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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, October 10, 1986, Image 11

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- , -: . . \ • I •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . - . . . • • • Water dripping from the branehes e • Of the trees • · I Wind whistling through the air • · __ ··. Causing the tali· grass of the fields • I To SWl\Y. • 0 • A summer shower· : ~ Cleansing tbe ugly soils of men e • Off the gifts of gods. e ..... Tim Morris e •• •• • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE OUIGMANS by Buddy Hickerson ' ' ~---- f Bob becomes another hapless victim .of Ninja Land.loJ:dt Solution to last week's crossword puzzle The Press/Friday, October 10, 1986/ELEVEN collegiate crossword ©Edwar~ Julius Collegiate CW83-24 ACROSS 50 Painter Salvador 13 Nighttime party 14 Preclude I Turkic tribesman 6 - states 51 Chemical suffix 16 Athletic contests 52 Ejectors 19 ---- through the 11 On one's back 54 ---- school nose 12 South American 55 Riot substance 22 Former Italian plains (2 wds.) colony 14 Of the intestine 15 Son of David 57 Inheritance seizers 24 Punctured 5~---- a cold, •. o 25 Muslim bible 17 Understand 60 Hard-shelled fruits 2S Harm the reputation 1S Passes, as time 20 Prevaricate 61 Contemptuous look of 62 \Dallas\ character, 30 ---- mother 21 Prefix for vision 23 Raise one's spirits 24 Mere's mate Miss ---- 32 Pertinent 35 Acclaim DOWN 36 SoLJnds 37 Intentions to 25 Arkansas moLJnta ins 1 Pertaining to a 27 Alkaline solLJtion gLJardian 28 Danube tributary 2 Orangutan 29 Dots 3 Exhaust 31 Egyptian ruler 4 Like an old woman 33 Italian number 5 Remembers 3<\ Part of MPH 6 Mustard - 35 Participant 7 Author of \The 39 Chilean desert American Dream\ 43 Comedian Myron ---- 8 Bridge term 4~ Mythical bird 9 Santa ---- 46 Remaining fragme~t 10 LoLJngers 47 Italian coin 11 Emulate one of the 48 Kama - 5even Dwarfs · injure 38 Binding machine 39 Land area 40 Pie ---- 41 Certain runners 42 Sour sLJbstances 45 Mel of baseball 48 Urbane 49 Tree, in Toledo 52 Frightful giant 53 First king of Israel 56 Vied for office 58 Prefix for pod • • Music Review ··········1 I BUFFALO STYLE WINGS I I a 1 Everyda_y i i : f'OOTIJALL WilliG AfliD PIZZA SPECIALS ~ ji C~oice of 10 uuce$ · I - -_ 5 ..0 wtna~ 20 wings ====-- Large Piua (1 item) Small Pizza (1 •tem) I 12.9s • a 9~· a ·•. I I ~ I ;; 1~ p·r,z··-.z·· -A , o~-:n ... '\)o I -=== liiiiiiii ;; -·- ... ----~~--·~ -=i i ; . PLAIN: <;MALL - S4 29 LARG6 - 6 1 q ~ ·= = = = = = I•IIIWIIIITbW'\·•\\\\'•J!I•IIIPIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! 1 Weekly Wing Special 1 s 5 ! 30 w1a 18 1 = = i 16.29' § I . I 'I; .. B .. BQ M § ~- i 5 · RIB'S /CHIX S3.00 \a half\ 5 i. Dinners $4.00 1ncl. Salad & Frtes i , ·.1·. Available year·' round • § • Df'hverv from11 30 'til doslna - 1'5 mm ar<.>el . !!.:. Nomanat deli11erv chug(' ouhtde dell~!) area 5 ···=--;· . 2S' c:heck charae - F'JIC~~ 1Ub1ect 10 clt.ange 5 d 1~ i CBICIII·GL.IDI.Y ACCIP'I'BD '************************• ; I = wliiiiDHUIIiltiliiililiiiiHIIIIIIIllliiiiUIIIIIlllllllllilillUiiillllllllillllllllillfllllllliiiiUIIi'iUI Ry MARK COLEMAN Rolling Stone Magazine ~ \I like Bull winkle,\ but I don't resemble him in any wa)l.., shape or form,' ' Dweezil Zappa insists. Last month, a Rolling Stone letter writer compared seeing the Dweez play V J on MTV to watching that cartoon moose read the evening news. Zappa isn't really Mr. Know-It-All jut an opi- nionated 17 -year-oldo After the clip for ''Video Violence,\ for instance, he challenged Lou Reed to atone for ''the worst guitar sole> in the history of music.'' \Havin' a Bad Day,\ young Zappa's first album, is filled with sarcastic humor and stinging guitar licks that recall Eddie Vim Halen more than Frank Zappao But like his pop, Dweezil doesn't take the music business very seriously< \MTV is like the ultimate commercial,\ he said. \I just .say\ - he breaks into zombie drone - \'Go buy my record 00 .'\ SCREEN PLAY Is \Playing for Keeps\ just another \feel good\ movie with a pop sound- track? Probably, but you'll be hearing plenty of the album. The· film stars· a bunch of young unknowns, but Phil Collins, Julian Len- non, Pete Townsend and Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon and Nick Rl)odes, a.ll donated songs. There's even a behind-the- scen~s · de~umehtaty on the making of the fH.m and the LP, called \Playing for Keeps: The Team Behind a Dream;'' it prerniered last month on MTV _ But why these stars and this movie? ''The film is basically about enterprise,\ said Le Bon. ''This is precisely what we did, this is liVhy Duran Duran existso\ Le Bon and Rhodes declined to comment · on Duran Duran's continued existence, but they have spent the last moath working in .various London Studios (indiJding Abbey Road) with bassist John Taylor and Nile Re>dgers, who's producing and playing guitar. CAMEOS IS In England, whtere a sense of style and a killeT hook 'go a long way, Cameo has a string of pe>p hits: ''She's Strange,\ \Single Life\ and now \Word Up.o\ In America, Cameo has been perennials on the so-called black charts for 10 years now. \Word Up~' just may push this versatile Atlanta- based outfit into pop ter- ri tory at home. ''We went from R & B to disco to ballads to rock & roll,\ said lead singer and ripgleader Larry Blackmon. · \Our style is eclectic to begin with, but it's always identifiable bec.ause we hit hard/' he said. \We've always called what happens with us Cameosis - 'May the wind be' at your back and Cameosis in your·lleart.' We plan to tear down a lot of barriers, man, break up a lot of old thinking patterns. We're going to say it everywhere we can.'' FRANKIE GOES HEAVY Oh, right, Frankie Goes to Hollywood<· Who could forget Frank iemania ?· \Relax\ and \Two Tribes\ delivered a one-two punch, and around the world a hype- fueled hysteria followed. Lead singer Holly Johnson remembers. \We arrived in Japan, and we were an advertisement for Asahi beer,\ he said of the group's 1985 world touL \I just thought, 'How fabulous!' You work to create a certain reputation, and at the same time, you're a beer commer- cial.\ Some would say Frankie was more an advertisement than a band in the first placeo Johnson said that on ·Frankie's second LP, \Liverpool the group has · ''used the excessiveness of heavy metal in a different way,\ adding that Frankie didn't want to \churn out this automatic discoo\ The first English hit from the album is \Rage Hard,\ which Holly said was in- spired by a Dylan Thomas poemo \It's about rebelling against lithargy,\ he drawls. \It's not a Pepsi commer- cial, put it that way.\ Frankie hasn't given up on marketing, mind you 0 \There are T -shirts that ac- company 'Rage Hard,' for example,\ Johnson said. \But you just have to wait and see.\.· -

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