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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, February 19, 1988, Image 20

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. ·. t ,, TWENTY /Tbe Ptess!Friday, February 19, 1988 . LOVE TH£ PATH OF THE SUN To Shannon Morning, the beginning of life The. beginning of the sun It dismisses the lonliness of the night It shines upon the earth and receives warmth back Like our love in the beginning. Afternoon, the sun is strong-at its peak Burning through any cloud to show its power Knowing the earth needs its warmth tQ survive Giving warmth every day Never seeming to end Like our love in the middle-at its peak. Evening a sunset over the earth Burning bright colors The flames of the setting sun Filling the dusk with life -Still trying- -Not giving up- I am drowning into a \\\''r ... -· .. viict\'\ my life ... but a knot caught in the <!epth of my being. Regurgitating, · I sucking, · slowly poisoning the very fi re of my subconscious. stilling my strands of thoughts ... of memories of a bygone era. It pulls me deeper and deeper clutching my heart with a grip of cold chains freezing my lips from sounds of hysterical terror. Seducing my mind and soul Dragging my passion into a whirl of speechless hours. I And yet my eyes still brave and strong seeks the sun. Imploring Only until the bright colors-the life Succumb to the dark and lonliness Like our love in the end. Our lQve has taken this path The path of the sun it to enter this lifeless sh~ill·oe•o.•.--\\_.,._..__~.__..1)41 ... ..,._,.._..,. .. taunting Will it ever rise again? teasing it to restore her sanity As she plays a seductress of a liar. Thor Wasbattlm IF EVER BE MINE .. .. - .. -~=='=:- _lf ev.er there was a woman that I wanted to know, . It woUld be that old fashioned one always on the go. SURVIVAL We criticize so much to that we cannot recognize what is reality in our lives. We look for change we anticipate, and we are not careful ·We lose sight of something so beautiful and we hide behind things we believe to be real but under it all we are in a world of make-believe and losing sight of our goals, and until we can clear a path in our tangled lives there is little hope for survival in our society. Kathryn Zona Running, dieting, weight she looses, money she wins. Just between you and me, both, I hope something begins. Whenever we are together, my heart pounds so strong. For it is your company and sweetness that I long. Your hair is beautiful, body so fine, and your eyes glimmer brown. If right now I had to choose, it'd be you I'd place my arms around, Since the first time we talked for SQ many hours, I've wanted to ask you this and send you flowers; It 'tis the season for love so divine. Therefore, now I ask, please, oh please, be mine. A BAD DREAM I don't really remember all of it. I think Kern Allen Swoboda all I wanted was to get somewhere. I still do not knbw where to go, although I know nQ\V, that I should have gone another way. It didn't make a difference then if I was wrortg or right. But I lost my rights, ancl my friends~ It seemed the easiest way at the time. But time has changed since then, I'm doing it now, instead of living it. Everyday I hope that this is all a bad dr¢am, anq I will wake up soon. But it won't be soon enough. Dave DiCesare Aruna Ba/ladin OLIVE BRIOOE Smoky smell of a log burning Fills the air and takes me back tQ a place that I yearn. Yes, it was many seasons ago When I walked about a Countryside so filled with nature; abounding with purity. And it was there that there fire blazed throughout the day - To warm my body, and the smell to fill my air. And it was then that I was complete. To ·awake to a misty sunrise Fall asleep to the lull of the crickets. To walk down a winding path And bring a bouguet of springtime home for the mantle. And it ·was then that I knew love. To watch an orange salamander Scurry about After the rainfall, And to stand on the olive bridge and look out onto the landscape In complete silence. It was· many seasons ago. And I :have not known anything since to be comparable to that time. Stacey Payette .,._,.. ..

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