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. ,. i '- r ' I I STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, COLLEOE. AT CORTLAND ~ . ' A ' - .- tt ', ·e·-_ m· ---_·· .. p- ··-·t·-··_,e·d: \-:·.·r\~)a·-~·:.·~p. ------e-· ·~ ' ~ . : .. . • ; ' . \ ' ' ~:. ' ~ (t~ '~ ' ' •.. -_\ .. . ' . \ . . -- - . ' By THERESA HOWARD The attempted rape of -a 20-year-old State University College at Cortland woman is under investigation by the Cortland City Police Depart- ment. According to information released by the department, the incident, which took place early Saturday morn- ingt occurred \in the alley way . behind the Veterans of ::, FQt,eigl). Wars' building on Mctin Street. \ · The ·:vt~tim, who asked not _ to. be idl;lntifie~ said she was cp~ti,ng ··through the lighted PiU:king lpt by herself when · \(he) grabbed me from behind around my face.\. \(I) was forced into a dark area beyond the parking lot,'' sh~ said. The woman added that there was a lot of people aroimd the d.owntown area because the bars were just ciosing so she didn't ex- pect anything to happen. She had been \hanging out with friends'' earlier in the evening and when her friends ~ecided to stop by a bat:. sJl. ~p~eQ, to go. b9me. -~ --4. _ . 1p~to th~Jnforma7' ~ -a~~-f··_if'_s~~'fh_., 'Y:WB 1 i~·: _: ···~ene th'i ~icti.b 1 s~fci the su'spect ran fro.P the area before the rape cpuld take place. - The victim, however, said stae had convinced the suspect to return to her b()USe. There were Htwo . things going .on in (my) mind,\ she said, to \get him arrested or (to) get away.\ The· victim ·said it was almost like ''I was outside of myself . ., I wasn't thinking~, she said, \I don't know how I dealt with it I just started talking.\ \Physically there was nothing 1 could do\ so ''I had to convince him he could trust me and that I wasn't go- ing to run away.\ As the victim went runnin~ toward her. house she ap- proached two wom~en and' a man. . One woman, ·she said,,., walked me to my house~' and then she called the police. Knowing ·her roommate and roommate'~· b~yfriend were home, she satd she t~ought ·she 7 d be abte·to get htm to the house t() have him ~rrested. · . ''i had to convince him he . could trust. m.e abd , that I wasn't gojng to run away.tt Attempted rape victiJll According to th~ informa- tion released by police, -the · suspect ·~rorced the. victim into the bushes and attemp- ted to rape her.'' She ~~ to cooperate, she said, to some d · d f: h Sgt. Kenneth Buggs, who egree m or er or er to get is heading the investig' atio· n him to walk toward her hpuse. · · on the case, said he doesn't feel this case is related to the Standing 5' 2\ she said he incidences that have been oc- \carried me part of the curring since last spring. time.\ They walked hand in .Last week Buggs reported hand, she said, through the that a number -of females pa.-king lot behind' Marine have been the victip:l of a Midland Bank until she saw 'peeping tom' who has three college men to whom ent~. ed iuto the houses of s.he \ran and screamed ~~ .. ~PJ!l~Jl·.--~- ~--, .. · ,. help/' ··c ~:nrey.,:;c.\tdli~t~~nelp. , ;_;'<;;:- · . rs~<:''ftOnv·satur- me; '' she said, \they tta'Y~$-1ncJ4~ilt isd¢scribed by wouldn't help me.\ As she police· as a white niale, .5' was yelling to these men, she 10'', slender~dark hair with a said, the suspect fled. beard and mustache.· ·· October 3, 1985 . ,, ,..._ ~ Vandalism a major campus problem By MATIHI!:W DiTOMMASSO Although the w~ather was 1101 much of a problem at State University College a.t Cortland this past weekend, it was iaining:loun~e chairs in a certain area of the campus. . According to Wendy Walsh,. associate director of_ Residence Life, six lounge chairs were thrown from the sixth 'floor·of Clark Hall the evening of Sept. 26. This is but one of the man)' vandalous acts that occur regularly at SUCC. Peter Lalla, assistant director of Public Safety said, based on past statistics and current information, there will be ap- proximately 150 acts ofvandaUsm reported between the beginning of the school year and the end of September. Most vandalism ltas taken or will take place in the residence hall areas, I,.alla added. Othet types of vandalism tllat happen frequently on campus are window dama~e, knocking out light poles, damage and destruction of exit signs, damage of elevators and the brealdnJl of locks. Lalla said. Vandalism occurs mostly ot1tdoors in the spring and fall, and mostly indoors in the winter months, he said. - Walsh said she feels the destruction of exit signs and locks are probably the worst types of vandalism that ean ·occur in a residence-llair because it jeopar-. diz¢s the .safety Of the stud~nts. · The exit signs are there by law and are necessary to:ensure a safe exit from a bllilding in an emergen- ¢y situation, she said. Locks are also there for stu- dent protection. · . . Vandalism is usually committed by students who are under the influence-of alcohol •. Walshsaid .. .She said she tbinl<s that SUCC. has beeil v:ery lib~J\a_L with its alcohol policy and _if vandalism-starts tO tet_ OUt of hand, adr(dnistra.tion m~y turn SUCC into a 'dry; c~mpus~ · - .. : · · · According to Carol .DiGr<1goda1,.assistant dit~c­ tol' of ~tudent affairs aQd:judi~ja:l,J~td!Qij·,.· ····,the severi.ty·~f punishment f9r a ... ~a~d'a.l depep~s . :be .van4al'-s prior history, his ~ttiiude, and if the ct1nte _can _be proven as preme~jtated. . .\ .,. ··-. . \(· . ---- --.:... . .... . I., The most eii_r,e~e punishiJ!¢nt ·a vandal can .. nuschief,' a clasS A misdemeanor in the penal law receive is a suspepsio.n Qr. a dj§_Jjli'ssal, ihe said. If · . code. is Qtle. year in :prison and/ or as a thousand the .offense. is ri.ot as ·sefi9us, D~_dregoria said, the · dollar fine,._ said Lalla. The perpitrator·wm also be -offender ~ay . .be. b~n~a :ft-:>~ ga~pits, restrict~d. ref~rre.d:t.o th:e Jll,didal -Review ~oard: f~om usmg the hw.lding_ll,e ~d.I,J.hzed tunless he has ·Au vandals W.hO'.ate .found gmlty will, of course, ~lass th~r~)~ ·~ . . . :. is,·.§.\i.l>j~cte)l. to edt~cational or pay for' tne damage that is done, Lalla said .. ''For aU ,:-*'Q~mqnj~ys·:~,, .,,-~-~ ,_,f-:: ·· -~-' ,, .: . : . • the._:v-aiid'c\ts~WBQ ~re not caugkt the cost of the The maxint'QtJt ~ente]lee for a suspect proven guil- damag~- will most proba\ly be reflected -by htgher tv of vand~ism~. which is classified as crlmi~al rates,~· said Lalla. ... -.... ... l .·~\-~~-: .. ,-, ~~· -. .• . Jl ·j I

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