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; • TWENTY.,'_fWO!The Press/Friday, September 18, 1~87 · ..• ._e.MTV.w,~Qrofe. shoW, -:Jones had· Joined Adams on stage for a medley of Elvis Presley songs. And what does one have to do to get intc!i: Mr. JQnes's motor club'? '\Looking cool is very importanJ/' the leader ofthe pa~k s~aid.- ''~New leather jacKets are definitely not the film ''La Bamba,'' .basecl on the life of Ritchie Valens. \the movie and the connec- tion (with Valens) have add- ed mqre integri~y to the song,\ says Perez. In 1984, the ·East L.A. band released the critically acclaimed album How Will the Wolf Survive? But ··this year's follow-up LP, B:f the Light of the Moon, sufered lagging sales. \W·e did something that was completely left field,\ Perez said fo the lat- ter release. By SHEILA .ROOERS Rolling Stone Eurovision ~ You can stop holding your breath: Now Europe has its MTV. The videQ-musi¢ station kicked off its continental broadcasts (in English) to 1.6 million homes in seven countries with a bash at th.e Roxy in Amsterdam. Elton John lead the countdown, then flipped the •con\ switch. (Elton is cur- rently producing a new album for Ringo Starr.) The first video to air was, predictably, Dire Straits' ''Money for Nothing.'' And the first commercials'? Ads for Levi's, Benetton, Coke and Original N.Y. Seltzer. MTV has chartered two 727s, at $30,000 eacb, to fly in the London guests. On the train from Victoria Station · to London's Gatwick airport, Boy George got the party- bound revelers to serenade Donny Osmond - · who didn't seem to mind the at- tention - with a rendition of \Puppy Love.\ Upon arrival in Amster- dam, Boy got his when thousands of fans ruslted past him to get to· Osmond. The pa~ was catered by London's-1Iard Rock Cafe, with entertainment provided by Big Audio Dynamite and Britian's latest singing sensa- tion, Terence Trent D' Arby, who showed up with 10 members of. the Dutch Hell's Angels. This was apparently too much for the members of Def Leppard, who threw their own party on a canal boat. Heart & Soul - The British band T'Pau takes its name from a Star Trek character. \T'Pau is the high priestess of Vulcan. She's a very important lady,\ ex- plained Carol Decker, the band's lead singer: The band; which hails from Shrewsbury, England, has a hit single w~th Heart and Soul. The Trekkie connec- tion - which ends with the name - has drawn some strange reactions from both fans and the press. ''I never realized the significance of the name over here,\ she said. \We've had journalists . arrive to interview us wearing big plastic ears and all sorts of wei!d things., Decker and N. T. E. REVIEW WORKSHOP An N.T.E. Review Workshop focusing on strategies and test·tak.ing tech- niques for the Core Battery Tests will be held on Wednesday, October 7th from 4.:00 1(;).5:30 p.m. in Bowers 109 for the exams scheduled for Sat., Oct. 24. Students shollld register for this workshop in A-ll Van Hoesen (Skills Center) by Oct. lst in order to be guaranteed a seat and workshop mate- rials. ·. For further i11formation please call X-4.309. COMPETITION ~BASKETBALL . guitarist Ron- Rogers fotmed T'Pau 19 months ago with bassist Paul Jackson, guitarist Dean Howard, drummer Tim Burgess aru;l keyboard player Mick Chet- wood. Producer Roy Thomas Baker (who worked with the Cars and Queen) came on board after he heard their demo tape and s&.W the band perform in Germany. Decker and songwritirig partner Rogers are also romantically involved. \We're very, very lucky,\ she said. \We've never writ- ten a song independent of each other. We get on like a house on fire.\ Revvin' Up Bryan -· Is Canadian rocker Bryan Adams trying to change his image? It looked that way when the usually genteel Adams climbed onto the back of a motorcycle driven by ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones, arriving later at a postconcert party in Los Angeles with. a gang of 40 bikers, among them actor Nicolas Cage. \I needed a lift, and a cou· pie of my friends· happened by the Forum,\ Adams said offhandedly. Durin~ the · happening.\ Any· ;,chance the· Hooters, who dP.~tui!d for Adams, will be join\JJ.g the gang? uNo, . Hooters guitarist. John Lilley. \We were thinking of forming a golf league, however.\ Also staying off the bikes was former Go-Go's member Belinda Carlisle. They visited Adams backstage; along with Feargal Sharkey, whQ ·con- fessed, \I can't ride a bicy- cle, let alone a motorcyle.'' Valens-ing Act - \'La Bamba' always seemed like the obvious thing for us to do,'' says Louie Perez of the Grammy-winning band Los Lobos. u I wouldn't say that we actually stayed away 'from it, but in a way we felt that it . would come off too much as a novelty.\ That changed, however, when they were asked to record the song for Caring Studen·ts .. needed to volunteer to spend tl:me with , troubl·ed kidsl _Free Training Provided. For more informaion please call Volunteer Famf:ly Counseling· Service \Neekdays at 753·9349. ~ . ~ ~. ..._ ., • ~ ... _ .. _: ., .. I .: ' :. . \ TOURNEY THURSDAY NITE IS IMPORT . . . . l featuring over 30 DifferetitJ3rands- All for only $1.25 ···: ..... ' · tu~sday Sept. 2.- ...... ~ at Spill s~gt~> &~ubles ·BOth men· and women· · ··.·---·- · .. i ~ ~ .·· .. :· '~·: -~ --~\':.··: .. :;~:\.~:;:-~: ·_ ... · ... -.. ~ .•. ;. ~~-- ·~-·!.. , ... , •. ~:~~~~ <~-- ·,, Meanwhile, \La Bamba\ began to soar up the charts, carrying the soundtrack album - on which Los Lobos have eight songs - with it. Perez also thinks that \La Bamba\ h.as been good for the Mexican-American community. c'There are a lot of myths and stereotypes that have been promoted by media over decades,\ muses Perez. \It's nice to know that we're part of something that's positive. It's cool.\ ·· Paying for a Dance ! - .. When I was a child, my mother and I loved watching all of the great musicals on television over and over,\ said Janet Jackson. ••The dancing inspired me.,_, It's not surprising, then, that she would turn up at a party to announce that two Janet Jackson Dressing Rooms will be part of ·the soon-to-be- built Dance Gallery of Los Angeles. (Her record label; A&M, donated $50,000 to the facility.) \I :was fascinated by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly .•. and one ofthe most underrated dancers of all JEWIS NE\V Y'E:AR · BEGINS THURSDA\', SEPTEMBER 24 .----·- 'mm Kippur i., <:h tobefiJ_ · ,r.~ !hP t 11·-:h I lui·; H.!\\ l· ; I 1 'it'I111Jt•ftr1~ lflt'IH!, lt-lll JtP:.I·IJ (Hit• ·\,.\It!\ !ol'l!lllfllli· dt• ,,,1:: •II ffd' .: I~ t'! l p II ' ! ! '\ 11. t • i : f;' ~ . •' Lr: \ ( )I 'I ,tl I I 0: ... '. ~ - \-- ·... • :); >

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