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STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, COLLEGE AT CORTLAND Statewide asbestos•· removal approved By LAURA R. JONES News Editor A private firm has been hired for $44 million, by the State University of New York, to remove asbestos from the State University CoUege at Cortland and 28 other campuses statewide. The removal process will oc- cur over the next seven years a~cording to Norbert Haley, dtrector of college relations and development. The Hall-Kimbrell En- , viromental Services, hired by SUNY as part of their statewide asbestos removal program, surveyed every building on the 29 campuses and designed an abatement program to get rid of asbestos, he said. The asbestos, Haley said, is not a health hazard unless it is exposed to .air. There is asbestos in all buildings on the SUCC campus, he said, but it is contained and not exposed to air. Of the · 1,388 buildings surveyed from April to Oc- tober 1986, 980 were found . to contain asbestos material, he said. Hall-Kimbrell was asked to sample and analyze every building and to determine lhe ·. potenial for asbestos ex- posure, Haley said. The services were to pro- vide recommendations for corrective action along w.ih an establishment stating tlie priority levels and figures, he said. There are nine Priority Level I areas on the SUCC campus t hat include Corey Union, Studio West, Sperry Learning and Resource Center, Physical Educaion Recreation Center, and the Dowd Fine Arts Cen er, he said. Volume XVIII Number 1 - Overbooking receives criticism • September 11, 1987 Paul Kracht pauses to allow Wendy Willis pet his friend Max. Michael Somsan/The Pres~ Triples increase 25 percent By DYLAN JONES Staff Writer ... the Cortland housing munity.\ She suggested the authority said the housing college form a department to market in Cortland is already deal with student housing or Having a positive cash very tight. The overcrowding look into building an addi- flow is the primary concern on the· college campus forces tional dorm. of the State University Col- students to seek off-campuis Marty Mack, Cortland's lege at Cortland and not how housing, she said. Wendy democratic candidate for many students would have to mayor said. be tripled in dorm rooms, ' c 0 r t I d ''The mayor should take a said Tom Syracuse, director a fl leading role in correcting the of admissions. ~esidents look- housing problem.\ Mack Director of Institutional said he hopes to bring Research, Philip C. Swarr, ing for apart- together the housing authori- gives admissions a quota ments are fo'rc- ty, the social services depart- which must be maintained ment, the assistance council, for the college to receive op- ed to compete the code enforcement office timal state funding. It is this and the college to bring funding that insures succ with SUI •. table about \safe quality housing can maintain programs and for all.\ faculty positions, said housing.' While the college houses Syracuse. all incoming freshmen and When asked if the situa- those transfers who wish to tion created an incentive for Walsh, of Residence Life, live in the dorms, Walsh said overbooki;ng students, said· the number of tripled people re-admitted are told Syracuse admitted that possi- students has incr.eased over they must seek off-campus ble drop outs. and no shows 25 percent since last year. housing. had to be considered~ \Cor:tland residents look- Residence Life has done all ''SUNY Ce,n.tral had ing'forapa~tmentsareforced itcantoeasetheplightofthe started a policy that would to compete with students for tripled students, she said. allow extra monies for those housing,'~ ·She· said. \A Residence Halls are holding students over quQta., 'but they landlord OQ'Viously can make seminars in coping and com- changed the game ba:lfway a lot more money from a munication skills while the through· and now, that group of students than from college success course offers doesil~U.n~ply !, he ~a.i4· a family. This forces local advice to new students, she Syracuse satd nothmg. says families into • subst c:rda'd said. the college has to. provide housing.\ . As one condolence, hou~ing· fol' all students. who The college should address students who are still tripled apply for it. Unlike some col- the problem, she said, 11 after Saturday will be eligible leges,· SOCC does . supply \either by taking .. respon- for a refund. at the end of the beusbig for all -tran$fets ari,d .sibiUty for hou$ing. more semester. fr~shmen·· heA;Jlt4:.,., < . . , , .. students or lindting. a:dmis- Mid g~ Mastronardi , .. .. \ ?flie:p~ltcy:<l'f?~9v.eft~qq19ng sions.'' . . . · . :! ; ·. . · cl~aner for De<lro~t . H,~\1,. . · . . :. :: .·\''.t~d~.nu .· .. ·b~lk l·.l;)\ff>•Pt)\:t. ; .. Goldner &aid, tile: c9!lege · sl•d . \1 can definttely tell · wait and see.\ With the first week behind them, tripled students had mixed reviews about the situation. Freshman Todd Nelson said, \I have great room- mates and with three to a room it's all the more people to share experiences with.\ Sarah Waterose of Fit- zgerald Hall said, ''Study space is a problem, but other places are available.\ Donna Workheiser, direc- tor of Clark Hall, said she is ·.'.•·~ .. ···.erJUqts.m.lfromi,~uy, . .Uff.i.cta4~ .. , 1 · shows ''ill$ensitNitY.i Jili the . toer:e are more triples, btit so· ·· ·· -· ·,G· , ~-a bl\ · llda&· ·· f . housing probt¢m o.t the' com- · . fat so good. We'll have; to t:;:~~:~!l:;;:~· ,;, f; .~;i ./:\ ;:: ; /' ; ' ,i: . 'V ·· - , . . . ·.· • · · ·· · . \' surprised at how smoothly things are going and said she has had only two roommate complaints. Some students were a little less optimistic. Sean Watson said the rooms are too small for three people. Some students expressed concern about making friends and then being de-tripled and having to start all over again. \No one is forced to de- triple, but if the offer is made and refused, the students lose their refund,\ Walsh said.

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