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ST.ATE UNIVERSITY. OF NEW YORK, COLLEGE AT CORTLAND Volume XIX Nu1111~r 5 October 7, 1988 The inside scoop: Is fraternity report based on hearsay? By PAMELA KU.JAW A Co-news Editor and KELLY HOGAN Assistant News Editor Much controversy sur- rounds the recently released report regarding the in- vestigation of the State University College at Cor- tland'S fraternities. Preside•:~ Jame<> M. Clark appointed a comru~ttee to assess repeated and chronic complaints lodged against two fraternities, Beta Phi Ep- silon and Delta Kappa Beta. The committee consisted of: Peter Lalla, Public Safety, Diane Lavett, Biology, William Mandicott, Student Lire, Jeffrey Rosenbloom, student, and was chaired by Robert Spitzer, Political Science. As a result of the un- publicized investigation con- , ducted last spring, the two fraternities are being accused of such behaviors as such hazing, drunken brawls, physical abuse of their girlfriends, and abuse of alcohol. The conditions of the fraternity houses were also a concern of the com- mittee. ''One . sided negative press could l:le devastating to the in- terest in our fraternity.'' -Delta Kappa Beta However, according to the brothers of Beta and Kappa the validity of this report re- mains in question. The report states that cer- tain Cortland fraternities have been hazing. Kappa was sp-ecifically cited to be physically and ment!lll-y abusive of their pledges. Kappa 'Treasurer James Lyke denies these charges defen- ding~ \'The claim is based purely <>n heaisay.\ From the . information given by outside sources, the committee concluded in the report, \Without question, the Beta house is a serious firetrap .. .light fixtures suspended only by their wires, inadequate emergency exits, dangerous structural problems, overused and poorly maintained ap- pliances ... plumbing, inade- quate and inoperative fire alarm systems ... \ Ironically chairperson Spitzer has never entered the Beta house, nor have any committee members. Since the report was writ- ten [last spring] both Beta and Kappa have made substantial repairs to their houses making these allega- tions, according to the brothers, \old news.\ Specific repairs mentioned by Jamie Block, president of Beta, include: \The installa· tion of fire doors, a fire alarm system, exit signs, a hot water heater, and renovations of hallways, stairwells, and kitchen.' ' How-ever, Spitzer \seriou ~ly doubts if changes of suffiicant magnitude have occurei since May to war- rant slsnificant ~hanges in ''I W()uld be happy to · defencl this report m front of a judge {)r any()n~ else.\ -Robert Spitzer the rep<>rt. '' Spitzer urges these fr <lternities that if they indeed llave made tile necessa .. y renovations, they should ()pen their doors a11d invite officials back. B()th Beta md Kappa said they were lll.<>re than willing to oblige. _The nnteptions of the com- mitte~ -wete not to sancti <>n the fraternities, but to become more of a guiding hand. Despite the committee's intentions, the fraternities feel this is an at- tack against them. According to Spitzer, it was not meant to be an attad. \It was critical - but not an attack.\ ''Although we a-t Delta Kappa are extremely upset with this report, we do realize that it addresses a lot of important issues. But it is also important to note that many of these issues have already been addressed by us, the fraternity,'' stated Lyke, Kappa tr~asurer. The fraternities feel that the greatest injustice done to them is the unprofessional manner in which the in- vestigastion was handled. Block, Beta president con- cluded, \We just don't understand why they didn't work with us, instead of against us.\ Student's vote has im -. ctonfuture By KAffiY HUGHES Staff Writer As election day 'ap- proaches, ·Cortland State students are becoming aware of the impact their votes will have on the future of this na- tion. Monday at 8 pm there was a lecture sponsored by members of Cortland's Democratic Committee and by students supporting the election of Michael Dukakis to the Presidency. The meeting opened with com- ments from Jennifer Vogt, who spoke of her recent trip to hear Rev. Jesse Jackson voice his opinions about Dukak:is and the upcoming election. Jackson fully sup- ported Dukakis, and also stressed the importance of students getting involved in the election. \When Young America moves, all of Inside This Wtek News ................................... 1-3 Editorial ................................. 8 Entertainment ........................ 10-12. Opinions .......................•....... 8-9 Insights ....... : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... 12 Sports ......................... - ..... l4al6 Qu()te of the week: \Education is the first resort as well as the last, for a worldwide solution o.f the problem or freedom.\-H. M. KaUen opinion, the problems of the people will be addressed only if Dukakis is elected in November. As a member of the Democratic Victory Team '88, Linda Dombrow, anothe-r guest speaker, feels Bush believes the country is as good as it is going to get. Dukakis, on the other hand, thinks this nation has much room for improvement. \We will transmit this country greater, better, stronger, pro- uder, and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us,'' Dukakis is quoted as saying. Dombrow has con- fidence that with Dukakis as President, America will ultimately be more pro- sperous. · Jennifer Vogt explained, ccwe are the future. We have a say in what will happen in tto·\'er the next four years. \ Although the meeting only America moves,\ he said, candid<ltes Bush and consisted of speakers who trying to encourage students Dukakis.. Mack feels Bush is are staunch supporters of to play a part in shaping basing his campaign on the Michael Dukakis for Presi- tomorrow by exercising their last eigh1 y()ars of the Reagan dent, the underlying theme right'to vote today. administration. He said Bush was the importance of Cortland's Mayor Marty claims Dukakis lacks pas- students showing an interest Mack, guest speaker, stated sion; Mack suggested Bush in their future by taking ad- his views about Presidential lacks con passion. In Mack's vantage of their right to vote. ~~-----~--------~~------------------------~ ree ra e a success KATHRYN ZONA Co-news ~ditor The Cystic Fibrosis Foun- dation gained much support this weekend at the Homecoming football game. Tau !'!Epa Epsilon in con- junctior. with Delta Phi EJJ- silon ra.ised, through raffle Licket5, $250.00 for cystic fibrosis research. This iis tltes second annual event W\hicil TKE and Delta Phi Epsilon sponsored. Tony Abicca, public rela- tions for TKE said that Delta Phi Epsilon must, as a na- tional sorority, partake in this event, and that TKE has volunteered to help Delt'a Phi Epsilon in the raffle. '

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