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~.J\~ ; ·-·o-- ·n-- · ·. · ~~:~~;'~- / ;\:; ·;'_:, -,u_-- li~: -~s· :~ · :_. _·, .::, ~.;~ :.·· t':' S .: ;·r: :~:· .· :· ~ · :- • ... : . : _·. . - . ':~ ·\i ·;, -~ :''' ·t· : By·JOAN ZIFF Though the group has not b~gun. preparations for this h~wever, hav¢ not yet been ·to prci'~ide a·pamphlet_ which yet decided who will be event. · r · li . , decided, Klussendorf added.-- has. a par'8.gtaph abd'Ut each selected t:o · speak;· they do Although t.he coa tiOn s · On. campus, .. ,~tudents .can cantlidate and what he/ she A number . of student have a few candidates in primary concern is to acquire register at a number Of ~oca• ha~· done for the c;pmmuriity. organizations from the. State· mind'.' These possibilities in- m·ore registered: students, tions. Monday, Wednesday ThlS ~aY ·voters will know University' College at Cor- elude: P-Pesicfent Clark, Klussendorf said he also and Friday aft¢rnoons tables the.is·~u~s, he said$ ·and will tland hav.e b1.1nned together Richan;l Watts,' a. spokesman believes it is impor:tant to will be set up in Corey Union not make random choices. this. semester to form a voter from the:League of Women -have people in the Cortland and o~ Tuesday and Thurs~ The coaliti~n is hoping registration coalition. .· Voters, 9 r possibly even the community participate. day they will be set up in the that people wtll take advan- The· 'Coaiit1on consists of May(Jr or Cortland, Frances Therefore, the group is - library. A third possible loca- m,g_~ of, the 1 ~? information, the. New York -Publi~ ln- '~Bud\ Quinlan. · . · planning to set up voter tion will be the PER center. . gt.ven to them, Klussendorf terest ~r:oup (~Xf~O), the Nati~mal ·V<?te~ Registra- . registration tables at certain As far as educating the said,,and th!it the c~nvenient ~tlJ.d:~llt ·AssOcla~o~ .. of>_;the· _ ti~n-:~~ek .b~gUJ:s:S~pt.-20~h locations throughoUt the Cortland students, Klussen- locations wtll J?enmt people State of Ne~ ~~r~~~$~SU)r . ....:®;~~~·ca~~t;~ .. e'.:co;:;·~~-it;.')•o•ii.;i~~.a&iiii.:;iii~;;rea;;;·;;ay~. _.;. c;;;;o;;m;;;m;;;;un;;i~ty;.;·...;T;.;·h;;e;.;se;....;ar;;.;ea;;;s~,-•d;;o;lir.i.f.ilsa•i•d•tlt•· a•t•h•e._wiiioiiiuiiildii.iililiike.._· t.o.s.to.-p-...a.nd .. -.re•gt•s•te.r •• ---. t~e ~ __ .o~erat~ .... $~_tu.:den~s- ~- ~ 1 r. \. · - .-.· . • Orgamzat1on· lMSv), the •· .;; 8 - -. ·.. . ~ · , -. - -· L r · -s--· d - ~~i ,~---<L·s·U)· - - 0 -· ·' -· t h a ~n. 1 tl;l ent ~~Qn-' . . . ' . - . . , .. ,e .. ··contiuedfirom p·'aae 2 ·:.:;'Ait''''~;w;:::}li:\.d:i;:''''''''f'''t'::'-\'':; . .- ,. ·. ,,:--:· .. ···._, ·'·. t e. 'B1ack Student ·union · Jl'fl- o· ,.,,,;·:_,,'l(,_.,,,,,,,,_.,,:_,,,,,.-~,\\''\'''·:··-':-':.::.-::.· ,.._: .. _. __ , .. _,_._ :· ·- \\:·. ·--. ·: .. .-.;:;.:~,·.:··. :.: '.~:·_ ·:: ~·-::\<~:. ·,·. ~ ; \ (BS{J), ·· and the Political Science Club. - At a ma:ang last Thursday a progress report was given to members of the student organizations. In this rep'ort, Arthur Klussendorf, the chairperson of the coaltion, said the group has already_, obtaig.ed . 650 newly registered voters. The goal of the coalition is to obtain 1400 bv Ort fi. . The coalition has three primary objective. First, to register voters, second, to educate voters, and finally to-get-out-the-vote. · On Saturday Sept. 20th from 1-3 p.m. a rally will be held on the steps of Corey Union. The organizations are collectively contributing ........._ money to have a band per- Daniloff asked her to tell his colleagues he appreciated their ; support because \this could happen to. any of you.\ S~e said Daniloff fears ''false evidence'' is being prepared agrunst him, and. was especially worried his Soviet friends are being interrogated and ((Oerced into testifying against him. . <B~tDaniloff also said he believes \this whole investigation IS basically a formality,\ his wife said. \He said it clearly relates to the Zakbarov case.'' - Daley, the U.S. consul geneNU, was asked whether Daniloff would agree to bei-ng exchanged for Zakharov. . \He is interested in being released,\ Daley said. \Th£.-QP- ttons aren't really of great concern at the moment.\ r At . his news conference.. .Foreign Minstry sp~kesmtfu Geras1mov accused U.S. officials of using the case to spoil superpower relations but suggested it could be resolved to the satisfaction of both sides. Gerasimov was asked to comment on President Reagan's warning that Daniloff's detention C()uJd become \a major obstacle\ in relations between the two countries. \U.S.-Soviet· relations should not be held hostage to this cas.e of Daniloff/' Gerasimov .said. \If both sides make senous efforts, I think it would be possible to find a mutu_al solution to this question.-\ · Mrs. Danjloff said her husband complained earlier about being fed only thin soup and porridge-like foods and wanted to be allowed out of his 8-by-10 foot cell more·frequently. She said he is now getting better food and is allowed to exercise in a rooftop cage for two hours a day. \Obviously they're bending over backward to appear civilizect; after having done this horrible thing,\ Mrs. Daniloff said. She said she believed her husband was ''sending me a lot of messages, and a loCof messages for the world,\ bud that she would need some time to contemplate what he w~s trying to pass along. There has _been no indication when Daniloff -might be brought to trial. Tass analyst Boris Shabayev wrote in a commentary Tues- day that ''thunder and lightning are rumbling in Washington ... around the American spy Nicholas Daniloff who was caught red-handed in Moscow.\ The government newspaper Izvestia on Monday accused Daniloff of trying to gather intelligence on Soviet forces in Afghanistan, where · Western officials say more than 115,000 Red Army troops · have been deployed ·sinc·e the Soviet Unionts intervention in 1979. ' form for entertainment. One. .. to three speakers will also be ,._ ____ !!!-_...,_.- ___ ~._,... __ ..... ________________________ _. Now that .you're back at school;. get on the Ponderosa meal plan. We're serving big~ delicious meals at prices that fit your budget. . . .. ·ftere·-· ::'·.-_ -- ·rs.--- ·--- ... ~; . , , ·a, ' '. ,, ;,: ,' - ' .- . . :' c tt. e~ hi fl tr lil o: ·~ d vi in at ki c al lo is \ OJ N ill w hi it d VI ·t) r: h a e n 0 ti s e v c c s I t t I

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