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' ' EIGHTEEN/The Press/Friday~ October 9, 1987 . Mets underachiever awards Flyers 87-88 continued from p. 19 By STEI-IIEN P. JENSEN S'ajf Writer ~l'lALYSIS The 19~7 regular baseball season is ()\er and the time has come for evaluations, planning ~u1d rewards. Sonte ()f the Ne'W York Mets might be happy I<J know that I've devised a bunch of individual awards f()r contributions, good and !>ad, to this year's 92-70, second-place squad. The awarorls are as follow: Mr. First Half: Terry Leach, p. Undefeated at the all-star break, Leach had nine wins. His final record was 11-1 -with a 3.22 ERA. Mr. )J.()mb: Jesse Orosco, p. His 11urnbers speak for themselv~s. 3-9, 4.44 ERA. Orosco dllg his own grave, yeilding game-deciding homers ill five games, in- cluding the lOth-inning killer to Luis Aguayo and the Phillies in the last week of the seas()n. Mr. l)i!1.2()pointment: [tie] Wally Backman, 2b, and Gary Carter, c. Backman's .250 average was sub-par and six doubles in 300 at bats was simply,. disappointing. Carter, surprisingly, still hit 20 homoers with 83 RBls, despite a quiet year at .235. His season ending 1-for-27 slump w.as ill-timed. Mr. Surf)rise: Howard Johnson, 3b. Just when his head was aproaching the block, he went out and had a . 265, 36, 1)9 banner year. The first 3()..30 man in Mets history (32 SB], he's young and improving. New York fans have forgotten Ray Knight. Mr. Comeback: Dwight Gooden, p. Despite his co- caine rehabilitation and public humiliation, Gooden registered a l 5-7 record and 3.21 ERA. Although his strikeouts were down, he's a legitimate Cy Young can- didate. Mr. Heat: Randy Myers, p. This guy throws hard, no questions asked. He had 90 Ks in 75 innings. His 3-6, 3.96 numbers should im- prove next year as the stop- per for the Mets. Mr. Good Effort: Barry Lyons, c. Early on, Lyons (accidentally, of CDurse) stumbled into the St. Louis Cardinal dugout on a foul pop and landed on Card ace John Tudor. Tudor was out but not for long enough. Nice try, Barry. Mr. Consistenc): Keith Hernadez, I b. As always, Hernandez was superb. A career high I R homer~ added to his .290 average and 89 RBis. No signs or fading from this legend. Incidental- ly, Hernandez did not steal a base this season. So there, Vince Coleman. Mr. Acquisition: Kevin McReynolds, If. He 4uietly went out and did the job every day. Leading the team with 590 at bats, he hit 29 homers, 95 RBis with a .276 average as the Mer-.' most dependable out fielder . Mr. Almost: l':uryl WSUC ~ommuJJity Calendar If you are an organization and wish to have your group activities publicized on the air, the \VSUC Community Calendar will do this for you. 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He decided to play ball in~ stead of sleep in during the second half and he's been quoted as saying he hopes Davey Johnson decides to stay as manager after the '88 season. All this and I still get the feeling he could be so much better. Maybe next year he'll be the first Met 50-50 man. He ha~ that potential. Mr. Rookie: Dave Magadan, l b-Jb-of. It's a shame there's nowhere for him to play. The Mets are set at the corner~ and it looks like the outfield is set as well. The line-drive hitting Magadan hit .318 with 24 RBls in 192 at bats. He needs playing time, but where? Runner up: Keith Miller, 2b. Although injured often, Miller hit .373 in 51 tric~ a~ a Met. If management decide~ do take a chance, Miller could be at second ne~t ~pr­ mg. Mr. lnjurJ: Sid Fer- nandez, p. Here's another guy who started l)Ut hot and fiuled. His 12-8 record and 3.81 ERA were wor'>e 1 han they ~ound. He v.as 3-3 after the all-star break and i' 7-7 in the ~econd half the la'>t tv.o years combined. Shoulder and weight problem'> make him e\Xnendibk. Mr. Roller Coaster: Ron Darling, p. After he promi-.- ed a great ~eason, Darling TUESDAY NITE WHOLE HAM &CHEESE SUB SJ.99 only bombed in the first half. He came hack to end up 12-8 before he, too, went down injured. The Mets' season was a solid one overall. They were near the top in most hitting and pitching categories and for the fourth straight season won over 90 games. They'll be as strong next year, as well. Things to Watch: Look for the resurgence of the Mets pitching staff. The healthy return of Darling, Fer- nandez, Bob Ojeda and Roger McDowell from the beginning will help. Gooden is back in top form, and the addition of John Candelaria, should they keep him, will be a boost. Rookies Dave Cone, John Mitchell and .lcf'f Innis are all great pro ... pect'> who need time. Look for some big trades during the off-~ca..,on, in- dulling Mookie Wil'>lHl, Rid. Aguilera, Rafael Santana, Je~se Orosco, Doug Sisk, Tim Teuffel, and maybe Fernandet, Magadan or Candelaria. Maybe for all these player~ the ~tel'. could throw in a fe\\ pia} et-, to be named later and pick up Tim Raines from !\1ontreal or Rickey Hender..,on from the Yankee~. HO\\ about one or the Mo-.eby-Harficld-Bcll trio from Toronto ... \ml \\oulun't Harold Baine' loo!.. g.ooJ in Shea? Mo'>t of all, ~thtk lm the Met-, to be better in ·~!L For now look for the <.iiant\ tu !..nock off the <. ·arfmal-. and take the ..,erie'. hockey. 5. Black Hawks: Nice uniforms, great fans, but uniforms and fans don't win games. Smythe Division I. Oilers: Wayne Gretzky. Enough said. 2. Jets: Good goal tending and Dale Hawc;fchuk can-lead the Jets into a showdown against the Oilers. 3. Kings: No sophomore jinx to stop Jim- my Carson and Luc Robitaille~ Calder Trophy winner, from carrying L.A. into contention. 4. Flames: An old team which will get older this season. 5. Canucb: Ugly uniforms. Now that .we have given a rundown of all the teams, we feel that the Flyers and the Oilers will once again fight for the oldest trophy in North America, the Stanley Cup. By winning the series in ~ix game~. the Flyer!> will ha> e their names engraved upon Lord Stanleys' Cup. Have An Enjoyable October Break - The Sports Staff THURSDAY NITE WHOLE REGUlAR MIXED COLD CUT SUB only st. 99 COMING SOON ! \ The Buck Stops Here Oct. 24 Watch for it !\ SPECIALS 5 PM - 1 AM SUNDAY NITE ANY WHOLE SINGLE MEAT SUB. BAG OF CHIPS AND A MEDIUM SODA ..... only Now you c:an have dellcloue JMck Suba delivered to you at your donn &om our Cortland ato~l And If you 11M the eolq)on, you can uve 50¢1 Juat call our Cortland sto~ at 756-8281 Monday thru Sunday, 5:00-Midnlght. and we'll dellveT your meal. G~at auba. fallt dellwry, and 50¢ oft . . . what a great dinner-time tnatl CALL JRECK SUBS AT 756-8281 Five Foot Party Subs Also Available $29.99-$32.99 WE DELIVER! ...... ; : ; • ..J_£ -+• o ••. o. 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