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' ' ' I I : I I ' : : ' i I . ' The Press/Friday, February 19. 1988/SEVEN Joyce Jillson's astrological guide By JOYCE JILLSON Tribune Media Service Major astrological hap- penings influence not only the events of this week but extending into the next decade. Space cadets come down to terra firma while those level-headed, serious types turn into metaphysical explorers. All· in all, it's a great time for getting rid of old fossils -- be they people, ideas,. emotions or organiza- tions -- and taking only the best of the past to create new institutions. By Tuesday you '11 be reeling under this nice aspect. But beware: with Saturn entering Capricorn and Uranus not close behind, everyone from the President on down will have to add more discipline to his/her life; feather weights can no longer get by on charm and a paste-up job. Grandparents help out financially. For those altering your career choices, the mystical powers are on your side .. ARIES (March 21-April 19). Hard and fast rules bend for you on Thursday and Saturday -- if.:you.'xe ready to act. You impress others with your drive an~ concehtration this week,b ·· on't~uc~,IJ9i,b·. to false fl~ .}frolr.i jealdus competito·f :; · is·week, b\~Ji to persuade you to stop your work. You've shirked a romantic question long enough; you'll get an answer on Saturday. Plan a trip out of town this weekend. A Gemini or Sag professor is not as tough as you think. Work done outside of class boosts your grade point. Keep to a study plan or research project; this is no time to drop the ball. Success could be yours by March 1. As for a new love, select a Taurus or Pisces. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You're letting someone walk all over you; make a fe..w demands on Tuesday or Friday, otherwise the rela- tionship -- and your self- esteem -- will tumble~ Gossip holds a kernel of truth, so listen. A new campus interest is a double-edged sword; it improves your study skills, . but cuts into study time. Either set up a very strict plan, or recognize problems so your stress level doesn't go sky-high. Ta~kle weight, smoking or other personal problems next week; right now there's too much going on. A technical slip-up (not your fault) could cost you or your organization money. Keep a sharp lookout for finaicial discrepancies. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Some superficial job, study or test will be taken far more seriously than you realize. Your circle of friends can expand on Wednesday; disregard what your crowd says and welcome these new people. Mark Wednesday as a day of celebration; you win something or get some special attention. Start your weekend love search at midweek; Libras and Sagit- tarians are eager for your wit and humor. You may fall madly for someone who's already taken ... but knowing you, that shouldn't be a pro- blem. Your appearance mat- ters ·on Thursday. Others .. ?f?Dt :ro'....lmow they can rely · ''(1tf' ~you permanan tl y, however you 'II have some concerns about this added responsibility. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Sentimental you, still brooding over Valentine's Day? Stop, because Saturn and Capricorn are going to bring you love, power and success through wonderful new relationships. And lucky you, this will last for several years. This is a great week to talk with parents and others you need on your side when making a school change. Moves or summer courses could also give you better in- sight into a career decision. You're inclined to dismiss a recurrent complaint but heed this now. Elders, teachers or others could try to convince you that a feeling you have is hat's a By ARIANE KEMP Special to the press A WHAT??? No, I don't know ..... What is a Whitaker'? .... Oh yea! Is that like when you brush your teeth and immediately after- wards drink orange juice -then decide it was better ly- ing in bed dying to brush your teeth? .... No?! Oh ..... I guess that's called something else. A Whitaker ..... Do we sell those in the vending machines? No, that's a Whatchamacallit. Hmm ..... I think my dad's friend is one, kinda like a moose or elk or was it a lion? .... Or maybe .... Is it a thing that you cut carrots with? What!? You mean we have one on campus? .•.. NO WAY!!! Does every campus have ene? WAIT •• ,you mean there's a hall· on campus named after one of those? OH .• OK ... I' get it. . I didn't know that . . A Whitaker must be speci~l. But how? Do. people. who st~y · ·tbefe ,ge( .S'P·~t~:l privilages <>ver evetyone,eJse? No? Then what makes it dif;, fe.rent? OH .. · .• '.it;s a \progra.mming-special in- terest hall.\ I have special interests. I like collecting frogs and play- ing racquetball.. ... and pro- gramming? Oh, like on T.V. when you see offers for pro- gramming institutes where you learn to be an executive in three quiGk and easy weeks? No, that's not it.. ... OH! Each resident is re- quired to organize a program like a. works}lop, hall picnic, ski trip or something that in- terests them? Oh, that sounds like fun. Could I organize and coordinate a frog day and have a scientist from Cornell come lecture on frog life and have a frog awateness nighj? Yea!? Wow, you mean I can make things, happen in the hall, on campus, or even in the com- munity? I like that! WEll .. .I don't know, I like being involved but I need tim~ to study. I'm involved with other .stuff on c~pus and I'm on academic proba- tion. The hall has 24 hour quiet atmo&phere? It's an- <hipp~rcl~~sm~ hall? .. You. IJl~at!.:I don~:t\:h~~e:. to go to the bbrary e~eryttme I want quiet? Wow that saves me a lot of ,runni,ng around .... WAIT ...• And I ''inappropriate.'' Again, follow your heart. You're lucky with Virgos. · LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It's OK to forget promises to others but not to yourself; your inner code of behavior is what ought to rule you. A best friend may not share your value system, causing you bo~h grief. On Friday talks with advisors can relieve a lot of pressure. A very slick report needs a bit more substance; try to deliver this by Friday. Stick with an exercise program or extracurricular activity for one more week; results are then visible. Things having to do with pets are lucky; yours could become a sorority /fraternity mascot. By encouraging a student or relative in some new sport or activity, you actually im- prove your own perfor- mance. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). For once let the child in you out to explore or take chances. Last minute study- ing on Monday is a big help. If a science experiment needs faculty support, ask on Wednesday. Financial wor- ries bother you on Friday - needlessly. Saturday brings a flood of good news: new jobs, lost items returned, a good word from your parents or step-parents. Get solid backing before you jump into an outrageous academic project; while you will be lucky for the next 10 days with this, the final out- come depends on getting higher-ups to support the idea from its conception. Romantic memories are not as sweet as they once were. Look for a new Gemini love. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). You have so much flexibility in your schedule now that you've lost your sense of discipline; reintroduce some order starting Monday. Pro- posals for jobs, new academic funding or awards are best sent o~t before Thursday. You achieve a scholastic goal by Friday, but could also sleep when mt and I won't beinter ted every night around am byblasting music or lily partiers playing quart on my T.V.? No unne ary fire drills Sunday morning at 6am? This is unreal. Well, I don't know ... .l'm used tobe- ing tripled and having people constantly disturb me. I like waiting for showers in the morning .... .itgives me ex- cuses to skip class cause I'll be late anyway. I don't know .. .I should stop making excuses. My dad says I need an atmosphere condusiv~ to my studies and social growth, but I'll miss my roommates and friends in my old hall. I know the woman who clean the bathrooms very well and call her by her first name and everything. People are vety receptive, warm, and friendly there? The rooms have a great view of the Waterworks and there's usually a bathroom to every four people? WOW! I think I'll ask to be moved there! Yea ... 1'm gonna do it! What? .... You have to be in- terviewed? ... Oh well, forget don't brag or someone may try to steal your thunder. As your popularity climbs, don't leave begind a former close buddy or roommate; this person has some talent or connection you could still use. Tally up your expenses; an Aquarius or Sag friend is spending your money or eating you out of house and home. Wait for the new week to start a new relationship. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Petty annoyances grow unless you put a stop to them Tuesday. Clashes with other teams, classmates or commit- tees drive you crazy on Thursday and Friday. You get the astrological upper hand back on Saturday. Some frank, professional guidance could help you deal with a trying family situa- tion. While Scorpios are great healers, you need to focus on your own inner · peace now. Refuse to let others blame you for their unhappiness (this is their problem). Musical talents and writing abilities peak on Thursday. As for love, be assertive on Friday and Sun- day. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Major headaches over studies, work or a love crisis can be averted by cutting the dilemma into several parts and working on the first Monday evening. You find people, especially younger professors, willing to assist if you ask early in the week. Romantically, you've broadcast your needs and/or wants far too hungri- ly; lovers you'd hoped to win may have been turned off by your straight-forward style. Take a more old-fashioned approach this week. You may do several flip-flopsoii- your priorities this month but this could work out to your advantage. You make lots of false starts on Wednesday and Thursday but expect them to lead to triumphs next wt;;ek. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Knowledge is it. that's a hassle. I don't like people judging me, let alone looking at me up and down when I'm walking with my tray in Newbig. Na .. .l don't want to go to Whitaker. .. ! like where I am now. I can deal with the noise,sillines, and messiness. What? The interview isn't bad? They make you feel comfortable rather than up- tight. They don't interrogate you? No blinding white light? Are you sure'???? Well, OK. I'll try it. Hey, thanks a lot. I'm glad I found out what a Whitaker is. When is the next time they interview? You have to at- tend an interest meeting? When? .... The 22nd and 25th of Feb.? OK ... maybe I'll see you at Whitaker those nights. If I have any other questions can I call you'! Oh, OK, I'll call tbe residence life ofice at 4724 or stop by ... I'm usually in the Van Hoesen building anyway. Gee ... Thanks! But .•. What is it called when you drink orange juice directly after brushing your teeth and with you'd just stayed in bed dying to brush your teeth ~instead? ., helpful, but common sense is vital. Flow with your own values rather than those of others. A late date on Mon- day raises your expectations for the weekend, but therein lies the problem; romance doesn't run a perfect course. Ask a pal for some hard, honest feedback. Are you turning off the opposite sex with your superior attitude? This works against you in class, too. By Thursday your tears are dry and with your willpower change comes fast. The best signs to ease you \through this week: Pisces and Gemini. The worst: Capricorn or a Taurus. On Saturday all types of negotia- tions conclude in your favor. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Start playing a new ren- dition of your song of in- dependence; that's the main issue -¥O.U 'll be dealing with this we~. Teachers, parents, even friends seem to add to your responsibilities, clashing with your free-spirit mentality. Lessen those ties, for the time being, by mak- ing difficult phone calls. Then replace them with much-needed discipline. Study habits, workout pat- tern and finances all must be dealt with immediately. Stop playing games with ad- ministrators; by stating your case succinctly you have them eating out of your hand by Friday. In love, let your partner do all the talking. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You've proven your loyalty. If someone still doesn't trust you, maybe you•re better off .out of this situation. Mystery haunts your love life. You're drawn to those not available or tb people who project .a coolness. Jazz up your war- drobe to get out of the winter rut. Dad may loosen the purse strings. Glamour jobs this summer beckon and by sending resumes out on Saturday night rather than spending time with a not-so- nice, but popular, date. On r--------l Scott- , Thanks for all your I I i I I I I i I help, we are r going to • m1ss you. -The Press I (____,_ '

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