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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, November 21, 1986, Image 20

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., - '- .. , PERSONALS NEX Blue Light Special! What a bargain! What a deal~ John in Cheney- You're just a fantasy - but I'll be watchipg you, To the Commack South Bitch Laura '- Stay away from ROb What's Gada? Hey !funnel Queens - lets have a party real soon! You guys are totally fun, Love, 'XCAP D.O. - One more month to go, can we do it? Lets both try to hang in there, love ya, D.l. -----, Nance, Never move too fast in bed again - it could prove to be embarrassing! We l9ve you! ha ha (Ia ha ha Ralph - Sorry if I. made you feel guilty. You know I love you!l Chrissy P.S. - Give \you know who\ the boot. CATHI (With an \I\)- We'll miss you next semester. Good ·luck with everything you do!! 'Lynda & Chrissy To Lynda-Lou -'- Was it worth getting the bug bites? H & C PATTY- Are you ever sober!?! Dee & Chris To the girls at 3 Monroe - look in the Lost & Found. Brian- give it up! You're not the stud you think you are!! YoLJ know who. yes- Larry Cain- You left your watch in my room. Tommy - Alf K.A. over Cosby- Guess who Hello Princess, I miss you, Need you and I love you. (Even though you don't like me sometimes), Love Me Don Clark- I love your eyes, & I want to spend time with the rest of you too - a not so secret admirer Dianna - Sorry about our 8-Days this weekend will make up for it. Love Marti Gary Meyer - If you're always downtown how come I never see you? Dinner soon? Love, Your Blonde Buddy Paul and Joe, · buy me a beer this weekend? Anytime! Love lriarte. Russell (1 0) I didn't forget!! Love, Aman- da (Remember me?) Grlz - Did you have a nice conversa- tioo with the stove?? Terri - Looks like it's you and me kid!! Gotta love it. Love Kendyl Biff - Do you always bring your own beer and extra pair of socks to Toddy's! Missy - Does your Uncle Tom Landry smile at Christma,s? Its hip to be a· lush! julie- \hey sweetie!\ You know what a sweatshirt means!! I'm psyched for you! Love, Miss Matchmaker Jimbles - Sweetie - I love you Dave, Thanks for taking us to that great afterhou rs! Kendyl, Here's to us and the weekends. They couldn't be fun without you! Love Terri Glenn, We missed you this. weekend! Love ya - The Happy Hour Crew Chicken & Ribs- Parties cateied Bob's Barbecue, .Call 753-7098 after 5. To my secret admirer- Thank you but I'm very much in love_ S.C. layman - What happened to your red- hair hook-up? See what happens when you have to take a squirt'? Better luck next time! Sm!tty Ellene the JAP - Have A Happy 18th Birthday. Love Bill the Prep J.P. (Beta) - What happened to after hours Sat.? You're still lookin' good, anyway! Love, \Your Wife\ Donna - Hey Cutie! Please, no more button candy! your Roomie P _s. Will you be my friend? Fixtures have more fun! (At least' we know how to socialize ... ) Ann, Michelle and Meg (the aft.er deadline personal machines): I'm so bored without yoLJ guys this week. M.E. To my good friend Sue - (the one who lost her car) Smoke any pens lately?? D. O'R, Thanks for being my best freind. Love, K.M.S. To those guys who say they care. We would hate to see how you would act II you didn't care!! ELCY Gregg Briggs... Do ·you have a girlfriend?? Scott Halava - You m the best at cheering me up. Thanks for the talks! When will the kitchen be cleaned so we can have dinner?? Love, Jean TYPIST Immediate Service 753_·7024 PAPERS TYPED $1/PAGE CINDI - 863-3758 . ·. . ~ . . Angie,jt's <;~b<lut time you ca~ght. up to us r Happy 20th._ Love your Su1tes m 333 Papa, l ~n·t l:)e'with you ·on y;our an- niversary next w4aekend, 1.'11 m1ss yo~ very much.~~c:il>d luck with your games 1 love you. Jennie · Cortland Wor11ens )(-Country, Great job at Regionalsl Lets see If you girls· can do it' agair:J- at ·N~tionals! Good Luck, Kathl!:lert • ·'-·· · Ann€Y'EVel1 thoug~ .w.~didn't win best roorii~i~ .~~ard. (for some unknown reason),- Happy Birthday! Love, Your favorite Roomie To tl:llf twci QLJYB who brought me to Haye.ssul\daymorhing, Thank You! By the way, who are you ahdwhere did you find me? Where my car is?? Kirri (sexy eyebrows) - Did we see you canqeing irt the Dark Horse this weekend or was it Toody's. To the ice-chucker, l.t•s·a good thing ice- cubes aren't c:langerous!! Otherwise our enemies wol!ld be in trouble. CATH - 3 months today. I hope many more to come. I love you - bill Cortland State Women's Soccer. It's OK we know wl'lo really is the best. Dave Kelly (Tower B) -You are a doll. See you downtown this weekend? An Admirer· Jean, we hor>e you,had a super Birthday. The party was a blast. Love ya, 17 Tom- pkins Usa - Tompkins and Toadies - I told you you'd gel yours. Did you think I'd forget? You know who J.C. - Heartbreaker, Dream-maker, Love-taker, cton't yoLJ mess around with me. Love, Tim JoAnn, The answer is Y·es! There will be better times for both of us ahead_ Lub U. Derek Hey Buddy- You are one cool man! Your Buddy Pammie, Jean & Marie - Happy Hour? Yes, Happy t-lour. John, I'm psyched for Thanksgiving. Thanks for asking me. Love, You know who (s'! does everyone else I) Pauline and Tara - Really wish we could move in. Love you guys, Christine HOUSEMATE WANTED Single room • Male Spring 87. $700 w/all util. 1 Delaware • x-4234_ Student housin'g for Spring '87: Furnished I 2 & .3 bedroom apts. Heat & hot water in<.:lu<le<l. Call. 7 56-698 Dawn: sinc;e we've made plans for the 2's, what are we going to do about the · 1's?. - ,Gwel'\ . • SimQn-:1,7-- What _can you qo1 Nothfn' - Ab~.ollilely ~tothin' Tanya - Do you want to hear a nich loud joke. Ha ha Debi What lsC.State's greatest? MONTRA, of course! What Is that fantastic sound coming out of Neub~ at night? e-state's greatest, of course~!! U I smoke cotton, will I get potmouth? M.O. - Thal)ks a ·lot for fartlng on me Saturday night. A spoiled person. ~ P:ester th& molester Foster - We miss you Buddlf - Let's do dinner! Love ya Kelly & Hr>lly - Holly - Why am I always at the wrong place at the wrong time & wearing the ·wrong thing In the wrong house - _ I can't win- Love ya Kelly - Jim 'Porcelly .....: Sportin' and Head games- It's just a joke, A big joke!!! Love '\HCln\ -(The blonde one) Happy t:llr!hday Stephanie- Oh Yeah!! XO Ann ~;~nd Aimless. (lipstick women) Sean- HopQ you ~ad a terrific birth-- day,...and ginner ...,. G~ess who? Thanks lor tl'ie best break in Boston! It was great! Cheers! Ann Jen - we miss you, have you moved without telling us? Your fans at 70 Tom- pkins. · Meg - have a wonderful weekend In Buffalo- maybe we'll miss you! Jen-ni-fer- when is soccer over? Y.F. at 70, Scarsdale - Do you want to go on a roadtrip? We can listen to Steely Dan? Love M&M Scott Mitchell, I love y~u! I Guess who Joe anct · Pal- ·go down there, do something, give me ... I Tom- thanks for a really good talk- It helped A LOT. ME I Michele- I really hope this birthday Is 100 percent better than last year's! Je t'aime! Ann. - Jen, Goodluck on Sunday. Score for us because we haven't this week. A and A valuable work exper- ience, travel, and other benefits. Call Bill Ryan (toll free) 1-~00·433-7747 for a com· Pltne information mailer. THE CCSA PRINT SHOP WILL BE CLOSED THE ENTIRE WEEK OF THANKSGJVINCi. Please come visit us on December 1 stl Lost during week of Nov. 3 - 6x8 white check register with record of checks for Aug., Sept. & Oct. Also, set of keys on th.ree-inch silver metal ring~ If found, return to: Dr. Rozanne Brooks, UtJpt. of Soc/Anthro .• 325 Cornish. Responsible and Depen~able writers to work on the PRI£SS next semester Or - -; - .. : - ' - :< • ... ''\\-• ,:1 :;;_\-;.1 ·- ,. '. --· ' now b-JIIg ·· ··-.:.~~·•··· ·~·&II ' . .. ' :R)r. p~ on next yeats . ;~ ... ( - : ._.. . . ' ' ~ ' . ~ . :

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