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.. ---~---··-- ----- --- ·---~---- TliE PRESS OPINIO.NS ·-------·- ·----·---- Inaccurate facts ---·~·--------------- To the Editor: The necessary foundation for any form of news media, includin·g a college newspaper, is accuracy in reporting, a foundation which last weel\s Press clear- ly ll}ck~d. . . , More than oae article con- tained incompl.ete or inac- curate information, but the most brutal llbuse of jour- nalism was \NYPIRG Tells of Issues Dt~ring RaHy!' Clearly the reJJ()rter did not take his assi~nrnent serious- ly. Either he did not pay at- tention to what was said, or didn't bother to take_ notes, or both. Purely fabricated ''facts\ referring to the $1.4-5 billion environmental bond for .:to:xic waste clean- ups such as \'proposition 1 on the ball()t for nuclear clean-up\ an <I \six to 10 plants have been cleaned in the last five years,\ are inex- cusable. Almost · every paragraph in this articie con- tained misinformation, which is especially disturbing since several NYPIRG representatives could have easily .cle~red up any confu- sion \this \reporter may have had, yet no questions were asked. O.K., so it's the beginning of the semester, some of the old Press crew are gone, and you've ·got lots of energetic inexperience. But accurate and complete information is essential. We can tolerate fewer articles, an imperfect lay-out, or some typing er- rors, but get the facts straight. Mary Buffington Actor misquoted To the Editor: I am writing in response to two things, the \nterview with me by reporter Bob Velez and the letter to the editor by Patricia Francis. As cliche as it rnay sound, 1 was misquote<!. quoted out of context, a11d the facts in 1 hat interview \vc-re simply in- ~.:orrect. 1 do11\\t believe the reporter v;rote with malicious inte!llli:., but I QO feel that his enthusiasm for .. En- quirer type\ £eporting got the better·ofhim. When I was asked about the use of pmfa.nity in the play, I responded by saying I didn't think the profanity was excessive that I thought it was true to life. When ask- ed ~opinion ()n the subject ~ A.I.D.S. a.nd homosex- uals, I respo11ded by saying that I believe that a small society is subconsciously relieved that A.I.D.S. is among us because they har- bor deep feelings of guilt over their homosexuality. There are even homosexuals who d.o not practice safe sex. In the interview, Mr. Velez meshed these two issues and put quotations around them making me sound ignorant and insensitive to the homosexual faction of socie- ty. If that were the case, I would not have accepted the role in \As Is\. As an actor I am aware of my limitations. Also, James Palmer did not direct \Cabaret\ last season. That credit belongs to Thomas Hischak. I believe the Press should set higher standards in regard to reporters and editors. Thanks for this chance to set the record straight. portion of tile homose:~tual Tony Foggia , Letters I() the Editor and opinion artides su!Jmitted for \ publicati~ll must be typewritten, double-spaced and receiv- ed at The hess office in Room 111, Corey Union no later than 3 p.m. on the Monday before Friday's edition. . Response!; m~st be devoid ()f personal atta(ks or they wtll not be IJIIbhshed. Anonymous letters and opinion ar- ticles will n~t be published. Last week~ issue of The Press incorrectly identified homecomin2 queen Sarah Vanl-leusen as Sarah Papach. Animal To the Editor- Outraged students and faculty on c<illege campuses throughout · tile country are becoming C()llcerned over the unbelievable lilistreatment of animals in our society. There are less than 4,500 eagles left in America and less than 1 ,000 pandas in China. Some experts predict all mammals (bears, whales, elephants, big cats) will be gone by the year 2000! The wildlife popllla- tiort of Africa is only ten per- c~nt of what it was 80 years a$0. f Cruelty t() ani~als i~ also r~t)lpant. One ammal ts put t@death every three seconds ·jJ!t .Americall laboratories ir'J. aro-ne, and CJ(} percent of the ex nothing to the advancement of knowledge! Animal welfare organiza- tions· are growing all over the country, and some are being started on college campuses. There's a very active organization on the SUNY Potsdam campus that would like to help gro.ups get going elsewhere in SUNY. If any students or faculty are in- terested in becoming involv- ed in such an effort contact me and receive a free brochure. John F. Marshall Raymond Hall Potsdam College Potsdam, N.Y., 13676 \ ____ The Press/Friday~ September 26, 1986/S~~EN Women.under attack To the Editor: Women are again under attack. Let's leave alone the exploitation involved with advertis- ing, the unpaid labor in the home, the .. 63 cents to every man's dollar\ in the work place, the fear of rape and violence and societal pressure to overdose on Dexatrim and let's look at the issue of women's health care. When was the last time this was on the top of people's minds? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? I doubt it. But if you're a woman the la'st time was most likely when you yourself were in heed of health care. Did you know wJtere to turn for pregnancy testing, birth control, counseling and other necessities? Did you know absolutely where to get unbiased information and affordable prices'? I doubt it, but if so - consider yourself lucky because you're in the minority. Women, the fact is, we're under attack by certain \pro-life\ advoc~cy groups who are subtly attempting to gain control of our bodies, our reproductive rights. These groups are deliberately advertising in ways which im- ply that a whole range of reproductive health services, incl~ding birth control and abortion and unbiased counseling are offered at their agencies. The truth of the matter is that their objective is to attract women and girls who are considering abortion as an option. The \counselors\ try to coerce these women into NOT having an abortion under any cir- cumstallce and that they should practice abstinance and if married the \natural family . planning\ method rather than \artificial Some offer financial assistance but often times this only means setting the woman up with welfare and food stamp benefits so that she can at least have enough aid to keep herself barely alive until the baby is born. j\.nother tactic has been to set up their centers close to a legitamate clinic in .order to confuse women who are going by looking for the legitimate clinic. Who's to say abortion is right or wrong? So what gives an individual or agency the right to tell another individual that they should or should not have an abortion?- There is nothing wrong with these groups voicing their opi- nions freely, in fact, they have this right. But they should be advertising in a clear, up front 'manner as to what they are. An individual does have a right to obtain unbiased and ade- quate information on both sides of the issue in order to make intelligent, individual choices. · This is called Reproductive Freedom, the op- portunity to choose, and this is what is under attack. We, as women, should not be sub- jected to these deceptive tactics which are threatening the right to control our own bodies and make our own choices. So, wh can be done? This calls for an im- mediate e tion of all health care clinics around the s in order to find out exactly what services ea cility offers and in what way they advertise. According to NOW (the Nat~onaL Organization of Women) there are 12 il1egitimate organizations that exist presently in New York State, the nearest one being in .Ithaca . NYPIRG is currently working on this issue and will soon begin the evaluation and survey- ing process of all Clinics in the state. means\ of birth control. They are using deceiving tactics such as showing anti- abortion films which are brutally graphic, medical misinformative and highly coercive, high-pressure anti-abortion rhetoric. For. example, a woman or girl who goes to one of these agencies may be shown a gory slide show consisting of bloody, mutilated fetuses and often times ·a dead woman who has died from a legal and safe abortion. What woman in her· right mind who had not been adequately informed of the other side would · even consider an abortion after that? Ultimately, NYPIRG will publish the results in a survey which will contain com- plete, unbiased information as to services of- fered and prices for each service. This will allow everyone to know exactly what they are getting into before they go to the clinic. Jennifer Parker President of AWARE --------------------------- -- -- -- --~ Prejudice and discrimination To the Editor: I am a junior here at SUNY Cortland and during my course of study have been involved in many organizations and participated in ex- ten~ive committee work. I consider Cortland to be an open campus with ample opportunity for the student's voice to be heard. I appeal to you now to make known your .opinion on what I consider to be a very important issue for us all. There is a movement on campus to recognize the issues of prejudice and discrimination as major problems in our society and further, to initiate specific goals and guidelines to counteract their effects. Most of .us have very little actual understan- ding of the many factors involved in the ex- istence ·of prejudice and discrimination and are generally unaware of how, as Dr. Martin Marger states, \prejudice and discrimination are used as tools applied at varying times and degrees to protect the social, economic, and political advantages of some groups over others.\ Last semester I took a course entitled • 'Pre- judice and Discrimination,\ which was one of the most valuable and applicable learning ex- periences I've had as a student. lncteed, I believe that my entire· awareness of the existence and causes of prejudice and discrimination was substantially increased. Given this experience, I believe that we all need to become aware of the severity of these problems, even if we haven't experienced them ourselves. Many concerned individuals on this campus have been trying to accomplish just that, and -.. therefore have come together through the minority and Women's Studies Council and the General Education Committee to institute required educational courses in this area . I urge you to help these committees achieve their goal and show them and the entire col- lege community your support. Talk to your fellow students, some of whom are on the council, and let them know your opinion. I personally support the revision of the General Education Program to include courses on pre- judice and discrimination. Carole Brown HAVE frJOUR. KIPS 6~0P6 ...

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