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SIX/The Press/Friday, April 1, 19S8 CCSA PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES My name is Jett Rosenbloom and I am the Vice President of the Cort- land College Student Association. I am now look- ing to continue my commit- ment. by running for CCSA President for 1988-89. I stand out as the best can- didate for three primary reasons: my broad based ex- perience within CCSA, my proven commitment to stu- dent activisim, and my solid knowledge of student issues and concerns. Last year, I was the project coordinator of the Student Course and Teacher Evalua- tion surveys (S.C.A.T.E.). This survey provides a tool for students to use during registration, and provide an insight into what courses and teachers are best for our needs. Most importantly, S.C.A.T.E. is done by students for students. My experience on the stu- dent senate, the CCSA Ex- ~My name i:s James Longi. I hope I can rally your support so that I can serve and best represent you, for the 1988-89 academic year, as CCSA President. My hometown is Poughkeepsie, New York, about 1 Y2 hours north of New York City.- Soon after, my family moved upstate and settled in Ballston Lake, a suburb of Albany. In my younger years I par- ticipated in wrestling, baseball, football and the swim team. My other in- terests included drawing, water sports, downhill skiing and my childhood love, horses. My family and I have lived on an eleven acre ranch for close to fifteen years. As a child, dealing with horses gave me responsibilities and My name is Joe lorizzo and I am running for CCSA President. l am a junio.r studying political science, and an active member of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. Since becoming a CCSA senator last year, I have heard many concerns voiced in student government. Many of these concerns have been dealt with and many . hav~ not. The time has come · fm. someone to effectively . address these unanswered concerns. I firmly believe that I am that someone. . Having worked as an in* ·tern:. for· Senator Daniel P. ~in Wailingtoo, I).C:'Jmt .. semester, r have learned . perutions 'of governm~t '· ., .. , ... , . '\_ ecut1ve Hoarct, and the finan- cial board has made me aware of important student concerns on campus, and has given me the knowledge necessary to act on these con- cerns effectively. As a student representative to tile faculty senate, I have developed relationships that have helped me provide a strong student voice on issues which concern students. These issues include the at- tendance policy, the General Education program, and the. parent notification policy. skills that I today still use. I attended Burnt Hills- Ballston Lake High school where I was a member of the scho()l paper, Latin club, was elected homeroom represen- tative, senator of the Student Government Association, and played four years of football. All of these ac- tivities helped to teach me how to work with people and accomplish goals. A.s a member of the clas~ of 1!)85, I carefully looked at mwy colleges and other alternatives. I chose Cort- land because of its location, people and balance of academics and sports. A!:> a junior, I feel I've been a very active student. While paying attention to my grades, I have played football and rugby for one year each, I've that calu)ot be taught in stu .. dent government. Qt iii , the cl!l.S~JX),Qt1J~ lha~ tb¢ :plea~ure of · worling' · wfth . m·a'ny gove~nment~l ~gencies and acg11ired:s~lls ori'b.>w t() cut-· ' ' : ;\•c • • ~' • • As vice president of CCSA this year, I have gained in- valuable skill and knowledge that my opponents do not possess. As outlined by the CCSA constitution, the primary tasks of the vice president are to assist the president, and to oversee committees. I have fulfilled both of these tasks in the last year. As the assistant to the president, I have learned about the position; and I am prepared to do that task to the best of my ability. Neither of my opponents can make this claim. As president I will con- tinue my commitment to fight for students' needs. Students deserve safe and adequate off campus hou!:>- ing. In recent weeks I have been in contact with Mayor Marty Mack. I have expre~s- ed to him the need for safe housing in Cortland. I plan this summer to do an intern- ship with the Mayor. I will been m the math dub and ROTC, and participated in numerous intramural ac- tivities. As a sophomore I joined Beta Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Platoon Leaders Course of the Marine Corps. the PLC pro- gram has really helped pull all of my knowledge of work- through \red-tape\ of bureacracy in order to get something done. But most important, were the oppor- tunities I had to listen to con- stituent problems, and the chance to respond to them. With this invaluable ex- perience, I can assure the students of Cortland that I am qualified for the office of CCSA President. Since returning from Washington, I have become aware of the current issuei' confronting succ.stl1del1ts: . the 'financ,ial difficulti.es of· the .athletic budget, . ~he ne¢essiiy · <lf. better· off cam- pus stu<l~nt repr~sentation, ,fb¢ need.: for a safer. campus specifically be working on housing codes and enforce- ment. The students need to take an active role and re- initiate the Cortland Oft Ca}llpus Organization (COCO). Coco will educate and protect students as they move off campus. On campus, oven.:rowded dorms are destructive to study and bring down the standard of living. We can not accept overcrowding like that of this past fall. Students should exercise rights as tenants, and should enter into lease agreements. The license that students now sign takes away the protec- tion provided to tenants by law. · Programming on campu!» must be maintained and fostered. The arts and cultural events are a good way to bring Cortland Col- lege closer to the communi tv. Athletic evenb are also a great way to unit~ the college and the wmmunity. Cort- ing v.ith people and ac- cornpli~hing goal-. together. I abo enjoy working \\.itll animal~. boating and downhill ~kiing. Some of you may know me as the Domino·~ man. I work two to three night~ a week delivering pizza!.. You may abo have '>een me giving ~.:ol­ lege tours. I feelrny Cortland tour was very in tluential in my decision of what college to attend. I hope I've had a po~itive influence on the student~ I've given tour~ to. My job in admi~~ion:-. i\ th•: rno~t important and rewar- ding job I've ever held. ru me, the most important thing in Cortland is the students. In all of my a~:­ tivities and social functions, for women, and the recent prohibition of alcohol in Fit- zgerald Hall. Of course these issues must be acted upon, but we must not limit ourselves to the above. We must,Iook wward the future of Cortland Colle$!c As CCSA President, I would restructure the Judicial Review Board, land College has one of the largest athletic programs in the SUNY system. CCSA provides 41 percent or over $200,000 of its annual budget to athletics. Our athletic pro- gram brings many students to Cortland, and also gives the college national and even internal ion a I recognition. For t he~e reasons CCSA must be committed to main- taining the highest quality athletic program possible. Finally, ~tudents must par- ticipate in those decisions which affect us. It will take a ~trong: leader who has earned the respect of college ad- ministrators to ensure that our strong voice i~ heard. I have been that ~t rong -.t uden t leader in the past and would like to continue as CCSA pre~ident. I will need your help, )Our input, your in- volvernent, and mo.., I your \Ole for Rme11bloom CCSA dent April 6 and 7. of all Jdf pre..,i- l'q: met >onH.: ol the greatc-.t pcorle, and have made 'orne or IllY be-.t friend .... It i-. for )OU, ihe ... rmknh of Cortland Colleg,~. that I am running for Pre .... iticnt ol the Student A!'.!\cH.:iation. The job demand~ a \\-CII rounded '>Ill- dent who reprc\cnh the en- 1 ire ..,t udent bodv and I am the be~t per ... on for the job. !\.J) future plan ... are quite certain and ('hallenging. I will be graduating in the '>pr- ing l) r 1989 a-. an offil:cr i 11 the USMC. From there I ~o tl> Quantico Virginia, for fi~e month.., and then to Pcn- 'icola. Florida for anpro,. imately .one and a half yean of flight training. Once m~ militarr career ha ... cndeu, I ltoJlC to pur..,ue a career in rubli~.: or national rclatiom.. bodies at Cortland. Further, I propose that CCSA invest in buying a bus to reduce the travel costs of campus organizations, and that we should increase the lecture !land substantially. These are only a few .or the many ideas I have to enhance the future of SUCC. because student& seem to · . The time: has come for com main that · th~if ~JRB SUCC to' M.ve a leader with heanngs are ,so~etJmes un- new ideas and innovation. fair. 1 would create a: Student 1;nraugk these idea~, I will Advis~rY. Coltncil that~ould. cl,.dkat*. mysel~ .t·e the repr.e:S'en.t stU:4~.ttts : before student~· of Cortland Cot:: JRB, just as public defenders r~-ge. -:,.: tet' me put rn'y do in . our justice syste!ll• Washington experience t~ Also, this Council\\I()Uld··a<t;.~ wq.rk fgr you, as your CCSA · ·: Y~,g~ioQf~~~~~~~~Jl~~!~i.t~t~lk~¥~~.:~;!~~·~~~~.: .· < , \·''\'. , ~

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