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The Press/Friday, October 1t; · 1986/PJ v.E • Help for small claim~ By VIRINIA MARTIN Tlte Small Claims Court Action Center of- ficially opened Tuesday to help community members and students prepare cases and col- lect awarded money, said Dylan Jones, stu- dent director of the center. The center was also designed t0 provide citizens with information about their rights to resolve disputes in court, Jones said. It will also teach community members and students about the small claims procedures, a misanderstood, hence under-utilized method for resolving conflicts, he said. One problem is people don't understand the small claims court system, get frustrated, and never finish going through the process, said Jones. 'People just don't realize how • IJI • • inexpensive ond effective the smoB clllims court can be' .Jones ''Small claims court is a place where people can go to recover money from some:one who has wronged them,'' said Eric A. Goldstein in his pamphlet ·~How to get Your Day (Or Nigltt) In SmaU Claims Court.\ Small claims, he said, helps citizens settle disputes quickly and inexpensively. E)Camples of'· common claims, Jones said, ·deal with purchasing of faulty consumer pro- ducts, failure· to be returned secrurity deposits, and unfair prices for services rendered. Jones.\ said a claim up to $1 ,500 may be brought to the small claims court. To file a claim you have to go to the clerk's office of the county where you wish to sue, Jones said. lf the person you want to sue lives or has their place of business in another coun- ty,tltat is where you must file, he said. When you file you must pay a filing fee of $4.89, he added. \People just don't realize how inexpensive and effective the small claims court can be, said Jones. \With a little time and $4.89, a· person can' have their case heard without in- curring the expense of a lawyer,\ he added. The price of suing is much more simple than most people think, especially when the center helps out, said Jones. The center will help you gather all the documents, such as receipts, you might need to have an effective case, Jones said. It will also help figure out which documents are vital to the case, he said. If necessary, a student will be referred to the CCSA attorney for further advice, Jones said. If you win the case in court, the first thing you must do is write a letter to the defendant stating you won the case and would like to col- lect the money awarded you, Jones said. The center also provides assistance in this area, he added. If no response is received from the defendant you should write once again, he said. If you still don't get a response there are other actions you could take, Jones said, such as .placing a lien on the clefendant's property or collecting· directly from a banking account. These actions must be made with the assistance of a sheriff, he said. The Small Claims Court Action Center will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 7 p.m. People seeking information can call (607) 753-5785 or visit the Center located in the NYPRIG office in the Corey Union. NYPRIG is involved -in other aspects of small claims court as well, according to Jones. NYPRIG is trying to persuade state legislators to make a couple of changes in the system, said Jones, by urging the legislature to raise the amount a person can sue from $1 ,500 to $2,000, he said. NYPRIG also wants tenants to be able to sue ·landlords where the tenant lives, Jones said. Presently, you must sue a landlord where he lives or has an office, he said. . - ~ --- - - - - -- - -------------~- SENIOR CLASS MEETING . ' .ct:t. ~.~ ·~- .. ALL SRS· PLEASE ATTEND H!! lues . 7 n·m··_., > .•, . • ~:~~~:.:; ;·,n~···:>,·.~~ ~~-· Fireplace Lounge W~ll be planning actiyities using your funding! . . . .·E .. · PLEAS'.•·· CaM ., , . • ·. .1:,; ~ . .•. . ,_ .. '· .. ~·'i '· ' .. _.,. ·' ' ,_ . ' : ., ~;·J :_: -. . ' : ,, ;; ,~· ... ' ........ ~·, .. J& ' ·Oct. 22. 1986 7:Q.O in Exhibition Lounge at Corey Union Officers will be elected and there will be a discussion on. Spring Activities.

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