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CLASSIFIEDS WANTED Kanne Fernandez to be by my side again.;cathy A sex9 blond A1hletlc Trainer to take me hot tubbing in Oneonta. How about Sun- day?? The ladles of tlle club: When are we go- ing to get together you Progressive woman of the '80s. You look marvelous. M.L.K.\ ., For ~Iff & Nina to finally get back togelfi~r on AMC. O.J .. tQ be free of her boyfriend - Give othe&g_uys a chance. An amazing weekend in the Poconos - with my baby - I am walling for you to fulfilbmy every desire - Dawn Sexy,Jlhaca Junior man - living on 1st floor Holmes Hall - answer to name of Gregles- Love S.B.G. For Spain to be closer to C-State so I can see my best friend. House mate· needed for spring. New apartment, great location on Clayton Ave. Call Phil 7!>6-4367. LOST/FOUND A blue wallet with a tan stripe. Very rm- portanl, Call Gail - 3-4867. Found - a girl who will date a guy under 5' 1 0''. Waiting for reply. $REWARD$ - Gold bracelet lost @ Woodman's very sentimental - Please call 753-5744 ask for Melissa. Lost: One softball glove. Lost at PER Center. If found. please call 3-6137 or. return to equipment cage. REWARD! Lost 10131 rn Dark Horse or alter hours at 65 Groton One gold earr- ing. Call 3·1496. Set of keys on black rope wlwhrslle - Lost in PER - Please call 3-6705. --=r::---- FOR SALE Papers typ~ $1 a page. Call Jrll 756-6114. Papers typed :t 1 per page Fast and ac- curate 3-6137. ask for Molly For Sale Blacll and whrte tete. Good Condrtion. undamaged and great pic- lure Askrng $65 Contact Jrm at 2662 1f Interested. GUITAR: Ibanez acoust1c steel slnng w/hardshell case Worth over $300 ask· 1ng $175. 753-4234 1982 Plymouth TC3- low m11eage. new muffler. new battefy. stereo. sunroof 844-9566 evenrngs -\'------- PERSONALS 3rd floor fltz chicks: You looked super on Halloween! I'd go to Oz anyt1me w/you 1 Drane Jan and Peter Brady lived an 1ncestua1 relationship. Only Alice knew .. Sam the Butcher. Dr M - The pies are greatt 52 Lincoln ... A real party soon rs a must.. IRIARTE Lisa. 1 h ave no idea what to say thrs week. Except. Bill lives. Forever and I guess we'llthrow InS. Freud, Snoopy, Bill will chew you up and sprt you out then run you over with a double necker bus. Ack. Pffllt, Barf! Hi Alison! . . . . . f-1rcheUe (Ken) 1 want to pop you. J want ~o dg ~ott M. like a book report. ·Mari,~Yoii nevereotne over and play at my hOUse! [)!iM .. Mady, Joan, Mlsh, Cl)uck & Hei?i Thanks for iljsltrhg me in the hosprtal & .for the flow_rus. Love, Oebbie ~To my f~YbfitQs~ Jildlan-giver. Thanks tor always t>.elng.t~e!~! 1. q:.ve you tons!! I Ya ThiQk???.tov~Mana To ltl(fo,l~~gang ~~ 29 Clayton 1 miss . YO'! !WY~ 'i:i':: ~fl~ll! To the gUys Wh() ate all our Lasagne ·Let's do,il·agaln real soon! You guys are · great!! Lisa. Ctlris, Caryn & Maria Jeff & Ghris, It's better to go out v.:ith a Ugly girl than a pretty one because. rf the .ugly one runs away, WHO CARES'! 1 • Pledge Alvin :Kevin Maxwell- Ya got any caaaans' 'J'he girl who works in the cage with Curly ,;}\air: You're a doll and I'd like to meet ·you! _;Kirk :.._ I had thought you were different .. ; tram the .typical c:{llate male BUT OB- ·VIOUSL,Y 'J.was sorry. .Rick and Steve·- who luvs ya? Your PR. '·of cou rseT ' 1 Yfher.e is li(e worth living? . ';.'Hey Ying Yongs, next time lets not.wart -~J!Mtt\'1, sto~~.,JQ~\45.' minutes to buy bees. ·r.o!.t~.~~.g9Jng to,P~Y! ·. 91l'ris ~ llfr!. g'iad everything is settled ;~!do. love •• Steph. Kate, I really don't hate you! Love ya Bud Jean To the girls at 15% Owego: I'm still waiting for my dinner. Kim To the girls at 26 Orchard: Get psyched for Saturday night Love Kim & Jodi Carrie, If I have to I will fill your room with flowers. I care about you so much. Kirk Jessie, Laid any eggs lately? P.S. Happy Birthday! Love ya, Lee Dine, I love & miss ya! always, Lee To someone special -What's the mat- ter- can't you walk? Yours truly NORMAN BATES is alive and well and living in th!'l suburbs wl the psychedelic Furs ... Brian - Get well soon, Neut \I'm not easy to live with, 1 know it's true; You're no picnic either baby - That's one of the things I love about you\ Ran- Ya know, some people just got ba lis up the ass' Something's h~P\5ening h~e' Transi- tion, e-state Literary magazrne is having an open reading downtown at Ap- plegates. 8:00 p.m., Mon. Nov. 10. All are welcome 1 C-State Volleyball Let's KA This Weekend! Rice Piggy, Banana and Spam. Congrats this past weekend at SUNY AC's - Rice ·Patty C.Stale Volleyball - We took first place <~t SUNY AC's ... Imagine that, ... It was a Happy Day' Dear Green Eyes. You make me very happy, Love, Brown eyes. Ken- Your such a Jerk- I hat you (on- ly kidding) the weird one. 26 West Court - You bab1es & W1ld women when are we gorng to have that party? Usa Christine - thank you for being my very best frrend. Just keep thrnking alter school special. Jeff Kern- Yes I wrote th1s one -tust wanted to say thanks lor a great Hallo- ween' Lisa To the lasagne heads. 26 W Court loves , y'all Hugs & K1sses B1g Boys .. Lisa Passa-Passa & Amy Squared, I love ya- Lisa Sheila - the coliseum IS calhng you to go danc1ng w1th me- Liz S G - I m1ss you. come home soon LB You guys you don't understand I have to have thrs paper done by tomorrow S G - 1 mrss our sexed. classes at 3.00 a.m- LB Sherla- how about tuna on a bagel with lettuce & tomaloe - LB. Ladles at 13 !12 Owego. Had a great time Halloween You all look marvelous. Lisa Sophra She1la G - Cortland State rs not the same w1thoul you - I miss you Liz Jess1ca - Ever srnce you got your harr cut - your nothing but a stuck up female dog''' - Your fans Funny Face - Happy 6 mpnths You make me the happiest person - Through good & bad - I love you A & F \' Jrm O'D 40311'44- St111 wa1trng to meet you' M-231 To NEX SISter Debb1e. You are sooo beautiful' Too bad you don't know I ex- Ist' A ZBT Brother To my ZBT Brothers \lis Bob' B-0-B. Bob' Remember thai! Pamps To my ZBT Brothers. ·'We have thrs little game called 60 minutes .. Love Pamps To Grnnie - You look so depressed' Cheer Up' Bob -Sports Editor To Karen- I w1sh I was 6 years older' Bob To al.,..l m-y-:P:-r-es-s-:Co;;-;1:-:1 e-=-a-=g-=ue~s:-:cl':::m=-=so:::r:::ry-:f~o r being sooo obnox1ous - Sports Editor To Bing - If you say one more word about ZBT I'lL Bob To all httle srsters of ZBT. It's Bob' Not Pampers! Bob' B-0-8 1 Can·l you spell? Love PamperE You have to be trusted by the people that you lie too so that when they turn the1r backs on you, you get the chance to put the knife 1n - Roger Waters To Ike. Good luck as our newest fraterni· ty' Brother of ZBT To all Frats Why can't we all be brothers? Let's forget all our differencell and start over' Love. Brother of a frater- nity Scott, you know I want you A lnend ,loe, Lets get drunk ... a lot this weekend 1 want beer. big beer' Patsy, 11 you come 11ear our room again, we'll kill you. 106 Ann (Winchell woman) I'll try not lobe so 1mmature anymore Happy Halloween Shea Pit Girls Kimothy Ellen & Christy. Party!! Love O·IIP Cathy, Try to make it to your roor:n without the help from the cops thiS weekend O.K.? 39 Tompkins. One m'ore party _like that last one, and you'll have to srgn for a liscence. Sarge when is the next beer blast? We wnat io party. Love, Care Bear & Kermit Diane. He~e's your fantasy phonEi'call!.! Love ya, Bot> How many of you out there are really \stresSing out\! Sl!re. I'll take another test teacher _: no !Jroblern! ' , Hey Frankie (stein). I'd ll'iv; to ,t~ang_J?ut with you .sometime! You re really not THAT scary! To my \musclehead.\ Kick-ass on Nov. 22nd. I love you - Chrissy Chuck, Mick & Joey- You guys are the greatest! Let's not forget our Wednes- day at Corleone's, Love P.J. Can you meet the challenge? We are looking for those who can. If so, join the Cortland State Emergency Squad. Alt. Steve Jewsen (who wrote the article last week on the Mets): Mark Bomback came up in 'B2, and John Pacella's cap use ttl fall off Yeah, you're a die ard ~ra! SJ: I'd Ike to settle that bet, but do YOU think you're ready? JL Mish & Chuck, Hang in there it's-almost over. You guys deserve .the best and the bestis yet to come. Love ya's Joan Deb, I'm glad you made it back to finish out another fun filled semester. I knew you could do it Love ya.Joan M. Collins - quit leaving bologna and bread on peoples' door steps. Change the color of your finger nail polish. Kathaleen Sheehan, Happy Bilhday We love ya Bud. Love 17 Tompkins To the girl~ the Dark Horse on 1111 with the black nat on: You are a<lorable!! And you have beautiful eyes, toC>! I 'II be wat- ching. 45 Owego- Excellent party when's the next one? J.T.- just remember \this is my world, you without me is like cornflakes without the milk!\ Love ya, \pumpkin head\ Chrissy Dennis- How 'bout thos~ Mets?! How ya doin?! Love -\Sally\ and \lucy\ \Lynda-Lou\, \Close the Door!\ ... \Crack\ ... \J.T. Take the Picture!\ and More memories for the future. \Lucy\ Joe and Pal- go down there, do something, give me ... ! Tom- thanks lor a really good talk- it helped A LOT ME! Michele- I really hope this birthday is 1 00 percent better than last year's! Je t'aime! Ann. Jen, Goodluck on Sunday. Score for us because we haven't this week. A and A and M. Bing- you seem to be growing up and maturing into a fine young man. Do your math homework!! Miss Miller Andy- thanks for the motorcycle ride! I enjoyed it! your neighbor. Ann- Cheer up. We love you even if you don't want to live with us. M. Amy- Keep up the studying ... I know you'll get a Nobel Prize one day soon! F.F. Aim- E D B B C ... So!rY it didn't work. Shell. Kathy- Get psyched for Indiana State' Michele and Ann Mike and John- Good luck Saturday. Kick Ass for my birthday. Michele Barb- thanks for understanding mel I Love You! XO Ann Glenn, How did you like the ride? I er)- joyeg it. E>JiL Knievel Barb and Dave- you guys are so happy it m<!kes me sick I Guess Who? Melba Toast- I hope things get brighter for you' Much love. Bananie. p s. I care''' JMK- Ireland, here we come' See you 1n December! Love. the Duck Drew- I'm sooo sorry I put you on the spot! You're one of my dearest fnends here. Let's go dancing sometime What's the \SNAKE\? Love, Me Steve - you're a good friend. I'm always around to listen - Cheer up' Love - the g1rl w1lh the flair. Keep the torch lit lynette Vanslyke Happy 22nd Birthday Ashley! Mana - there is going to be a conflict thrs weekend- Buffalo Sabre's or N.Y Islanders?· You better llnow who to cheer lor -you'll be on my turf! Love Caryn Super B1ll -So what's wwng you've been flying low lately -by the way, my basement flooded!' Oops! your home QIJI Mana - I really lucked QUI having you for a roommate! Thanks f9r the limes, . talks and fun - No doubtihat there will be more. Sorry about the tape and ripp- mg the skin off your legs - Still love me?! Caryn Mike (Mac)- hang in there Hockey will pick up - you're an awesom.e goalie. Wish I could see you mure. We II see wl:lat happens. Love, me · To the townies who live behind the Brassiere factory: You GOOD People from Buckwheat Marty K -I think I love you says it ALU Jill P. NYPIRG and Cullen (Pirgie Simpo Ex- traordinaire) your da_ys are numbered! Denise - Heres to Coca Cola in the mail. Gatta love that Jen Rat. A-mal Psycho-Bimbos - Why can't witches have babies?' Because their husbands have hallo-weenies! - Bimbo 3 McGack (Kappa) This is getting out of hand face the fact & chill out! The,Press/Friday, November 7, 1986/SEVEN'FEEN More specific description of the guy under 5' 10\ Flash A.K.A Qscar - If you weren't such a disgusting, fat slo~ of a room- mate, then I wouldn't love you so much- -Felix Towers Stall: Well, who got ·:it\ this weekend?? Vision - No not lately -but when I do, it's only by the best! Ba-ha-ha-ha Say snuggles lha Eileen Dooley, Rule no. 7,859.44 If a bush says \Hi\ never reach out and grab it unless you have piastre bags on your feet. Jim M.- FAt girls alway say thank you. from t~e guys at 11 V2 52 Linc()ln: What about those Mets. 45 Owego Stet; He touched by left breast & now he can't say hello! We love you, Lessen & Stef • Marie, Thanks for 10 great weeks, and the rest to come. You're the greatest- love Chris Felice, Just wanted to say Hi! You're missed on campus! Love ya, P. To glamour girl Jane - Under strictly hypnotical circumstances. would you let a Syracuse Man wipe bugs off you r::ar window? Mi<;:hael: Here's to our weekends and California? I love you. D.B. To my italian teddy bear: Thanks for be- ing you. I love you. -You know who 24 Clayton - downstairs - Great Halloween party! Possible party tomor- row (Sat.)? 24 Clayton - upstairs! Don't forget senior sittings Nov. 10-21 sign up Corey Union. · Bishop Gang - Hey guys, Ole· ! Let· s do dinner .,.. together eh.? Marion -we have to go you so funny! I love ya, Diane Paulie Watch out! One of these days we'll get even. Daisy' Moo and Artie PMS, your a cutie! Love, Blue eyes! To that cute little hockey player named Rick? I got my eye on you. To the wild chicks in 7D3 & 704 Tower B. Try not to be such party animals every night, but we really want to be JUSt l1ke you' Chuns - thank you once again for mak- ing-my b-day the best ever! Love ya, Di Marlene: I hope you see 1his in China! I miss yo and can't wait till you're home to party! Love ya, Dawnie May Towers Staff - Vermont or BU.ST1! 52 Uncoln- we missed you at our party Sat. night - next time! 45 Owego K.B. - I'm not a bitch, if you are lucky I'll prove it. I love you! L.B. Diane J. (1 025A) your secret admirer is still waiting! Seet Admirer Wanted a new word for\ hot\? Try Man- tra! Eileen, thank you for yol!r <;:ooperation. I apprec1ate your help In \'Jprng my paper. Shannon. ' C-State Volleyballers: Lets go win SUNYACs, KFA, EMC, Now lets eat Banana Trish and Staph, They say I'm the coolest. but you guys are the greatest!' G.J. - what would I do without you? You are amazing' Love Dawn Alphonso, I will be a NAZI for Halloween Andy, Happy Halloween 181dy 1 I wish I could see a smile on your face more often! Love ya. Ralph Andy Actman, Just for the record... I thrnk. U R Hot II U kartN who - If you think hard. Greg - You are the best boyfriend in the whole world! I love you. Dawn Lau, Thanks for always being there for me when I neededyC>u. Love me. ' Dear Michelle, I'm sorry that I (you) have been annoying lately. I love you- a lot! Love always Michael Cr~ig Bimbos love CINNAMON!!! · -~Catch all the action every week on ·Dance Party U.S.A at 6:00- See you there. Love without commitment is illogical!! Guess who?! lisa Kilgore - Have you seen Billy Joel shooting pool lately? e-State Womens X-Country, Good luck ~~ ECAC's! Kathleen Girls wake up the guys are starring! r 1 There is about 8 weeks left (good luck · guy.s) Nancy, Kim, Denise - Have a Happy Halloween and go nuts. a housemate C.D. (at 11 Hill St.) You've got to be kid- ding. Get a real life's goal! Your Idol, Barbara Walters To the pretties at Tower B. 8th floor - interesting parties you have? ... They're great! I Wahl do ya need? Crack! To Pap.Stq.r and Mrs. Pap Star - Great costumes. you two looked the best. All those interested: Writing contest! $25 dollar prize! Check TRANSITION of- fice, English Dept. for details! Ange, Next lime you go to a wlllding, wear yo1~( \own\ color dress! Love va. Tony D ·from Beta - Loved your costume on Halloween. Especially the hat! I should've kept it Stand up for your 1st Amendment Righlf>. Stop the political finding of 'ff'IRG. CSAFPC . 29 Pleasant: Been \B-O\ed lately? Remember, she's not going to close, it on us so we can go back ta being ourselves! · Mare, Next time Willy Wonka nest 2 people to fill in for hirn,l'll tell him we're available. Love ya! JoAnn Dl and DO: Nice eyelashes! Can I bor- row them sometime? Happy Hrrthday Stephanie- Oh Yeah!! XO Ann and Aimless. (lipstick women) Sean - Hope you had a terrific birth- day, and dinner - Guess who? Thanks for the best break in Boston! It was great! Cheers! Ann Jen - we miss you, have you moved without telling us? Your fans at 70 Tom- pkins. Meg - have a wonderful weekend in Buffalo - maybe we'H miss you! Jen-ni-fer- when is soccer over? Y.F. at 70 Scarsdale - Do you want to go on a roadtrip? We can listen to Steely Dan? Love M&M Scott Mitchell, I love you!! Guess IVhO To the Winchell women - Someone loves ya? I think. Press person C.A.Z- Nice bedspread! Thanx for the E.L. Fudgies! (milk too next time!) Love, Mary & Suebo Suebo Trishia - I can't believe you controlled yourself! ! Love ya, Sue Hayes Lower Annex- Fun party I Let's do it more often! Love, 29 Pleasant duo Eileen - somebody finally \got\ you joke! Ha ha! Love, Owen P. Young 29 Pleasant Landlord - Please don't lock our rant rant room!! 29 Pleasant - Get ready for another rockin' weekend. H.B. - D.O. have a good one! Love, M.A. Suelten-Dina.JoAnn - I'd rather have burnt toast than no toast at all. Love, Mare Gareth- (punky) 'Good luck tomorrow· I'm thinking. about you again! love. Amazing Larry JoAnn- sorry my potatoes boiled over. I promise not to splatter anymore' Love ya, 10 Donna- Happy Birthday! Happy Hallo- ween too! Love ya, Suebo 29 Pleasant: Happy Halloween! Be , careful! Josie -7th floor Tower B- You com- Rieted you dare - good job! Suellen - I 'II give you $10 lor those orange socks. Dr. Smelly Finger Mary - I always g~t the thruway & hotels mixed up!! Love, 13 exil Joe Cos - Who was the boys doctor when all the kids got the measles? Mare Jimo'D 406 Winchell 10121 noon - I cart't stop thinking about your face - golta meet you! M-231 Lynnster - A stop sign, beer lights. trivia, nice boys- you're too much - Michele To Jeff A. - Sorry I smelled up your room. OOOH! Dead fish! Pampers To Karen- I love you a lot. I'm glad we got to know each other. Remember Ministry & Husker Du. Love, Romper Bob Kate, Jean, Tesa & Di, You are the greatest housemates. Love, K. , To Nu Sigma Chi Pantie Raid! the ZBT slugs To Bobby Steele -II yotr don't watch out, LIZ wi1~ curse you - Pampers Donald O'B .• It's you and I forever. K.S: · Georgann: You·re the best best friend. Love you Babs. Rm 12 Randall has the best parties! Let's play chandeliers! To my roommate: No more match- making with 3rd floor Bishop! Dear Bill- I'll always be here for you. Good times & Bad. love Molly The totally awesome Green Dodge Dart thanks all it's passengers- Even those .• who spell last names wrong!! ' Ellie - Do you still live in Cortland? I never see you! Me To all my ZBT brothers: What do Slugs eat? Love IOTA CLASS · To Romper Gary: Long live the G- 00 in the morning and the Power Station - Romper Bob To Jeanie: Will you marry me? Please? Rob To Dale: \We don't have quarrum again, so l am calling another IJnofficial meeting\ --: PAMPERS To Liz: I come from outer-Mongolia mys.elf. But don't tell. anyQne - Pampers · Regina (Wendy) great job on Frederick! Good times, Reg. :,.49;;;0;:w::.:e=g::.o:....:::T~h:=:a:-::n:;:k:_-s~fo::r:-:a::oli'ol.t:hh~e-;;s::-;u;;:pp;::;o:::-;r:;;-ll ;: , • , , 1 appreciated it more ttlan you know. Girls in Cortland are black, they don't no what they really want out of life. ~- To Ron E. -The Elvis Brothers suck' I just said that I like them to be nice! Love, Pampers .,.~.' L C th ove a - TYPIST . ~-. .., • ~ ~; 0.:·.:.,; • • • Immediate Seruice 753·7024 \'.. ___ -~.- ''. ·> ' •' ·' .. • -- • -~ ,. ~. . .~ .. -; .·... . ' _., . , -. R.6oins .. available on ' qayto,n Avenue :.for·· Spring semester. '87. - . Call 756-5043 e~enings. .. .. \ \ ' .. ' ... Balloons .of cortJ.a~d 105 Main Street Cortland, NY I 3045 (607) 756-5551 Ed Hufsmith Kenne \The Clown\ ;_ Specializing in de!iv~r.{e:s Remem(ler us. from last Weds~ J , ...... --· - -· '\

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