umon Box Oltt< t', Corti,Jnd Chdmbt>r oi Commerte. Cortland Youth BurPaU $! 00 - Adu/h. $1 00 ( htldwn undE•r 1.! dnd ~t·nror (111/Pn, • PuH h,N• ot Doug Ht>nnmg II< kt>t Pnllllt•'> tKkPt holdt>r to F RH adm1ttanct' to the T dlt>nl ')how - JU~I .,how your ttckPI dt tht> door! ~w mort• •nlormdrmn, < ,1// Kdrt•n Mr< hahkr, 7'i l-2869 DOUG HENNING Sunday, April 27th 6:00 pm, Cortland College PER Ice Arena I a new evening of magic and wonder Ticket~ on \>ale at: Cor£>y Umon Box Office. Lov£> of P£>te (Main Street) $1!. 'iO - ( ;t•nt•r.JI Puhlt<. $Y 'iO- SUNY Cortland 'tudt•nh, chrldren 12 and undt•r. St•nror Cltrzt·n~ for mor(' tnlormarmn. <all 7'i3-l700 BUS NESS SHOWC l 9 8 6 -· ' SPONSORED BY The Cortland County Chamber of Commerce The Cortland County Economic Development Committee ·and the State University College at Cortland OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Saturday, April19, 1986 Hl:O'O a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Patk PER Cenff't !c.P. t\1&-n;,

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