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TWELVE/Tile Press/Friday, February 6, 1987 By DYLAN~JONES Well hello again. A hefty amount of this article will be dedicated to the Bodacious Bluesman Betide Milton, Ithaca's top male· vocalist. Bernie and the Soul Patrol bowled us over with the purest rendi- tions of numbers like; \SeXu;i) Healing\ '~Walk· ing the Dog\ \Stand By Me·~'- alld Otis Redding's \Sitting on the Dock of the Bay;,, ,_Bernie Milton · and the Soul Patrol deserve our unending gratitude .. Between sets the ever-so-personal Bernie Milton spoke with me. What got him into the business? \My mother was a superior woman, getting through Ithaca College's four year Music Program in three years. She started me off singing and play- ing piano,'' said Milton. And an early start it was. At age five, Bernie won his first contest and soon became the lead singer for the Calvary Baptist Church. \Like anybody else might be into books, I was alw~ys a music man,\ Milton said. In 1953 at age 11 Bernie played Harlem's Apollo Theatre in New York City, performing a Ray Charles' song, \I Got a Woman Way Cross Town.\ \I was nervous Bernie recalls. But I was cool. We did real nice.'' FRIDAY Uan Yean~.- pia}'~ the C~llic: harp at the Dowd Fine Arts Sculpture Court noon 'til lp.m. SATURDAY \S. ~yllnpho~ with ce\lo soloist, Carter Brey at the Dowd Fine· Arts Theatre at 8:15p.m. Tickets are $5 for students; $7.50 for SUCC faculty and staff membet;S and $9.50 for the general public. By th~-ti~e he was 15, Bernie had formed his first in their futu.re. ,.:., . band, Bentie and the Cavaliers', for which he was ApPle Gates again offers some unique entertain- the lead vo~al •. ·.. . ment l'oqigbt. Dave Da~i~i:Jtnd Brian Earle will be In 1961', Be~nie recorded his most reco_.gnized. hit playing Jazz standards h)T,:the fik:es ·of Fats Whaller. \The Waddle~;\ J.--a~~d \doilgra_tulate the1~wners of Applegates for : While his~pog11laritygrew, Be.miet9ured with the brjnging suqli ·fih~.ente~alflment-to .the Cortland , besl\; ·C,llubby Checker~, The Is~~Y Brotber~,}y..pior .__afe;t. ~-; <_,~ • ':·. .:.-;,· • - Walker and the· Allstars, Bo.D1ddley, the :q~~fters ~-'f;;;··~t the R~~ty Natl tomgM Burt &tratton playmg and Martha and the V:andelias just to name_ a few. 1 gmtar and prano, does well as a one man band, _ Bernie is a 1\0UI m~n in the most grandious sense mostly playhi~' Top 40. Show·· ~ime starts at of the term. Bernie and the Soul Patrol take the au- 7p.m.-llp.m. Sleepy Head will be ~pearing again dience and hold them. Their music just beckons one tomorrow. Last weekend they were'r·a real crowd to the dance floor. It's pure unadulterated rapture. pleaser. There is no cQv.er. The show starts at 9 p.m. Would they play in Cortland? · The Theatre De}:JartJi:!ent will be having an even- \Cortland's definitely ready for us.\ ing of readings titled ''Satire is What Closes on Not only is Cortlana ready, Cortland needs it! Saturday Night: The Wo,rld· ·of· George S. When Bernie and the Soul Patrol arrive let's give Kaufman\. That's in the Brockway Lounge star- them the welcome they deserve. If you can't wait ting at 8:15p.m. It's free. until then, Bernie will be back at the Ramada Inn in Ithaca this Saturday. . Tonight Corleone's brings us what may prove to be another Cortland favorite. \The Jive\ playing · funky blues tunes and a wide array of originals will undoubtedly be bringing down the house. The rumors among the music scene in Ithaca are _ very favorable towards this band. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Take the $2 and invest it £4WI)US Monday Group Effort will be back at The Haunt. For those Deadheads who haven't seen them yet, you're really missing out. Well that's it thanks for looking for something new. A-good weekend looks like The Jive Friday, Bernie Saturday, Simeons on Sunday, Group Effort Monday. See you out. •= ..... lllilanati..-~ Images: Al'lisb' 113oelks and Suit~s at the Dowd l=ine Arts Gallery thru February· 20. Tuesday.-Saturday , II a.m.·4p.m .. ~usic: Uepal'lmEnl E~hibit at the Memorial ~-Library, first floor thru February 28. LOC4L\\\!.---~------\\\!---- LOCAL------------------------ s~..-en ,., .... e., Wlfa..-ei''S 4nnual Show at The 1890 House from February 10 thrv March 9. Sel'i~s. Suites and Sianalt.~res at the Cor .. tland Arts Council thru February 13. Monday .. Friday, noon-5 p.m. TONIGHT Ua..-e Ua..-ies 4113.-ian la.-1~ play jazz standards at Applegate's 8 p.m....Il p.m. Ji..-e, blues originals at Corleone's 9:30 p.m.-1:30. Jenr Kaii at the Rusty Nail. 9 p.rn.-1:00. SATURDAY l)hineas Gage, commercial hard rock at Cor· leone's 9:30 p.m. 113u.-t St.-anion at the Rusty Nail. 9:00 p.m.-1:00. JiU ~adonlda. at Rocci's 9 p.m . .-midnight. THURSDAY Group lffo.-1 at Corleone's 8:30 p.m.~l2:30. ·~ C.-os~.-oads, Fay Corey Union Function Room. Tonight at 7:30 a)ld 10 p.m. $1 with 10; $1.50 without. The Colo.- of \4oner Fay Corey Union Func- tion Room. Saturday &- Sunday at 5, 7:30, and 10 p.m. $1 with 10, $L5Q without. 4.nwe.-it::an t=ilm Classia: .4. ~aisin in the Sun at 6:30 p.m. and Uouble Ueal at 9:30 p.m,. Both movies shown in .the Fay Corey -Union Fireplace-Lounge on Tuesday. Unc:onwmon '\'alor, Fay Corey Union Function Room. Thursday at 7:30 and 10 p.m. $1 with ID, $1.50 without. t0£.4.L----......,------ Sial' T .-elk IV add £.-CK;odile Vund~e Night• ly ·at 7 &- 9 p.rn~ Matfness Saturday and Sunday at . I:OO .p.m. at Cinema. I &- II. . ' . l.i •• le $hop of -' .. _,,ron and \file G•lden £hild'Nightly :at -r·&-· 9.· p·,:m. ·at The Plaza tlie-at~ .. · ., R ._.,. ............. 33(.~· .. ~ .... \·-~~~··--··---¥4~•-· . ' . &t~~· i)oell'}' .-.~adinas h,- Kalhe.-in ~ochan 4.al 4 l>iane ~udol Tonight at 8:15 p.m~ in the Bro_ckWay Hall. Lounge. 4.-bi&hb for \t'ouths. Saturday, ages 7~9 at 10 a.m.; ages 10-12 at lp.m. in the Dowd Fine Arts Gallery. Sati.-~ is What Closes on Saturda}' Night: The Wod ... of G~o.-g~ S. Kaufman, a public play reading. Saturday at 8:15 p.m. in the Brockway Hall Lounge. L0~4L----------------------- Open l'eading Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Applegate's. · Winte.-fesl '87 Gala ~et:lfplion· Saturday at Dowd Fine Arts Sculpture Court following perfor~ mance by the Syracuse SymphoJly.. Oh~t•d~ C::ounE Saturday. l p.m .... 5p.m. at the Moff¢tt Gym. ~an4}' Le~in: Conret@,i.en,. -~aaidan, , & ~im~. Fay Corey Union-'-Fonction Room, Tues· day at:s p.m. $l admis~ion; · .• - . ;--' .

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