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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, February 12, 1988, Image 12

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TWEL VE/Tbe.,Press/Friday, February 12, 1988 ..... ' .. ·• \' 'i}lJ~Nf ffilt fjll THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME ~ ~ ~~® by Henri_A~nold and Bob Lee Un~ramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form - _/ four ordinary words. ..,. - PLfO t ( JJ I I I 1] ILOWLEYj c) I I) A <:;UY SL.APPE~ I-IlM ON TWE SACK A NO THEN ASI<EC' HIM 'THJtS. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as sug- gested by the above cartoon. Answer:How'REb II)\[X I X li1J\? rAnswers·tomoftow)· d • I Jumbles: LYING PRIOR TEMPeR DEPUTY Vester ay s Answer: He didn't speak to h1s w1fo:? tor a whole week because. he didn't wam to oc this- INTERRUPT Now back In alack, Jumble Book No. 38 Ia av•llabla lor $2.50, which lncludu poatall8 ond handling, trom Jumblo, c/o thl1 newap•por, P.O. Box 4356, Orlando, FL 32B02-4J66. Include your nama, eddrua end zip code •nd maka your chock payable to Nowapaporbooka. (answer to crossword puzzle appears in next weeks issue) ACROSS 1 A _FOR AIL SEASONS 4 FRESH-WATER ASH 8 \TilE YOUNGER\ I 2 FOUND IN NUCI.EUS OF CELLS 13 ALTEROF\AHOODI\ 14 CORROSIVE IS MOTOR OR. BRAND 16 FLOWER SMEUJNG BUJJ.. 18 WOODWJNDINSlRUMe-IT 20 PHYSICAL PERSON 21 TO MISREPRESENT 23EXAMPLE 2SPARADISE 26TREAD VGENDER 30PA~ 31IRREUGIOUS 321RON 33 scour GROUP 341ACKADAY 3S PIMPLE 36VENISON 37 ESllMATES 38 GK. GODDESS OF TilE E.AR'm 40DESERVE 41 D~CUNED 1939 NOBEL PRIZE (GER.) 440RRA 47DRY 48 KEG 49 TOY 50 OWINGS 51 SCORCH 52 GIC NUMBER SEVEN DOWN I OPERATIONAL DEGREE 2FORMfelDE 3PAS1RY 4 \HYMN TO TilE PIU.ORY\ STOONESIDE 6PULLMAN 7 RESPECTED IN ACADEMIA BKIAK 9Pl.ATO 10 PE'ITJ'E 11 ____ MAN our 17 NOilW. POET 19GRAlN 21 DROP 22MARGIN 23CUBAN 24ARAK.S 26 FAUiEHOOD Tl ANNOTATE 28CANAL 29 DRIVE•IN (\AMERICAN GRAFfTll\) 31 HYMN 3SFORBID 36FEAT 37YACHf 38TEACJtER 39ACRAVAT -40)CELANDIC Ul\ERARY WORK 41BASE 42REJECJ' 43 A BOOK OF TlmBIBIB 4SPERIOD 46 ADM. DEGREE \'!·· By DAN PIRARO. THE BO·RN ·LOSER® p IT ~HA~'SLI~D ~ MI~D, 61W. ~APPLB. GON6ilATOI.ATIONS~ HO~ I'Ll ~E 'tOO H~ N~1.-T '<eA~! ' . - \.QQ\(~\~\,'0\\.\.. \. ~~\ ~ ~DUR ~\ \\\IE. '0'{ '\'\\\~. ~t:e.o~~. ~'0 . \ Vf)~\ t.~ ~\!£ \\\t)~~. by Art Sansom !,UI·L ... I'LL Tt«E CA~ OF ll\AT lOMCf!roW! V,. AAD r!M ~~ IT \NitL'J BE IN ACI..a!O~f-' WHH ~T 'ttXJ WIU.. ~ON 1040~~--- t 1

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