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line 28 :id- IOt, the cr, oal .hi ... rc., inJ l~h. thl' II\ of ... De the 1\ly a ·I. :orgc ICilCh Ro~c u.amc iaccd rcles~ until uding 10~5 ;UNY Red ~ames ncseo .!fSU~ ~ STATE UNIVERSITY. OF NEW YORK, COLLEGE AT CORTLAND . February 5, 1988 Volume XVIII Number 13 Dormitory rate- increase---- - By AMY COLUCCI News Editor Stu9ents living on campus next year will be hit with a dorm increase. According to Ray Franco, director of residence life, the room in- crease will be 2.3 percent. This works out to $40, which will be split between two semesters, said Franco. The reasons for the in- crease is be~ause of salary in- creases and building maintenance, said Franco. Supplies and equipment are increasing by four percent, Franco continued, and it is assumed the- new contracts for next year will ask for a five to six percent increase. But this year there was an unexpected · increase of students which caused a surplus of money. Franco said it's not good business to run on the surplus because the following year you'll need to ask for double the in- crease to fill up the suplus ac- count. The surplus is used for the unexpected and \it's important to maintain a large reserve,\ Franc.9 said. There is building or pro- gram improvements totaling $150,000 which is where part of the room increase will go, said Franco. A better cable system with 35 channels will be installed, said Franco. This project has a $30,000 start up fee. The locking systems on residence hall doors will be replaced in one building which will cost $21,000, said Franco. Shea Hall is the tenative building for this proiect. said Franco. Alger· Hall is the tenative building for a bathroom fix- up which will cost $22-23,000, said Franco. The expansion of the night clerk program to seven days a week will cost $55,000, said Franco. Franco calls the $40 a \modest increase\. SUNY expects the average room in- crease to be four percent so Franco said SUCC is doing well. February is BlaCk History Month By Dawn Steinman ~tafj Writer February is being recogniz- ed as Black History Month. \Black History Month, originally was started om 1926 by the Father of black history, Carter G. Witson,\ said James McKee coor- dinator of Black History Month at the State Universi- ty College at Cortland. \Whitson thought a week should be set aside for the people to put an effort into Black History\ said McKee. This week was later turned in to a month. \Traditionally all of February is set aside for the month of black history\ said Mckee. There will be four of five programs, such as the Gospel Choir Singers, and a lecture by Reverend Doctor Samuel K. Proctor, who is the Paster of the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem. He will be speaking on February 10. The Black Student Union also offers many programs during this month. The sponsors of Black History Month are the Minority of Women's study center, along with dhe parents of Dr. Proctor. The Black Student Union Spon- sors this month out of their own student activity funds. ''This montd is open do all. The primary purposes is the education to all students and faculty. Black History is something that is defintely under- studied. Blacks have made many important contribu- tions and many of these con- tributions have not been recognized, \said McKee. Bfack History Month aims to do something about this. Many black historical figures have not been recognized. An example of this would be Dr. Charles Drew who discovered the technique of blood preservation. He founded the American Red Cross blood bank in 1941. Very few people have ever heard of him and yer he is one of America's premiere scientists and scholars, said McKee. The year 1941 is very im- portant to us. Not only was the blood bank a valuable addition to us, but Drew 'also established a similar blood bank in Great Britain and in France.\ McKee finished by saying \He resigned in protest after the board wanted to segregate \White'' blood from \black\ blood.\ Judicial process revie~ed By A. A. MURPHY Staff Writer dent Association, before the Administration could remove the Residence Review During the Spring Board it should have con- Semester of 1987, the Ad- suited the College Council. ministration at the State In regards to the codes and University College at Cort- the College Councils authori- land removed the Residence ty, Rosenbloom cited Educa- Review Board from the ranks tion Law, Section 356 as of the judicial system of the stating circumstances when college. College Council should be According to the Code of consulted. It states; \.::ttJ.at Student Rights and Respon- from time to time, the Co'h. sibilities from the 1986-1987 lege Council will alter and school year, the Residence amend such regulations [on Review Board was another 'governing the conduct and vehicle for administering behavior of students~] ~er­ di$eiplinary action to the taining to the affairs ·of •the st'Ud~nts; Ws status as to institution.\ Rosenbl:crom d:egr~e: of disciplinary action said this notification never that could be taken was took place. . ~ottieWhete between the Ad.; · ~ In response to the temo.v:ru ·-.nl~~Stfa:d\le · hearings of of the RRB; CCSA f()tim~d a ~ .. ··norm · ®ir.ectors and the · student committee td rev:iew Jrtcli'dal ·,Review Board, ac.. the codes and put toget'h~•f a .. cording to· 'the code. proposal, accordiri,g t' 'to Acco·rd1n·g to Jeff Rosenbloom. The mam ob- ·. · RGsenbldom, Vice-President jective of the committee, said ,.,~ pJJii~.~Pt.)l~QQ:.Go~J~~e~ §N• ... ~~~~~~l!J?~·. ~as to attemot to make the code more equitable to stadents. Last semester Rosenbloom says a proposal was submitted to James Clark, President of SUCC and Linda Kuk, Vice-President for Stu- dent Affairs. According to CCSA, the answer to the proposal was that it was too premature. Last semester a new posi- tion was created within \Residence Life. The new position was one of Judicial Coordinator and was filled by former Dorm Director of Randall Hall. Lisa Diko. Ac- cording to her job descrip- tion, one of the duties to be exercised was to review the codes; every tw;o years . Rosenbloom says that an Ad- ministrative Committee was formed to mak~ 'any revi:.. siam; and that they first met January 27, 1988 •. Although an agenda was set, Rosenbloom· was Ul)set when it was ap- ~. '> • ;

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