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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, October 02, 1987, Image 9

Image and text provided by SUNY Cortland

Persistent link: http://dev.nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/np00190002/1987-10-02/ed-1/seq-9/

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I. BLOOM COUNTY rM7HW&H. f1(/5J'ef1. HISTO~Y. OH, lin II OONNA PI€. \ 0f(J5, ~R ... I MfiY GWlY 8£ f/ H€11T Hf/LlJJC/- NIITION, 8VT Im 5Tfi.L Y{)(JR MOTHef( liN/? YOI/'LL LISTeN TO M£,.. / I'M SIIVEP // 1/N OVTP09T OF AMtK!CIIN CIV/l/ZAT!ON /! \ ()t!VfK VENP€U cJONt5 ... IAIHA1'5 TAKIN6 50 WN& IN 1HI! o.kJHN '!_I I I / lff/T BfflJ!?£ I W, I WI~H I COf/UJ HIIV~ vWT ON£ /t10KE ~NTt.~, ~ t.OVet.Y PUti!JION ... vt15T. .. ONC ... MtJR~ .. FttrJr, mu YOtllf' MOTH&K 7HIIT YOfJ MISS H£K. / NOW r£T YOt/1? fii!T5 A80f!T Y1J1! IINIJ JI/ST &er Yo(Jr< unu f!INNY otJT Of JH/5 ast!?f Mes5 _; \... WHIIT.., fJIP WC MIS~ '!f7(J ? WHY, WE'Ve' 8€~N • C()(!NrfN(? 11ft fkJ(Jf?S · Tll. 'f(J(JR !?£1l!RN / RIGHT-' I TtU HER 171/fT YtJI! t.OV£ HER/ I H~U.O, /?tliR. \ I t.OVc Yf/, Mfl/ I WV~ Yfl / I I f?ll?r-l'r R/1/SE MY 50N 1?)~ A QI/!T'fER I /?/!?I? \ OH HIIP?Y PAY/ :ieRVc VP ONe \JVMfJO &ONZO &Vt.r OF Pltr ~P51, M15T61f CteKK /! u f&U. HCf? WHY YOfl HIIV~N'T Mf/RR/617 fl N!C£ C!/7710/..IC f?IRL !IN/? Hfl!l ICN K/0 !3Y >1XIK fl(.£. . J It..OV~ Yfl fr!/1 _I !W!l YOIJ WIU.. TAK€ CI/Kt Of 1H!IT Efll& Z! TON Y(J(/R No5&. WON'T YOII. f?E/11(? I HE 1?06SN'T 5f'E!IK &Nftt./.5H. ~ ()(/1\.? IJII$T Slr7N£C1 A tEll~! I J() we~ &<J/NG CONPO. m~ I HE'5 t/5/NG HIS \MICHAeL J!CK50N Cft(,f;fl5ffiN KIT \ llf:Jfi/N .(/ WWIT~ NfiXT? II Ct.!FT CHIN '!. 1 / :t dol\ 1 t -\1\\~K 'Wt'fe in Cor11And. .or~ Toto. The Press/Friday, October 2, 1987 /NINE DID ~ SI:I M SIZ£ CX TJ..I( WAL.L£T ON ~T Gi.N?! THE QUIGMANS ~1 Buddy Hickerson Jomdhinj Wicker th, S y.J ~J (_o [!I e S J! I!!'~ 0 oumb Los Anqeles l1mes ::;ynd1catc Yes it's time once again for a visit from that ' wacky, musical family of terrorists.

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