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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, September 09, 1988, Image 10

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TEN/The Press/1-'riday. September 9,1988 Wishful Thinking The other night I made a wish upon a star ... Then my star flew across the sky. You say, Jason Cotton Hounsell it was only a plane- But I like to think it was a shooting star. WHISTLE OF THE WIND About the shore there's a familiar sound a whistle in the wind. Listen to its hum and let the melody Watch ... as the gulls dance to a tune of which soothe the soul. we have no understanding. Soog of tranquility. Whispers of those gone by. I look toward the heavens, And my gaze slowly meets the sea. Two vast places, Both of the unknown. Gulls circle above me. Their language echoes in You say, my wish bit the dust- But I'll bet you, it'll come true real soon .. Poetry By Jennifer A. Boyle • .. ,, I 11 ~~ .SF 1~ :51\ .;~fjfj ~F J!- ,§F Drippings fhrough clogged slits of an orange squeezer. AF .:E§i= s• .IS' 55,F -= Unscrambling \W's\, \O's'' .. R's'', \D's\ In Alphabet soup. A catepillar changing To form a monarch. Ripping green skin off a banana. White water rapids swhooshing Into a calm black pool. my mind. .§ P J!S! Special secrets known only to them. \\ He is here, J! 1 ~un re.~ecting reds, oranges, yellows .. ~ • On t~1hght clouds. A~ r Blendmg. J! f;j Linda Potrajke sF' amongst this beauty. ~p J =: ~,. The breeze becomes , ·a bit stronger And the hum a bit clearer. ..a;;; f§F .LF 4' .:iS: ,$!!\ A sign from above that those lost ..J§' §F .:!=- live, Within the whistle ~Ji\ of the wind A? ~·I Stacey Payette A Call For Love Be ready oh heart of mine To show yourself to the world for the wind is whispering your name be afraid not of those who close their hearts away Let them swell in their darkness But you and I must be ready To burst forth And conquer all the dust Shielding our eyes We have to show those lingering in the shadows that life is nothing without a risk Oh be ready loving heart of mine I can hear the trees calling You and the birds Anticipating your arrival Burst forth my heart The world awaits thee. By Aruna Balladin And Wished maybe a dust rose red that glazed rolling paper near as he could tell the col()f rings of lipstick distinguishing her butts from his and wished by she he were, li l<e cigarettes, kissed \ ' A .. I

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