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EIGHT/The Press/Fri~ay, February ll, t987 contrnued from pag-e seven ~atched. and coord;i!lat,.W,._ ~4\e ._Q,per~~()JI ·from a van ·with . 'tnt~? ~mdows par\'ked near tHe li!ltiS\e:'' - · ,· Nicaragua cd.n11ot haV.e · Judaism without Jews even .,_ th~ugh r~ _has df!monstrated, like Poland, the possibflity oif amt-semt.trsm wuout Jews., . Rabbi Morton M. Rosenthal, D_trec_tor of_ Latin American Affairs Antl·De.famatron Eeal{ue, B'nai B'tith In December, 1983~ Rabbi Rosenthal received a letter from a lawyer representing . the Sandinistas. It stated that 17 members <?f the Nicaraguan Jewish c_ommunity had their pro- perty conft~cated by @:Overnm~nt decree. This was the proper- ty of any Nicaraguan outside the country for a period of time exceeding six months. Since all but two or three Jews out of a c~mmunity of sixty remained in the country, the rest too fnghtened to return, the Sandinistas ·succeeded in con- fiscating the property of the Jews. The most well-known act.,-of Sandinista hostility toward relig!o!l occ'-!r~ed earlier that year in March during the well- p~bbcized vtsit of Pope John Paul II. Despite assurances g1ven to Church officials that the Pope's visit would be religiou~ and not politicized, the Pope's rally in Managua was turned mto a pro..:.FSLN mob scene. According to Douglas Payne, ''The disruption was planned and coordinated by the state security section ()f the Ministry of Interior through its control of police and the Sandinista Defense Committees (CDS).'' The FSLN harassed many Nicaraguans who attended the Pope's rally. Members of the CDS filled the front rows in the area nearest the Pope. During the course of the Pope's ser- mon, he was heckled by FSLN supporters, police and even the nine FSLN National Direcorat members who were standing with the Pope on the platform he was speaking from. The of- ficial Sandinista explanation for the incident was that the peo- ple in the crowd were upset that the Pope wouldn't pray for soldi~rs who were killed by the Contras. A series of Sandinista crackdowns on the Catholic Church continued in I 985. On Oct. I, the Sandinistas banned the broadcasting of Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo's masses. 0~ t~~ 13th, the FSLN_ seized all of the first edition of \Ig- le~Ia, a church magazme and forbade any new issues to be pnnted. On the 17th., the official state newspaper, \Bar- ricada.,\ called all Catholic Church literature, \subversive propaganda.\ That same day, Father Obando y Bravo was prevented ~om entering his office in Managua by FSLN soldiers. On the 29th, Radio Catolica, official voice of the Church in Nicaragua, was shut down for two days because it broadcast the following sentence which had been censored by the FSLN: \Liberty is the most precious blessing that God gave to mankind.\ Finally, on the 3 I st. according to J. Michael Waller, editor of\A Letter From Central America,\ Sandinista state security rounded up a group of Protestant leaders for ''interrogatiQn, stripped them naked and forced them to stand in a refrierated room where they were inter- rogated by Cubans. Many of them were reportedly pressured to sign confessions, written by the Sandinistas, that they were involved in attempts to undermine the Sandinista govern- ment.'' ··under the Sandinistas, Nicaragua has one of the best records on human rights in Latin America . .. David Craven, Professor of Art History, SUNY/Corlland, \The Press,,, 1013186 Unfortunately, there are many people in this country who dispute reports of Sandinista abuses of religious freedom. For example some of them cite the statement of U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Anthony Quainton wlto said that, \being a member of the Jewish religion is neither a necessary nor suffi- cient condition to result in ... persecution.\ But according to an article, \Sandinista Anti-Semitism and its Apologists,\ in the September, 1986 issue of \Commentary \Am- bassador Quainton's conclusion contained a note of ambigui- ty, acknowledging as it did that J ewishness cou.ld indeed have constituted one contril>uting factor among several that led to the persecution of Nicaraguan Jews.\ Tile article goes on to mention that many ap()logists for Sandinista religious repres- sion are persons who take Sandinista sponsored tours of Nicaragua. These people ltave never spoken with members of the exiled Jewish community. These same people try to excuse Sandinista persecution against the Church by claiming that it is a tool of the CIA and that it has no support among the Nicaraguan people. San- dinista Interior Minister Borge has gone so far as to call Car- dinal Obando y Bravo ' 5 a siamese twin of Ronald Reagan.\ However, on the day tile Cardinal returned from Rome, hav- ing been ordained by tile Pope, he was greated by 250,000 people. Finally, according to Maria Gonzalez, editor of the ''Catholic Study Council Bulletin,'' \California' Con- gressman Bob Dornan ... has nored, of the 912 religious (priests and nuns) in Nicaragua, 86() agree with Cardinal Obando about Sandinista persecution of the Church. Of the 52 priests who disagree with the Cardinal, 42 are leftist foreign priests.\ Religious freedom has seen better days in Nicaragua. The revolutionary goals of the Sandinistas are in direct conflict with ~eli~ous freedom. Nicaragua shows no signs of being any different from other repressive Marxist revolutions of the past. · · Clark Tiger - - . }_, \ Question- of the Week- ·Jx)licy TH·E. PR,.ESS , • . 1 0-PINIONS Night ~lerk asks· favor To the Editor: The reason I can't open the doors is because Here's a letter to the editor you might find 1 don't know who is out there. A rapist, thief interesting, some· might even laugh, but it or vandal could be waiting to get in. If one doesn't really matter, I'm writing this for does get in, I would t~en be ,responsible for myself as well as you. any damage done to this dorm and anyone liv- I'm a night clerk and I work hard at my job. ing· in it. I don't want to take any chances, I'm very proud to say that I have lasted this would you ifye5u were in my shoes? I doubt it, long, no thanks to some people on this cam- but I can't speak for everyone .. pus. Those of you who party on weekends and · The second thing I would like to mention is come home to locked doors get really annoyed that yelling at me is not going to help So, you blame it on the night clerks. Well, anything. I'll either get defensive or I'll ignore why not? I'm sure that it's my fault that the you, and I'll probably ignore you, I'm good at campus has a security policy, and I suppose that. that it is also my fault that you forgot your Look, I'm not trying to be your mother, but keys. if you'd carry your keys with you we wouldn't Just put yourself in my position for a have this discussion. I'm tired of getting yelled minute. Think of yourself sitting in a cold lob- at for doing YOU a favor, and if you think by, pretty much alone for four hours watching you can do a better job, by all means, be my drunk people coming in from downtown. I am guest. There are a limited number of night subjected to the complaints about the clerks on this campus, and they do the best elevators not working, or the doors being they can with waht they are stuck with, that'~ locked, or complaints about me personally you! because I wouldn't open the doors. It gets So next time you come in from dowJltown preny annoying week after week, and I have .. and you forgm your keys, think before you had enou~h! You ':'i~ht ask why I. don:t,quir? · stan pounding on the door yelling obscenities. Well, basically thas 1s where I hve, n.s my Think abom the person behind the desk who home and I want to feel safe in it. is giving up one nighl of his/her weekend to Let's try and get a couple of things straight try and protect you and your home. between us, okay? First of all, I am not allow- ed to open the doors for anyone, whether they live here or not. If you don't have your keys, sorry, but ;hat is nor my problem. Margaret McGowan Night Clerk Tower B Question of the week: What do you think of the alcohol survey? U<•nmrv ., •• -.:.- •• _. - Fre811man 1 believe the survey wa-sn ,t taken seriousfy. Carol Smith & Dan Schallent We don •t agree· with !he survey because people were . probably not honest while taking it. Terry \Valker -Freshman , /think people exaggerated during the survey. Mike Benton - Sophomore · I think the college should get all the information related to alcohol thai they can. . . ..... -'\ . . ~.. '~ :\i \ ):'·~ The &urv.e¥: w~' .dJ~tril;>ute.,~ to qn campus stutlen~s last se~e~tet~ ·as~in~ 'them. questions pert;~h1ip_g to their o.wn drmk~ng hct;bits and th~·presertt alc9hoFpolicy. The students· 'f~~~:~ter.y1_~we~ -~~e~d~y 1 Feb. 10, near Corey Urit~Q., • . • .. _ ,. .- \ . . r,. , . ,_ •. . ., _ ,., , KatBarq_ - J[~~h;IJl_a~ The su_rveJ'\fr!iiY''prtJVe ro be he/pJtil in determining ·the ) plcoh~lj:J(Jlf~y. itt the fulwf#. · Kyle Krause - Freshman I don Y think tlte· survey was. ne.c;~sary) vecau~ 1 see no problem with alcohol on thfs Cf!IJIP,If.§. · Christin~ San«Jgren -Junior I t~inK iht?::rturv.ey was in- teres~ur_g; &ut- no..tfimg should • be··basl!(,N>nVt. ~ \:; ·:

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