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, f I:~~~ .' ·'' ~lt.·•, ··-f .. ~.! ·: /l',.~f<lJ .rt1 TEN{fhe Press/Friday. February 6, 1989 h ~·--· ·--.-- .. ---- ~ - Don't read this! By Maryam Tasnif Assiswlll Entertainment Editor Now that I've sunk ~o to get your attention, the least you could do is continue reading! Hail Cortland State student~! It has now become my mission in life to provide you with a weekly piece of high-quality writing. Each week you will have the pleasure of reading the most non-political, non- thought provoking. almost non-sensical article you ever thought possible. All you have to do to follow my article is to have the l.Q. of slime mold and everything will be hunky-dory. I will provide you with useless tnformation, the outcomes of my silly-surveys and petty-polls and will generally leave you feelling more than ~lightllly amused; or so I think My fiN official Press survey this semester consisted of asking (or rather pestering) people to tell me what it is that they hated most and loved most about being back hear at good 'ole SUNY, Cortland. I know yoll arc dying to see what I came up with, so here goes! What I hate about being back at school... Being back. Getting up early. Not having my degree. Taking tests. Going to classses. Messy apartments. No mores Mom to pick up after me. Not being able to watch 'Day's of Our Lives' because of a cia~~ conflict. Not enough sleep. No sleep. Not being able to find a parking space. Not having a car. My room-mate. Li~tening to phonic~. Not having my own bed to sleep in. Getting up early. The weather. No '>now. No sun. Walking up the hill! Paying tuition, and all those political things. Going through drop and add, having an advisor mi~~ing for two days, finally being accepted into Painting I and having to pay a $64 supplies fee. Fighting the flu. Room-mate didn't come back and I owe my ex-boyfriend $45. Boring l\la!->scs crowded in hot, icky. stu!Ty rooms with professors who have loudand booming voices. The food. Not having time to eat and my hectic schedule ( unsarcastically said). And last but not least .... getting wierd phone ccalls, like this one. (P.S. This survcr wa!-> done mainly by phone) What I love about being back at school... ... Partying. Freedom. Seeing the people I know and love. Seeing dear Pat. Graduating. Always being around people. Never a dull moment. Spring Break, Summer Vacation. Getting away from the peace and quiet Corey Food. Edu :no professor. Seeing old girlfriends again. Not seeing certain old girlfriends again. I am thrilled to death. everything is marvellous. The country-side. That I might be able to eta 4.0 and that I get to see John All and Joe Iorizzo again. I'm just happy to see Joe. I love the friendly community. The energenic professors who really care. Being able to go to JD's happy hour. Psyched to see a study done for the animal behaviour class. My carefree schedule(sarcasm). Marie Kitts selling tickets. Seeing old friends, State University College at Cortland Department of Music presents Music Department Faculty and Friends Music Based on Folk/National Legends and Sdngs AGE OF .. KEl\IP'S N~NE DAlES PERFORMED IN\ A DAt'l~\CE FRO.U LONDON TO NOlt.WICD.\ (1600.) TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1989, at 8:00P.M. Ruth E. Dowd Fine Arts Theatre/Recital Hall ......... -------~··- ·----- ---·- .,.. ___ ;.._ .. __ ... -- ... ----~-·-. • Rating 1tllile reell 8y CHRIS GRIFFITH Business Manager and Staff Wrirer Hey readers: Well, 1989 is off to a good start , bringing with it many terrific new films. By now most of us have probably seen movies such as Beaches or WorkinR Girl, but for those of us who have not, I will review them. Beaches is based on the best selling novel written by Iris Dart. It is the story of two women who meet as children on a beach in Atlantic City, and how they maintain an on-off friendship throughout adulthood. Beaches stars Bette Midler in one of her finest performances to date. She plays a struggling actress who eventually makes it big through- out the course of her life. It also stars Barbara Hershey, a rich, well educated girl who wants to find herself, outside of having every- thing given to her. Beaches is very touching. It will make you \laugh a little. cry a little\ be- cause after all, \that's the glory of love!\ Also out now is Wcn·kinR Girl . This film is styled in the fashion of the 1986 hit The Secret of My Success. It is about a struggling secretary from Staten Island, played by Melanie Griffith (no relation). who devises a plan to climb the corporate ladder by posing as her own boss, played by Sigomey Weaver. It is a romantic, comical, entertaining film which stars Harrison Ford, as a media consolent who helps Griffitl! on her road to success The film has been nominated for best picture. Previews this week include: Torch Song Trilo[?y which is based on the award winning Broadway play. It is about the ups and downs of the life of a drag queen, and his struggle for love, jealousy, and self doubt in the 70's. This film stars Harvey Fier- stein, Mathew Broderick, and Anne Bancroft. If you were wondering what ever became of • 'Mr.Saturday Night Fever' himself-John Tra- volta, then wonder no more. He is in a new film titled The Experts. It is about two experts who know what's hip in America, and who are recruited to open up a typical American night club in Russia. What they don't know is that the club is a training ground for com- mie spys. The film also stars charles martin smith ( Untouch- ables). Also coming is a new romantic comedy titled Her Alibi . This film stars Tom Selleck as a mystery writer who becomes the alibi of a beautiful woman. played by model Paulina Porizkova, who has been accused of murder. VCR releases include: Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. It is packed with action from beginning to end, taking place in a forty story building in L.A .. Also out is Bull Durham . It is another romantic comedy about America's other favorite pastime: Baseball and sex team up in this comedy about life, love, and the high hard fast- ball. It stars Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. Until next week, 'Til see you at the cinema!\ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Members needed Join the Cortland State Emergency Squad • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SUNY Cortland's student run : emergency medical service No experience needed We will train . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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