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FWO/TII~ Pi'iss/Ffiday{J;No\}Wi6~r··~l~- f9S'ti A ~.A'~.,?·:,~~ .. ·.·: .• ·. if4:: ;;9; 1 ·:~.:~t;F V:~ ~· · ~ ·- · ~. ~·1 . . . . . ' •r\ \' • .. • •• '1: 1 • \\ ~ < ' ~' .~ •t' . NO~ipdte we~pfJBs wilfbe sentto · ._ .. ·~..,..- By MICH~...EL PUJ:ZEL AP White Hol,fSe Correspondent . WASHINGTON (AP) - President Reagan said Monday he has \absolutely n.o' ,plans'.' to. s~nd niore arms to lran, although his ~pokesman saic\ the president's authoriz~tion for the weapo~s shipments technically· remah;ts in effect. - As he posed for pictures at the start of a meeting with Argentine President Raul Alfonsin, Reagan was asked if there wotil<,l be more U.S. arms shipments to Iran like those he con- firmed last week after numerous published reports of secret U .S.-Iranian dealings. \We have absolutely no plans to do any such thing,\ Reagan told reporters. Nor~ he said, .. would he be firing Secretary .. of State George Shultz or any other top foreign : policy advisers as a result of public controversy over the covert operation. Presidential spokesman Larry Speakes, meanwhile, said Reagan had told him there woUld be no further arms shipments but that the \intelligence finding,\ a Jan. 17 docu- ·i merit authorizing the ,weapons and spare parts sales, is technically \still in effect\ because it carried no time limit and has not been rescinded. The spokesman,' also said the Iranians paid cash for the military supplies' the)' received under Reagan's order, although neither the amount nor the precise weaponcy sup- plied has been disclosed. The Iranians lorl_g have been seeking a variety of weapons and spare parts fqr tJieir :U.S.-made planes and equipment ordered and paid for wb.en the U.S. Embassy in Teb.ran was seized and ~ericans were taken hostage. U.S.S.R. won't hurt Star Wars. project By NORMAN BLACK Associated Press Writer - WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger said Monday the United States would never trade ''St~ W. ars' ~·or b~a.,.nc:;ed conventional strength in Europe for a new arms control accord with the SoViet Union. In an address prepared for (,ielivery to a symposium here on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Weinberger said the United States and its European allies desired deep reductions in offensive ballistic nuclear missiles. B~~ regardless of whether such an accord is negotiated, he contmued, the Western alliance must continue improving its conventional strength. \In any event, we can never leave the equation of deter- rence unbalanced by taking out some effetive deterrents without replacing them with other deterrents/' Weinberger declared. The defense secretary appeared before a symposium on NATO, which was sponsored by the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis. A text of his speech was released in advance at the Penta_gon. Kim seen ative after rivals report death By EDWIN Q. WHIT£ Associated Press Writer SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea showed its \great leader,\ President Kim II Sung, on television Tuesday while ignoring reports in rival South Korea that Kim died or was embroiled in ~ serious power struggle. A Defense Ministry spokesman in Seoul acknowledged North Korean news media repoJ:tS that -Kim was alive and ad- ded: \We are closely watching whether these developments in . 1 the North have resulted from a serious internal power struggle or it's (the North's) high-level psychological warfare hiding a sinister plot .for milit~ry provocation. •• . · An Asian, diplomat in Pyongyang, reached by The Associated Press.by.telephone from Peking, said he saw the 74-year-old Kim at Pyorr.gyang Air(:!Qrt on Tuesday \and he is in absolutely good health.\ \ · · The diplomat, who sp~ke on condition of_anortymity, add- ed: ''E¥eiything is all right i~ this ~ountry; the situation is ab- solutely ·normal . . . TIIete seems to be npthing correct about these reports (of an assassimi~ion or power .seizure)- .•. It is absolptely normal, there is nothing wrong. He is absolutely normaf, \he is in g~od hea_lth .• '~ . . . . __ - · · Questipns, .about .Kim; wer~ raised Mo-nd~y. -when ihe mini~try, said N01;th .f\oie$ p;rop~ga»qa lo:lt .. Q~Pf!:~kers: al¢ng the ,demilitetized zone. between ·N.:t>t;tll and.S(lifth:tWrea an~. nqunc~d tha(JOm. ~Wi; ld~le~. in ,a~~ti.9Qfi~gJp~.ident~! .. ,·, .h!<ilrth ,KQfean~'~mb.as~y qf.ft~!~~~' .~t: v~r~0.\1$ .;poi!~: ·~~r~ad demed Kim was dead; Mit offtcud N.orthJCorean .mei'Ua kept sne_nt_ . thtpu~h ·_Mo~4ay~ .'On~.t. ~-J~~d.'aft~' P_ Yfi~gy~g·r.~rficial ~Qre~ :. ;C.entr,al ,N.ew;s Ag~ti~Y A~P(l,::. 16.:rn bad ·gone. ·to PY.a~gyang A\r.P'9J.t~1id w·~hfom~·,M®goJia1f'Pr~s~cleru -J~m!Jy,n B:atmtrnk_.Wand ~arch.\e .<:.. fdr:· .. ·v~.Jn>:·~K-~~Lo·· · :J·ve tw.,. ·teat .. .. . _ . .. . . .. ~~· . . .. 1 ... r.:\' .... \'~~&& \' • ng. 1 .1he g le~4¢~f~' JJj.tsf for* ·:·;,) . '. ~p~'*g~Sal.l<Js; of- p~ople (:?)i :.hand. , ~~~_..report;~ )V~s tn9llt . ·:Il: Tok(Y,e;)r~ . . . : · \· ~: .. · ... ·., .... J • ~ •• ,_... j ... \~ ..... . .... Directed by Edward Sayles Designed by Howard Lindh and Daniel Veaner NOVEMBER 19-23, 1986 8:15PM Laboratory Theatre I Dowd Fine Arts Center I State College at Co~nd Tickets: $3. 00 or SUCC /.D. Call (6071753-4201 weekdays for ticket reservations PRIZES!!

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