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The Press/Friday, February 19, 1988/FIVE p : s \-' ·.·.·.· ______ .. ' .· .· .· .' .' .' .' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .' .' .' .' .' .· _· t t It I SUCC student visits Nicaragua B-y CATHY M(:DERMOTT Staff Writer Where did )IOU spend your January break? Did you spend it at llorne or maybe even visit Florida'? How about Nicaragua? Well, one of our Cortland students spent his break in Nicaragua. Clark Tiger, originally from Manhattan, is a senior construction of a communi- ty center. This work was ac- complished in the town of Nindiri in the Masaya Pro- vince, which is located south of Managua. l'hrough Tiger's observa- tions, he had the opportunity to converse with the town in- habitants. Tiger was able to communicate through the help of a delegation member due to his limited spanish v()cabulary. In August of 1987, the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, proposed the Arias Peace Plan. Signed by Central American countries, the peace plan contained pro- visions for such fundamental freedoms in the area of press, assembly and a step towards democratic reform. Daniel· Ortega has promised to im- plement the provisions of the Arias plan. There have been noticeable increases in freedom, one area being the press. However, the opposi- One sociopolitical problem tion feels that the only reason deals with protest. The peo- for such reforms is an at- ple of Nicaragua do not have tempt to halt Contra aid. J~Q.y,.. .. ,,V..J$~~ t~,. currs.p,t.,., . h 'f . . educattonaJ· system. The peo:. . 'Ftger feels t at I lt IS ple of Nicaragua are con- . possible, \To pull of.f tion of al>o11t 30,000. g•sclthatt~irchils.U:_e~re ::.andther Grenada':, then tt members that w~ fonned.toq . till' a , yj:ry ~jjjt:d ~woold be benefictal t~ the promote free JaboT develop-· po 'tical education. As a ~people of Nicarag~a tf the ment and help ~ommunities ,.~ptdt.plaDY have refused to ~U.S. took such actu;m~. O~e in need. Tiger was part of llie' · send\ltietrctrilclrtn -to 1 ~!'se mu§t realize that th!s .1s still here at Cortlarld. He got the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua thr~:tugh the AFL- CIO. AFL-ClO assists CUS Confederation of Trade Union Unity, ail organiza- first group ()fa n.ew program government institutions. another countr¥'s ctvtl w.CU:• to go to l'licar~tgua to aid Tiger feels that the educa- and that there ts much dtvt- CUS. Part· of Tiger!s wor.k. tional situtation is pan of the sion of opinion among the including participating in tlie present day .social problem. social classes. Clark Tjger,iff!o visjted Nicaragua for a mooth Messiness is the life for me KERRI ll\ ALESSANDRO Stu}f Writer My moth;er cleans the sinks with car wax. She says it makes them shiny. This act in itself W()uldn~t be so bad, if she didn't make me come and see h()w great she says they look every time she did it. I could be W()rking on an experiment to cure cancer and she wo11ldn~t care. I have to come down. I tread downstairs in expectation of some soft of earth shattering sight, and I get a shiny sink. ''Now dMsn 't that look . nice?\ She smil;es proudly at me. I, however will give her no credit fGr tnis feat. \It smells like a '72 Vega mom.'' I am then inf()rmed of my general obn()xiousness. That I just can't admit that she is brilliant when it comes to these thin1s- About 2 minutes lat~r I g<> to wash my hands. We'll call this Death Wish 1#1. \What are you do- ing1! Are you cr~y?!, I am at this point- being- attacked by a crazed woman flailing a large kitchen knife. ''I just cleaned that!!, '\But Mom, it's water. Water is clean!., It looks messy, I'm told. Silly me. I tell my enraged mother that 1 have n<> idea what came over me and I'm going to go upstairs alld rethink my morals and values and what is really im- portant in my life. She seems to think this is a good idea, arld while I'm at it I should make my bed. My father puts my socks on my bed when I leave them on the floor. He seems to think this is a reasonable reaction to the situation. I think he is a loony. Over Christmas. vacation I left my bathroom in disarray over- nigllt. I'll call this Death Wish #2. I was greeted the next morning by my usually sane father putting everything that was on my bathroom counters on my bed. I mean everything. Have you ever slept with the entire Vidal Sasson line of products? Well I have, along with various toiletries. It's not a comfortable situation. Perhaps I should just list the actions and/ or attitudes that warrant a Death Wish in my present home residence. Death Wish #3 - Laying on any of the pillows in the living room. There are about 12 pillows in the room and I'm not allowed to touch any of them. According to my mother, I'll mush them. \Then why are they there?\ I ask~ knowing it is my duty as a daughter not to let her get off that easy. ''They're for show.\ \Who are we go- ing to show them to?\ She doesn't care to explain.to me, and proves it by shoving a vacuum in my face and poin- ting to \he floor. closet. According to my Deafh Wish lj4 - fpt~Lng_ , . parents, clothes iJ?- a closet .. the Milk back m a different look messy. What 1f we were part of the refrigerator then I to have guests? What if they found it in. \Kerri why couldn't see the little pink can't you just put it back bows my mother put on the where you found it? Is it that hangers just for them? Once much to ask? You know I again I am informed of my spend a lot of time organiz- general insanity in household ing the refrigerator.\ I ex- situations. plain to my mother that I was Death Wish #7 - Finally, on drugs at the time of the in- the worst thing to do is tell cident, wasn't in control of my parents that they are ex- my actions, and could she cessively neat. The result is please get me help. She never total mayhem in the happy seems to think I'm funny at home. I am immediately in- this point. formed of my incredible pig- Death Wish #5 - Asking gyness and asked if I'd rather my mother why it takes her 2 live in a sty, and be with my hours to put away the own kind. groceries after she goes shop- My parents constantly tell ping. This will result in an ex- me that they will never visit tremely informative lecture me when I get my own house. on the merit of proper pantry They are positive it will be a organization. This gets very scene out of Return of the technical when speaking of Living Dead. Part II. They spice racks. are probably right. Why Death Wish #6 - Hanging doesn't that seem so bad to any of my coats in the hall me? elp me, Rhonda! -. Dear Rho11fla, I have admired a girl from .. ajar\ for the past two years. She is in two of my classes this semester and I always mt~fce a point to let her know wllo 1 am. I tend to stare at her. I think she thinks T'm crazy. Who knows, I probably am. One of these days Pll get up the· guts to asA ller oui. What. in your opinion, wo~t~ld be the best way;? Should I let her know thtlt rm infatuated with her tJr just play H cool and act subtly'} I think about this a loi. Maybe you can give me stJme help. Signed, Infatuated and Uns'lfre Dear Infatuated, Two years? It's time to make your move. For starters, please don't tell her that you are infatuated with her. That's guaranteed to scare her away. I have a hunch that you don't want that to happen, so let's try a different tactic. Doe's she have a boy- rriend? If so, forget it; look so~;n~where else. Let's be op- timistic and assume that we're working under· positive conditions, which in fact we are. She is. in tw~ of your classes, and this means you •have something in common. Ask to borrow notes, or ask her for a study date! Do you sit near her in class'? This will facilitaft: the \Do you want to study together?\ tactic. Don't worry about the word tactic, by the way. You've got to be strategic, active. This romance stuff is going to pass you by unless you act now. Time is ruiming out! The worst th~t can happen is she'll say no. Then you can move on.. But she may Say. yes, and that could be the beginning of a ''beautiful relationship!\ Hey - you'll never know until you try. · Go for it, Rhonda Dear Rhonda, I am madly in love with a girl that happens to be my lit- tle sister in my fraternity. · The problem is that she has a boyfriend, t~nd sees our rela- tionship as one of friendship. I do not want to get between ·her and her boyfriend, but I can 't stop thinking abollt her. What should I do? Signed, An Admirer From Ajar xoxo _ Dear Admirer, Oh, how many times have we experienced this kind of frustration! If you are positive that she's the one and only gitl that will make you happy, wait. Be her friend and she will appreciate you. Maybe she'll break up with him and you can sneak in and take his place. On a more realistic note, I think you have to find another, more available, subject to admire. It may be difficult, since you are involved in ac- tivities with your present crush, but do yourself a favor and move on. There are so many fish in the seal! Find one swimming alone (con't on page 8) ---- 4 ·-r--- • - ... ----- -\\:' ..... ~:..

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