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.. EIGHTEEN/The Prem~/Frlday, November 4,1988 sure he lost sight in one eye. Even he did. Then came the penalty to Rick Tocchet, the verdict was guilty for 10 games. 10, 20. 30 games. Tocchet could miss the whole season, but if rookie Chynoweth was blind in one eye, all the games missed by Tocchet wouldn't make up for it. Think about it. A man kills one of your loved ones. You lose your loved one and we have to bring it to profes- sional sports. The Islanders want to get even and seek and-eye for and eye. Then an arm for an arm, a leg for a leg and so on. Tocchet could have ended Dean Chynoweth's career and damaged his health. How do I feel about this incident? Angered would describe my feelings . Why? Besides the fact that it was a else r .~.ushment takes place. This applies to everything but hockey. In hockey you get commended for harming a player. That 20 year old defenseman named Dean Chynoweth, cannot partake in any physical activity for two weeks and cannot engage in body contact for four weeks. My calculations have it that he will roughly miss teams try to avoid. If injuries do happen, it is because players try to perform too hard or their intensity carries them afar. Other injuries are caused by fluke incidents. But never, never do you see injuries in other sports linked to violence and fighting. Boxing excluded. In hockey, most injuries occur from fighting. So whether you are physically injured or injured The other day I went to a boxing match and a hockey • fight broke out. Just kid- ding, but in all seriousness something must be done with Lhe violence in hockey. I've been to many hockey games before, and I will admit that once in a while I will hope for a fight. I don't know why, out something about it adds excitement to the game. This theory I developed was about two years ago. Today, when I go to a hockey game I like to see a well played game with less violence. I'm willing to bet that if hockey fighting was banned the seats would stand bare. Why? It is our society. We like to see teeth flying, eyes gouged, ard heads cut open. Don't we see enough of this in the boxing ring? Something has to be done soon about hockey fighting. I suggest much more stringent penalties rather than these lenient two or th.ree missed game penalties. Just another night at the fights I can't remember atten- ding a hockey game and not witnessing a melee. The other night I caught part of the Islanders-Flyers game. I saw the most enraging fight with Flyers Rick Tocchet and Islanders rookie Dean Chynoweth. I would like to say that hockey is somewhat like professional wrestling but at least I know that in pro-wrestling the fights are staged and blood packets are available. In hockey there are no blood packets and staged fights. Come to think of it I would rather see staged fights rather than humans being battered, bmised, and beaten. Well, getting back to the game, Rick Tocchet gave Dean Chynoweth a nice fuji thumb to the eye. That was just touching! I thought for ROB ADAMO by means of penalty, you are still losing key players. You know, I saw a cartoon in a newspaper the other day that perfectly summed up my regretful feelings toward the NHL. O.K. I'll share the car- toon with you. Two players are standing on a hillside with tears in their eyes gazing at a tombstone reading \R.I.P. Charles ALLSTAR-24 year old hockey star - killed in Madison Square Garden while engaging in a· hockey fight.\ A beautiful cartoon it was indeed. What I mean is will it take something like this before the NHL takes ac- tion against hockey fights. Forget about making money and crowds, protect in- dividuals, after all what comes first, health or r---- 1 I I I I I this murderer goes to jail. Either way you have lost so- meone dear to you and that person can't be brought back. I think the NHL will wait until an almost fatal in- cident occurs before they start cracking down of fighting regulations. What evolves from this Islander--Flyer feud. I'll tell you what. Tune your televi- sion sets to the next Islander- Flyer meeting on December 22. The Islanders openly stated they will seek vengeance. Good, just what this society needs, more violence. Like, there isn't enough of it in the streets so- cheap shot, it just substan- tiates my feelings toward the NHL's feebleness they demonstrate. Their so-called disciplinary procedures do very little to deter violence, in fact they promote it. Hey, call over Don King, he can promote hockey fights as well as boxing. Really, he'll do anything for a little money. If this incident wasn't enough, I can name a hun- dred. Last Friday night Ed- monton's Mark Messiser knocked out four teeth of Vancouver's Rich Sutter. In today's society one must be responsible for his actions or -------- -------- -------- ----, BEAT ITHACA PEP RALLY Fri. \ov. 4 at 7 pm PER Main Gym Honoring our RED DRAGO\ FOOTBALL TEAM I I I I I I I . I ~Free Admission .....____.. • Coach Dennis Kayser • Mayor Marty Mack • Cheerleaders • Klckllne Sponsered by tbe Inter-Greek Coancll and .the Student flctlvltles Board. I I I I -------' 15-20 games. Where do all these hockey fights end? A broken jaw one day ,a gauged eye anpther and a slash to the chest a third day. Be serious! I don't know what is worse the drug rules or fighting rules? I'm no expert but something has to be done. · Usually, professional athletes are portrayed as heroic figureheads. We like to cherish these athletes and above all protect them. Will somebody please relay this to Brian O'Neill, the NHL's ex- ecutive vice president. In most other sports, injuries are something players and wealth? ., LAWYER ON CAMPUS Where: When: What For: CCSA Conference . 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