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hi~ I\ 0\C' will ide. I~ ugh ' b~ ina- Tiw \eC h a ca'>t t t:r I\ \t.:· ing ht.:'.., J the ican nr d [(l tic p n1 (all LH l)Jl den: here be 'but nsen Col- and ~iew hall ~up- ~.- ' The Press/I<riday, October 9, 1987/ELEVEN 1 V I E WP.O IN T Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--l OPINIONS. - IS IT uUST M6 OR PIC> ~IJ FelL A PRAMATtC SRtFrro mE RIGHT? tions are as follows. First, Kuk stated that student involvement was, at best limited, and that not enough students were interested. Jim Cullen, CCSA president last year, would strongly argue that this was not the case. Cortland College. .Jeff Rosenbloom Junior Sociology CCSA vice president What is the news? This year's CCSA president, Marlene Markee, and myself compiled a list of nearly a dozen ~tudents who were interested in the Residence Review Commit- tee. However, when we informed Ray Franco of Residence Life that we were ready to get the committe started we were inform- ;,Que? To the editor: While on a reading break from Lazarillo de Tormes, I decided to peruse The Press. I happened on Jodia Prell's article on foreign languages and I felt that I should respond. .A_..,_..,.'1 ed that it had been taken from the code. Senorita Prell, posed to hear cases of repeat of- fenders that were not serious enough lo warrant a Judicial Review Board hearing, and were more seriolls 11lan the cases heard by only dorm directors. Secondly, Kuk used the ra- tionale that since the offenses were relatively minor; the time, coordination, and money was too grand and the benefit, to students, was to small. However, a student who is found guilty at the Residence Review level may have his/her parents notified of the sanction; and in my opinior that is quite serious. Me entristeci al leer su articulo del viernes pasado. Es cierto que cada persona puede tener su pro- pia opinion, pero creo que hay unas cosas que usted debe tener \ en cuenta. Es verdad que el estudio de idiomas extranjeros es requisito, pero usted no lo debe ver asi. Aqui en Cortland, se ofrecen varios cursos de lenguas extan- jeras a varies niveles. Usted puede aprender cualquier idioma desde el principio hasta el fin, y despues de haberlo aprendido, podria hablar con miles, aun millones de personas con las cuales no podia hablar antes. Asi aprenderia mas. Asi veria un mundo que hasta entonces se habia quedado desconocido. Usted no debe ver el espanol (ni el frances tampoco) como requisito, ~ino una oportunidad de Ia cual uno se tiene que aprovechar. Traditionally if a student was 10 have his/her case heard at the Residence Review level that stu- dent would be given a choice to have his c-a..,e heard at an ad- ministrative hearing or by the Residence Rev1ew Committee. Student~ no· longer have thdl choice, and ttte idea of trial by a The abandonment of the Residence Review Committee was ju~tified by \.:ertain ad- ministrators for variom reasons ~uch as expedience, coordination, and the assumption that ~tudents were not interested. Thio; hinders o.,tudents' respon~iblity and right to govern and judge themselves. jury of peen b no l<.mgcr practic· I propose that ~tudent~ be ed at tht: Rc~idence Revic\\ more involved in the disciplinar) Board. a!>pect at all level'>, from Hall Siento que usted se sienta asi, pero ~omo decimo~: ''Cada loco con ~u tema. ·' L.a vere en Ia clase Je e-.panol. This deci~ior1 \\f.l'- aEl ad- Director Hearing~ to the Judicial rnini'>trative 'o11e that tool-.. place Review Board. The CCSA with ll\CT the ~ummer. Linda Kuk. help from the Student Associa- \ice pn:~idc1H c.1f \tudent a.ffain, tion of the State Univero.,ity in the \\a~ ultimately rc~ponsib le for coming wecb will begin working Thomas Febrey Professor_ I nternalional Communical ion- abandoning tll~ Re-.idence to achieve t-he goal of a more Revic\'. Committee. Her justifica- equitable disciplinary system at Andy Rooney------ Rejectionists give hard time to those in waiting room When y(}tl £.D 1hrough the of- fice door into tht.: \~<ait£ng room, tl_~t:~c ·.., usual!; c1 re-cept ioni'>t behmu a de,!... Sometime~ !>he'\ behind a gla..,.., pan it ion becau\e ..,he also 811!\Wcn tlu: pl1ones. I have never ~een a male recep- t ioni~t and a~ a male, I resem it. . \rvtay I llclp you?\' the recep- llontst says, r1ke a.., pie, just as if she really wanb to help you. You know darn \\ell she hates you but she tries to a\:t a.s if she's helping. You can tell she hates you because if she didn't hate you, she wouldn't make you feel as though you didn't have any business there. After taking your name she says '• Please sit down.'\ She doesn't say it in a:. nice way as though she wants you to be comfortable. She doesn\t mean it when she says \PI ell$e. '' It's more of an order she\s giving. \SIT DOWNP' is what she's really sayi11g. I don't want to give recep- tionists· the idea I'm relaxed, either. I do!l~t want them to think time doest{t matter to me and they can k~ep me waitill:g as long as they .feelli~e it once they have my we1ght ;(}f f my feet. That's why I aliVays remajn s.tanding. Gradually:, a clearly vfisible ten- si0n mounts between .me and the re~eptionist· .until she r~luctantly admits that the person l 'v:e come to see will see me. Yot~ can tell that~ if she had her way, I wouldn't get inttntil I'd darn well I'd rather find an armed guar<l -.at down I he way ..,ht? 1 old me 10. at 1 he door 1 han 1 he average I don't know \\ hy rccep- receptionist. At lea~t I know tioni\t~. who..,e job ought to be to where I stand with an armed make people feel at home, are !>O guard. He doe..,n 't give me a lot unfriendly. They ha\e a way of of artificial dt~rm. He just says making you feel un\\anted every \You can't go in there, Buddy.\ time. The receptionist !>ays, .. I'll see Receptioni.,ts at home at night if Mr. Jones is in.\ That's what must practice making people feel she says even though she knows unwanted. They ha\ e phrases darn well Mr. Jone~ is in because they use. ·she was sitting at the desk when \What is this in reference to?\ he showed up for ·work and she they ask. has seen him go to the coffee If you wanted to talk to a machine twice and the bathroom receptionist about something, once, since then. you'd have made the appoint- Just once, I'd like to be con- ment with her in the first place. fronted with an honest recep- ll 's none of her business what tionist in an office. you want to talk to her boss \Hi I'd say as I came in. about. Maybe you're someone \Ed Jones around?\ who wants the job she has. How \Yeah me ideal receptionist would that sound if you told her would say. \He's goofing off that? somewhere back there.'' \Yes. I'd like to talk to your \Can I talk to him?., • boss about geuing your job. ..Let me see if he's off the You're such a sourpuss that he's phone with his wife yet., He spent trying to find someone nice.'' the last hour talking to the school . That's what I always feel like principal about one of his kids saying. and he's having an awful time Receptionists have a hundred · collecting from an · insurance unfriendly ways of greeting peo- company on a car he cracked Up · ple who come through the door. last week. I'll see what he's doing ''Do you have an appoint- now., • ment?'' You never find a receptionist \May I say who's calling?\ like that, though. They're all the What does she mean \May I same. They ought to be called · say .. ~''? Why is she being so con- • 'rejectionists.,; desceQdirtg? .. Why doesn't she come right out and ask, 14 Whatt·s (c) 1987 TRIBUNE MEDIA your name?\ SERVICES, INC. By TOM FRISK Opinions Edilor ANAL i'SIS It is inevitable. Sooner or later, Peter. Jennings is going to call in sick at the last minute, with no one to replace him. ABC will have to find a replacement quickly. Somebody who has the facts straight. Somebody who has charisma and who is known by millions of American. What if ... \This is News in Jeopardy.'\ Today's competitors are: first, a lame-duck United States President who resides in Washington, D.C., whose interests include STAR WARS Missiles and getting his Supreme Court nomination passed through: Ronald Reagan. 1 Next, we have a Federal Court Justice frantically trying to be named to the Supreme Court: Robert Bork. Thirdly, a former democratic Presidential hopeful whose interests include Britis!h politics and plagiarism: Joseph Biden. And here's your host, Alex Trebeck. \Good evening and welcome to News in Jeopardy. Let's start with today's topics. First, we have 'Famous Quotes,' then we have 'The Nomination' and lastly, 'Political Credibility.' \Ron you've been in jeopardy for the longest of any of today's competitors, so you start.\ \Well Alex, I '11 try 'Famous Quotes' for $2 billion.\ \And the answer is: 'He sai<i, To be, or not to be.'\ \Well who is Joe Biden?\ \Though not the answer we have, your question is cor- rect. Choose another answer.'' \Well I'll go with 'The Nomination for another $2 billion.\ \And your answer is ... a' Daily Double.' How much are you willing to risk?\ \Well since I'm in my final days in this position, I'm going to risk everything I've gQt left.\ \That's quite a risky wager, Ron. And here's your answer: 'The opposition.'\ \Who are the Democrats?\ \Too bad, Ron. The answe .. we're looking for is 'Who are the Democrats and Republicans?' Choose again.\ \Nuts. Well, let's try 'Political Credibility' for $4 billion.\ \And the answer is: 'His pulblic Monkey Business led to his downfall.' \Joe you were the first to beep in. What's your ques- tion?\ \Who i~ Gary Hart?\ \You're right, Joe, for $4 billion and control of the board.'' \Alex I'd like to try 'Famous Quotes' for $2 billion.\ \And the answer is: He originally said: 'Four score and seven years ago .. .' \ \Uuuhh ... What is 'me'? I did! Yeah! That's the ticket! I did!\ \I'm ~orry. That'~ not the .. ight question we're looking for.\ \Ron? Rob? Care to take a guess?\ \Okay Rob, you beeped in before Ron. What's your question?\ \Who b Abe Lincoln?\ \That's right for $2 billion ... Well, it looks like we're out of time for this round. ~ow it's time for 'Final News in Jeopardy.' And today's News in Jeopardy' topic is: 'Political Cliches.' Write dow11 how much you want to risk.\ \Well I see that you're all done writing down your wagers. Today's 'Final News in Jeopardy' answer is: 'What the current Supreme Court nomination seems to be.' \Ron? Do you have a question for us?\ \Well Alex, I do. And I hope it's right. What is 'Gone With the Wind'?\ \No I'm sorry. And I see you risked it all. I guess the wind is out of your sails.\ \And Joe? Do you have tlle right question?\ \What is 'Slip Slidin' Away'?\ \No that's not right eithe-r. And I see that you risked everything, also. That means-t..hat you're out of the game.\ \That's all right. I'd rather speak softly and carry a big stick, anyway.\ \Rob do you have a correct question?\ \What is 'Ready to Hatch\?\ \That's right, Rob. And soon it will be 'Ready for Hatch.\ \That's all the time we have for tonight. Pete will be back tomorrow. Thanks for watching 'The News in Jeopardy.' \ The opinions of this writer do not necessarily reflect those of The Press

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