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ME RHONDA, HELP, HELP, ME RHONDA.\ Sincerely, A SHY GUY Dear Shy, . First of all, the girl you speak of is very lucky to have a friend like you, one who has been there through thick and thin. You have been very selfless and sensitive. I'm sure she appreciates your concern and loyalty. For too long you have har- bored feelings for her that make you miserable when you don't act on them. However, the chance to act on them seems tD have come ana gone, once again. If it makes your heart a bit lighter and puts your mind at ease, tell her how you feel. However, don't expect that she'll treak up with her new boyfriend because you assert your fellings. Word processors are donated Special to The Press The Cortland County Dr. Martin Luther King Com- mission of the New York State Martin Luther King Jr. Commission i'> calling upon fa..:ulty, staff and '>tudents to Ct)tnmemorate the as~a.,~ina­ tion of Dr. King twenty year:-. ago with a College teach-in during the week of April 4th. Dr. King was a-,!>a!>sinated in Memphis, Tennc'>'>Ce during a campaign on behalf of the garbage worker-. in that city. A one hnur program is planned for 12:00 noon, April 4th, to tah.e place on the 'tep' of Cort:y Uninn. (In •.:a~c of inclement weather, tht• Exhibition l.oung~: will be available to Lh in~ Cme~ llninn). Beginning at II :JO, Prore ........ or l·red Bidt:r, \lu..,ic, \\ill pre,cnt a medley of tune.., 011 the l·arillion. 'llle Cmnmi ........ inn i.., prepar- ing a pad.et nt materiah to be.: maJe a\ailahle that in- dude.., h:ing', \lctll'f !\rom 11Jc BirmirH!.IIam Jail.\ lhme\er. tlu: -( ·nmmi~..,ion i, rart i~ularl\ inter~.:'-led in lla\- ing fanJit). lllcmher-., Ut:\elop their 0\\11 crcati\e <lllu in- t d IL'et ual approad1c-., 1 hat \ill permit them to incnr- poratl' h111g ·, phihl,oph~ in their da,..,room teaching Jur- ing the week of April 4th. ·The current racial and political climate in the coun- try ~hould provide much fod- der for c.kliberation and di..,cussion. EYE ON THE PRIZE, one of the mo'>t popular pro- gram-., of all times on PBS, i:-, now available through Sperry L RC and the college lihrarv. It 'ohould be of '>pel'i<il intert:'>t to tho-.e !\aeult v in the humanitic~. the -.oeial· -.cienee-,, and prorc~­ '>ional q uuie..,, part icularl) education major'. I· or mort' ii1 format ion a no a-,-.i-.tance n11 planning ynur t.:ach-in act j, ity, contact rom Ne'' kirk in the HW of- !\ice. Racial 'ioknce i.., on the ri..,c in thi-. country. Other minoritie-. arc increa'>ingly corning under attack. Manv nf ll\ are lllllra!!ed vet we fed helple..,, aht~ut 'the role ''c ... twulu pia) in confron- tin!:! thi-. prohlem. One wav to comhat thi' ,erhe o.f hclplt.~..,..,,le\\ i.., to \let our huL·ket' U0\\11 \\here v.e an:.\ A teach-in i' a ... tart, not only for our .... rudent-.,, hut for our,che'. It could \cr~ well be the '>park to kin- dle the ne\t revolution_ Recruiters On Campus Webster Fitness Oub sb~n up for interviews in the Career Planning & Placement Interviews- April 6 & 7 11-4 p.m. Fitness Director P.E. and I or Health Majors 2 Facilities: Rochester and Webster Fitness Oub .......... ·~· ~· .......................... ,..,. =~*'\\.\''\\•r.. ... ,,...,,, .. ,...,,,,..,, .. ,.,.., • .., • ..,.,..,.,,.,.,.., ,..,. .... ,,.,.,,,.,. .......... •-•-• •-•-·•-••No~~•-,..: ATTENTION • HIGH SCHOOL .JUNIORS ttt SENIORS • COLLEGE FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORES ttt GRADUATE STUDENTS $4.000.000,000 FOR COLLEGE * Regardless of family income * Regardless of class rank Tbat's rigbtll There is over $4 Billion available in private scholarships, grants, and low interest loans every year. Mucb of it is not even applied for We can match you to some of the over 200,000 · financial aid sources availa.,le. FOR FREE INFORMATION, WRITE TO : NATIONAL COLLEGIATE SERVICES 130 ELAlrtE DRIVE BINGHAMTOrt, N.Y. 13905 Please rush me tbe FREE information on bow I can obtain sources for private $$$ for college: STUDENT NAME STREET ADDRESS ------------- SCHOOL ATTErtOirtG __ __..,._ ________ _ Clt'\'/'STATE·, ZIP--------------- = H.S;.J'R. L H.S.SR. ' = COLL.FR. = COLL.SOFH. -GRADUATE c.s. 4/l/88 '. •' \ I ~ ,.1' •• I think you should con- tinue your friendship, but put your feelings for her behind you. Unless she breaks up with her boyfriend, it won't do you any good to think about the possibility of a relations.hip with her. What you need to do is move on to new relation- ships. Yes, tl)at is relation- ship with an (s). That's not to say you should be a snake! I Italy for the summer Special to The Press Make your summer vaca- tion this year an adventure to remember. Instead of the u~ual humdrum trip, try a month-long stay in the Italian Alps! Univer-,ity of New Orleans International Studv Pro- gram-, will ho'>t thi~ year's Brunncnberg St uJy Tour l\1ay 26-.June 26. The Brun- nenberg ca,tlc-farrnhouo,e- mLht!UI~ L\omplc' i.., located in [)nrf rirol, a lmcly .vi-llage in the r\lcrano Valle\ of nor- thern llaly. A lucky -grnup of ..,t udenh \\ill earn college credit while li\ ing anJ work- ing here. The program i~ open to auulh in good ht:alth who are interc..,tcJ in alpine life and ~.:ulture. Participant!> live in a renov atcd Tyrolean far- mlwu-.c and take thdr noon meal at the Brunnenberg Ca..,tle. The' t:nroll in a 1 hree-crcdi1 · hour English Cotlf\e, The Medieval ca~t lc in Italian I iterature, and \Vork in the ... .-a .... tle mu-.eum. Field trip-. anJ tutoring in (ierman .111d Italian will be availahle.• \II >International Studie-, f'J•H~Ja!ll'>, P.O. Bo. 1315-B, u1;1\ er,ity of Ne Orleam, l.akelront Campm, New Orlean::,, l:A · 70\48 • l )verstuffed Sandwiches • Guunnet Burgers • fmger Foods <.... urner of (_ ourt & Main 753·77 53 The Press/Friday, April t, 1988/NINE don't think you've got it in you anyhow. You simply need a little practice in the risk-taking department. Try to take small risks to your self-esteem where you won't be jeopardizing a lot. For ex- ample, ask a girl in ·one of your classes for a study date. Begin to spend more time in social situations with other girls. These will be trial and error experiences which will give you more confidence (lud clue you into what you need to find m a girl. ·Don't forget. .. this is sup- posed to be fun, not painful! Once Y9.U decide to put her behind you, you can get on with your life. Put a little adventure in your life! Get a trusted friend to set you up on a blind date with so- meone. Maybe it will work out for you, too! Go For It! Rhonda Martin L. King is remembered College Relations The Smith Corona Cor- poration has donated ten personal word processors each Lo Tompkins Cortland Community Colleg~: and State University College at Cortland. At Tompkins Cortland Community College, some or the PWP-. are being put tt1 usc in the ~ecretarial science laboratory while others arc being placed in ad- mini<.,~rati\c office'> at the College. At Cortland college, the word proce'>Sllf'> will be used for imtructional pur- po!>e'. Jack McGrath, viL\e pre~i­ dent of operation~ anJ engineering at Smith Cor· ona, '>aid that the company is \happy to donate this nev. product to our local colleges in a spirit of L\ivie respon- sibility. We arc very proud of the educational instilutiom in Cortla.nd County and of the job they are doing for the people of our <,~ate.\ Community College Pre'>i- dent Eduardo J. Marti ~aid that 1he college l·ommunity i~ \delightt:d to receive these machine'> -,ince they represent the state or the art in truly portable word proces~or\. Our students will benefit greatly from becoming familiar with this type of word proccswr. Vv' e are truly grateful for thi-. gcnerou-. donation by a local company that has always been helpful to our college.\ Cortland College Pre~i­ dent James M. (lark aho v. as com pl imen tary of the generous ~pirit of Smith Cor- ona and its management. \Smith Corona ha.., been among the leader.., lol·allv in ~uppo~rting the ad\ ancen1ent of the communi!\,'· he 'aid. The L\Ornpany':-. ·gift to the two college~ i~ a fine example llf the community intereo.,t demonstrated by Smith Cor- ona people. We accept the donation with appreciation, knowing that the new PWP\ will get full usc in our \Hiting: programs.\ The PWP<o arc compact, lightweight, and easily por- table. They represent innova- tion in both technology and de .... ign for pero.,onal word processing unih, according to Smith Corona officiab. The machine\ provide a '>tan- dard typing mode ao., well a'> word proccs'>ing capabilitie<o using a \Data Di'>k\ with editing, memory, and prin- ting compo~crll5. \4 TAVERN OF GREAT REKNOWN\ JACI DAIIELSOI'S INCREDIBLE EDIBLES & POTF\'il POfABLt::~ • Soups, Salads, Quiche • Scrumptious Desserts • Exotic Drinks Serving: Mon. - Sat. I lam -9:30pm Free Taco Bar .Monday Nights 81....... • ........ Gut, Ami» IJSY ·- ,__ • ..,. AJPiil&' 7 Tompkins StreefCortland N·Y· 753,9045

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