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The Press/Friday. October ll, 1988/SEVENTEEN The Lady Without the Champ t· \' ·ue last two weeks I .~ .. e read the Daily News, ,,J about eight times the pa!w headline sported ames of Mike Tyson . liOin Givens. During ~~ time, we had ·Llal campaigning, 1 rump buying Ea~~.:' ,, Airlines, Tawana B. ~...:: pleading guilty, and crime. So why on earth does th~ Tyson squabble make headlines? Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. Don't believe the hype; how can you not believe the hype when everyday it's something else? It's like a soap opera series. They can call it 'As the Robin Flies, So Do the Days of Our Lives.' I became so disturbed and ag- gitated reading different hap- penings about Tyson not knowing where the truth lay. Tyson is a manic depressive. No, Tyson is ·not a manic depressive. Tyson tried to commit suicide. No, Tyson did not. Robin divorces Tyson. No, Tyson claims an- nulment. Where does all of this begin, and when is it go- · ing to end? I like Mike Tyson. Call me crazy, but I like the guy. It's just a shame that p.eople, the media, and the press, portray him as a villain. Get off his back and maybe, just maybe for a week, he can live a peaceful life. And this-whole 20/20 Barbara Walters escapade is such a joke. It is almost like the Morton Downey Jr. Show. If anyone is to blame for Mike Tyson's attitude and lifestyle, then blame that on the streets. He grew up as a streetfighter with very little in terms of wealth and education. Fun for Mike Tyson is just hang- ing out with his street bud- dies. He doesn't need fancy -clothes, money, cars, and houses. I think Robin Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper, are two evil people. They just wanted some of Mike Tysoq.'s 50 million dollars. Did you know that them main re~son the two got mar- ried was because Ruth Roper told Mike Tyson that her daughter Robin was preg- nant? Now, I know that would have had me thinking of marriage and church bells ringing. illness.\ He openly admits he is a manic depressive. Then, two weeks later, Tyson claimed he was not a manic depressive as diagnosed by another doctor. No wonder Robin didn't want him to get a second opinion. The truth hwts. Robin is the cause of it all, along with her sidekick and mother, Ruth Roper. After Tyson's car acci- dent, Roper ordered Tyson to be diagnosed by one of her doctors. It was at this point in time when the doctor claimed that Tyson was a manic depressive. The two ladies want control over Tyson, just like the: Tyson video cartridge for Nintendo. ROB ADAMO Talkin rts When the two appeared on 20/20 with Barbara Walters, ·Robin stated that she is \very much afraid of him\. She said that he was a manic depressive. She said he tried to commit suicide. For cry- One thing I woUld like to ing out loud she simply make clear is that there is brainwashed him. She then alot to know about Mike went on to tell Walters that Tyson. Before you very recently she has become speculate, hear me out. afraid of Michael. Robin clmms that life with All of Tyson's life has the heavyweight champion been an uphill battle. He had has been ''pure hell.'' One · , no real family. Camille perfect example of how . Ewald adopted Tyson and Givens is munipulating rasied him as best she could. Tyson follows. During the Tyson never really had Walters interview Robin was tender-loving care. We all asked if she thought Mike know that we need some was a manic depressive. TLC. People wonder why Givens said \Michael is a Tyson can't be happy inside. manic depressive.\ Tyson You can't change Mike added \This is a situation T:yson, you have to love him which I am dealing with my for what he is. He is hllft in- Intramural Basketball Referees - nee,~ed urgently Opportunity to: Develop Leadership Skills Make ~oney. ·Serve Your Fellow Cortland Students Have Lots ~f Fun Work With Great People No Experience Needed Contfict CIA Headquarters Today at 4960 DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! o~~-......- .... --..---··----- . ...., .... _. ti'> :.- ternally and externally,. men- tally and physically, i11 that he allows his emotions to get the best of him. Well, just about all of Tyson's life thus far has been a war. He is a wounded soldier trying to survive as best he can. When Tyson -was a tee 1 neger, Cus D' Amato adopted him. A year later, Cils died. Then in March of 1988, the late great Jimmy Jacobs died. Jacobs was a close friend and manager of Tyson. Tben, about one day later, Robin and Mike put a 1.9 miUion dollar down-payment on a 4 million dollar New Jersey mansion. Do you think that Robin cared that Jimmy died? No! . The whole problem bet- ween the two is that they are of two extremes. Tyson is a person brought up ~ith nothing, who wound up with a fortune. Robin alwa:ys had some money, a good edl!ca- tion. and a loving mother. Robin is very used to getting her own way. When tlley married, she told Tyson that she comes as a package v.rith her mother. Now that is in- securtiy. Then Tyson has to deal with Robin complaining that if her husband makes so much money, then she wants it all allocated for. S<J, Bill Cayhton, Tyson's manager, saw a large slash in his \aychecks. The never ending saga of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens is like a Shakespearean olay. The SPRING BREAK TOUR PROMOTER- ESCORT. Energetic person, (M/F/), to take sign-ups for our FLORIDA tours.l'ie ·furnish all mat-· erials for a s~c cessfulpromotjon. Good PAY and FUN. Call CAMPUS MARKETING at -227(1_ • I. I~ ' Supplies furnished. • Guaranteed details. • Send SASE. Wr~e: . 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And this house is nothing like Lite houses you see on television from Ed McMahon's clearing house giveaway. This is an estate and then some. On April 11, Givens demanded to have Tyson's money allocated and forced him to tighten his budget. On May 8, Tyson crashed his $200.000 Bentley. Later that night, Givens slapped Tyson for having a condom in his jacket pocket. Well, if your girlfriend's mother tell you that her daughter is pregnant, then you should make certain that you have a condom or two in your pocket. On September 4, Tyson was hospitalized and treated with Lithium for his so-called manic depressive state. On September 30, Barbara Walters interviewed the two. Why? They wanted the truth revealed to everyone. On October 2, Tyson went berserk and hurled furniture as Robin and mommy left. On OCtober 3, Givens mov- ed into momma's place. On October 5, Tyson sent a flat truck to Givens' mother's house to pick up a Lam- borghini she was driving. Continued on pg. 9 GOVERNMENT HOMES from $1 [U repair]. Delin- quent tax property. Repossessions. Call (1] 805-687-6000 Ext. Gh- 5245 fur current repo list. On campus travel r~epresentative or organiza- tion needed to promote Spr- ing Break trip to Florida. Earn money, free trips and valuable work experience. Call Inter-:,Campus Programs at 1-800-433-7747. Cortland Off Campus Organization Attend a meeting on Oct. 26 at 7:00 in Corey Union Exhibition Lounge with Mayor Marty Mack Personals Carolyn, Here today gone to ~aui 1 1 miss you. L1nda To the Founding Sisters of SOT: We arse friends forever, sharing everything together always understan- ding just how much the other cares. Friends forever- And when the rest have gone it's you who will be there for me, my friends. You guys are the BREATEST! Love, JEC - Jeff- \Soon you will be home at those promises will nat have to be remade, but will come true simply because we love each ~ t h e r .. \ Am y Hi Robert! I miss you. How's life at Garlstad? Keep well.' Love, Linda ..

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