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. STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YOR COLLEGE AT CO Volume XVII Number II December 5, 1985 .. , .. Season's Greetings - · . Four SUCC students- Joanie Cook, Chris Delis/a, Greg Rabin, and Christine Cornelius - are shown here spreading some honaay cheer. By AMY CUOMO The federal regulations that determine the eligibility for student financial aid have recently changed significantly, according to William Cheetham, assistant director of financial aid. Federal student financial aid regulations are g~:wemed by the Higher Education Act of 1965, which is reviewed and renewed every three years by a process known as reauthoriza- tion, Cheetham said. The reauthorization of the Higher Education Act included several amendments which will change the face of stu- dent financial aid for many years to come, he added. One of the major changes included in the new amendments involves the Guaranteed Student Loan· Program. The eligjbility for a GSL had been determined by the use of a one page Needs Test that could easily be filled out and handed in to the financial aid office. The new amendments make it mandatory that a st~dent applying for a GSL fill out a full Needs Analysis Form. This. means a stu- dent applying for a GSL must fill out the Financial Aid Form, and send it to Princeton for processing, listing the State University College at Cortland as the school the com- pleted needs analysis should be sent to. _ \It (the new needs form r~quire.ment) will d.efinitely slow down our processing, especial- lY, due to the fact that the processing of the Needs ,Analysis Report by PrincetQn · usu~ly takes:four to six weeks\ Cheethanrsaid. I am _ co!tfident, however, that if we are able. to make the studen~s aware of the new appiica- tiQJI process and students file that Fiij~Cial Ai<:t Form as soon after Jan. ·1 as possiblewe can alleviate. many. af the problems,'' h,e' atld- ed: · , ~~heetham said the new eligibili~y re- ql:Jaements would probably affect the number of.;students who receive OSLs~ \I am yery co~c~rned that many of the students who have recdved the Guaranteed Student Loans in the past years, stud~nts.from low income families, ma;y not be eligil)~e any longer,'' Cheetham siad. . · . Previous regulations made all families with . irtcQme's under .. .$30,000 eligible for the OSL and those families with incomes over $30;000 needed to file the Needs test Form with the loan·. applicatio;n an(!. the financial aid 6ffiee was able to determine the eligibility using the Needs Test, Cheetham said. The new regula- tions require all students regardless of the in- come to file for a Needs Analysis Report, he said. The Needs Analysis Form calculates a fami- ly contribution based on the total family size, number attending college, family adjusted gross taxable income, all untaxed income and all family assets. Eligibility for the GSL is bas- ed on the difference between the cost of at- tendence at SUCC and the family contribu- tions from the results cf the Needs Analysis Report. The use of untaxed pensions, child support payments, and assets in the calcula- tion of eligibility could render many low in- come student ineligible for a GSL. Another change due to the amendments of the Higher Education Act is the independent student definition. Effective Jan. 1, 1987, the independent student is defined as: l. A student 24 years or older by Dec. 31 of the award year. · All other ·under 24 by December of the award will be .considered depend~nt unless they meet one of the following requirements: 1. Is an orphan or ward of the court. 2. Is a veterah of the Armed Forces of the u.s. 3. Is a graduate or professional student who will not be claimed as a tax dependent for tax purposes on a parents or guardians tax return for the first calendar year of the award year. 4. Is a married individual who declares that they will not be claimed as a dependent for in- · come tax purposes on a parents' or guardians' tax return for the first calendar year of the award year. 5. Has legal · dependents other than a spouse. 6. Is a single undergraduate student with no dependents who has not been claimed as a tax dependent on· a par,ents or guardians tax return for the two calendar years preceding the award year and demonstrates to the finan- cial aid administrator total self-sufficiency during the two calendar years preceding the award year by demonstrating ·and being able to provide documentation to prove and an- nual income of $4,000, excluding financial aid as a source of income. · The new definitions effective Jan. 1 for all students applying for GSLs for period of · continued on page three SUCC student charged after allegedly striking other student By BING MILLER A State University College at Cortland student was charged wi tn third degree assault in connection with a Nov. 23 incident in Corey Union, a<:cording to Lt. Steven Dangler of Public Safety. Patrick W •. Marining, 21 , Qf 15 Tompkins St., was served the summons, a Class A misdemeanor, Tuesday to appear in court this morning at 9 a.m., Dangler said. Manning allegedly struck a ''student worker at Corey Union\ at approximately 10 p.m., causiJlg. injury to the worlcer, Pet-er Lalla; direct()r of Public Saf~ty said~ _ AccordiJlg to the· victim, who asked not to be iden- tified, Manning and a few friends approached her as she was working the rear door of tl:te Function Room during the showing of 'Ferris BucHer's Day Off' an~ started to ' 'harrass\ her \for five minutes.' ' She said she then went in- side the mom and when she came back out she said he was still tllere. It was then that Manning allegedly grab- bed her right shoulder and hit her in the upper cheek, she said. The victim said in a signed statement that Manning struck her with ''intent to cause physical injury ... with a closed hand causing swelling and a br11ise. '' Manning said, in a telephone interview, that he had no comment before he talked to his lawyer. The student worker said she received a \black eye\ from the incident. According to Dr. Nancy Sternfeld of the . Student Health Center in a signed medical appraisal, there was pain and swelling below her left eye and swelling over the left zygomatic arch. Manning was identified by Christopher Valla, of 12 Squires ~t., and Ed Det.weil~r, of unkpo~, .ad- dress~· -accordi.nt t\()'· sfgped stat-enrehts by them, after be- ing described by the victim after the incident. In? their statements · they said they identified Manning Monday from a group e>f phote>s as \the person who said he hit\ the victim. The victim said she did not positively identify Manning. Linda Kuk 1 vice president of student affairs, would ne>t comment on what disciplinairy action would be taken, but said that action is being taken, both . ''inside and outside campus.\ William Mans;!i~ott, direc- tor of Student Uk, said the case has been brought to the judicial system for actie>n, and is \currently being pro- cessed through our judicial process.'' HAPPINESS IS ~OUDAY GREETINGS FROM FAR-AWAY ~ELATIVES M\10 FRIENDS 19shopping days to Christmas

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