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petitors will be living up to the motto of \Big and hard at C- State.\ There is no doubt in an>one·.., mind that having a health). well proportioned body IS an as~et. The term bodybuild- ing Jill.· an\ nm~tructmg that wild phy..,tque ;ou haw always longed for. Tht• ..,port ha..., 'een a draslll' 'urge over the year'> and more and more people arc getting in- volved. Bodybtulding takes a greut tical of willpower, patiem:c, and de,ire. Btl! in the: end you devdt>p :-.ell-confidence . ...,df-rc- liance. and pride in ltt'hieving tht· tmdy you had alway' wanted. The Greatest Show on Earth \Big and Hard at C-State\ One of the biggest in- dustries today is health clubs. Athletes at Cortland can train at various places like PER. Crown City. The YMCA. and YWCA. Health clubs all over are being lift the skinnier I get. I think it has a reverse affect on me. I tried doing split routine work outs, heading down to the gym at 6a.m. in the mqming. Expecting to be the lone ranger, I notice a young gentleman diligently at work. Having introduced myself and doing some investigating I learned that Steve Frag&le will be going for Mr. Cortland 1989. Here ill Cortland State. <l ~roup of determined student'> have '>ur..:ceeded in admini~tering what ~iII bt: tht: fourth annual ( \ortland State: l)hy~i4uc Show. J'hc ~huw 1~ hL·adcd hy a trio uf ringmt:n Tom RH:hanbon. Jtm Haley. and M ilc: krlan. The Ltc· ulty adv t\or i-, Lee Roberts. B:y KOB ADAMO Sports Editor Eastern US competition and the guest poser John DiMartino. who conlpl·ted tn \1r. U.S.A. All the JUd!,!e' htghly acclaimed the '>hov. and ... aid that it wa-, cmeofthe be ... t ;md well org.anited ~how:- they ll;td c:vc:r done. Held at the PER Arena. the -,how i..., open to any Cortland Col kgc: -,tudcnt regi'>tered for at ka..,t t >ne academiL· ... emc...,ter and a ti !teen dollar enlr) fl'c i .... re- quir-ed. L.i\t Wednc:..,day all ph)- bombarded by young. energetic bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is a year round sport. You just cannot train for a few weeks and expect to be Mr. ancl Ms. Olympia Lee Haney or Cory Everson. Body- treated to a nutrition ~eminar hy building is a process that also the prominent Muscle and Fit- involves mental discipline. That 111'.\S Writer John Comereski. • attitude of succession must be This year the show will present at all times. Bodybuilders he on April 15 beginning at noon work hard at achieving positive v.ith the preliminaries and at 7 results. Some claim steroids will p.m. the finals. produce the physique always Thl' Physique Show wanted. Nonsense! Training is in gi\e~ -,tudl'nts a chance to slmw the gym. how much time you tiH:ir ~tuff and ju'>t haw fun as ~rend lifting and how well you they po'>e to their musical -,eke- eat an~ all important factors in tion. 0r1l'e o,;loganed \(let Ripped giving you that symmetrical edge. at C-State\ and \Catch us while I myself enjoy body- \Cortland will be my first show. I've been training for seven years. Cortland's tradition of physique shows is awesome. There is better organization and publicity each year.\ Si'.J Fra- gale. I then asked him if he does a lot of thinking about the show. \Constantly on my mind. I'm excited and nervous. This year'scompetition looks like the most competitive -,It<,\\ in years,\ added Fragale. Through the year\ tht: -.hd\\ il<t~ hL'l'll .td\anL·ing pro- g.rc-...,1\l'ly. ~ orktllt! th ~ay up to prt Jk-,~ tonal rank'. l.a..,t year~ Judgt·~. 111L\Iudnl Mr. ( 'oluntal t\IHLTIL';t, a \l.L'llTKi fint\hl'f IT1 \ltjUt' ~btm contc:!lllers v,ere v.ere hot\. This year the r..:om· building and it seems the more I Only a few weeks out. the Cortland State tradition of Physique Shows lives on . .lust who will be named this years Mr. and Ms. Cortland is still up for )!rabs. Lady gymnasts take third place Jumur Karen l'lvnL' \cored a ... chool reuHLI .\:\ . .40 in all-around to lead Cortland Stale to a third place lini~h at the £;:CAC Division Ill Women·.., Ciynmma,til·.., C'hampionnship-; Saturday at Trenton State. Thl' hn-.t Lad} Liom won the regional title 17X. 70. followed hy Ithaca 17 2.9l l. Cot11and State l fl4.l 0. Salem State l 67.50 and M. I.T. 160.60. \\We really did well,\ -;aid first-year Cortland coach Kim Suddahy. who:-.c Dragom arc headed to the National Collegiate Gymnastics AwKiationn Division Ill Championships Friday and Saturday at the Llniwro,;ity of Wiscnsin at LaCrosse. Cortland. ~ hich fini:-.hed -,ccond natiDnally at last year's nationals held 111 Corey Ciymnao,;ium. wtll jllin Trenton. Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Wt-,nmsin-LaC'rosse. Gustavus Adolphus. Ithaca, Hamline and Wt\Ctmsin-River Falb at thi\ year·~ national championships. 0 a::: <( a::: 0::: z <( 0 \Wt:. opened on he am and were actually a little off. with six or .... even lull-,, hut we kept our compmure and finished with 16Y.I 0 - our h 1ghest score of he year and JUst two pot nt.., off of a school record.\ ~aid Suddaby about the ECAC meet. De...,pite the cortland pitfalls on hcam. Karen Clyne. with revamped dannce moves tallied a ':1.00-- the thtrd highest Dragon beam :-.core ever- - to fin ish fifth regionally. She followed that efort wllha sixth place mark of ~.95 on floor excn:i:-.e. In vaulting. Dragon freshman Lisa Cole plac:ed third with her full-on handspring for R.I.J5-- just 0.05 nffthe school mark held hy the Sholtes \'~tcrs. Stephanie and Beth. The Dragons, though really blossomed on uneven bar,. Third place Clyne with X_ 95. sixth place Christ ina Sage I with IU\5. plus Cole with X.50. Sarah Jenkins with ~.45 and Colleen Woods with personal best X.-10 ··all combined for a Cortland uneven hars scho0l record 41.15. Clyne. wh0 topped her old all-arouncl school record mark of 34.95. took sixth with 35.40. Cole tallied ar1 all-around score of 34.40 and fre~hman Cllnstie Camphell had u J2JO all-around score. ~!-~~ S'&ct~ ~gm£ _u) 3 1- ,..... - ~~~~ cE ,ji!,~'4..0 :]::-::t:.l- I • ; II .............. ~·····~- .............. - .. ... 2 Apartments Available for Fall 1989 5 Students each. Lights, gas, cable TV included. Washers and dryers on property. SUMMER COUNSELORS Outstanding New York State Coed Children's Resident Camp. Looking for L'Ollege students. Two hours from New York City. Beautiful facilities: Congenial Statt. 9 month lease and security deposit required. $955.00 per student Call753-1334 Specialists and General counselors needed. 914-693-3037 Wntl': Camp, 19 Southway Hartsdale, New York IOSJO 25°/o of college men say they might commit rape if they could get away with it. 33°/o of women will be raped. most likely during their college years. Speqk!r: Lisa Cameron Koch. V.W.C.fl. Aid to Women Victims of Violence Thursday March 9 at 4:30 pm. in thcz Fireplace Loangcz. Sponsored by: fill for Women Achieving · Respect and Equality. V.W.C.fl .• Rubes By Leigh RubinRubes By Leigh Rubin ~i $g h: fi -~ '-' :::; HMf.1 ... ~E'S Su\f\Ef~NG Fl<ol'l A 58<iO<h lAJ< oF IMAGINATioN· 0 () It was a thinly disguised expose where only the I::W..~~...L.-J...::::.t;:;:::.I...L).._ ______ ..L.....L.............U.LL--l weight had been changed to protect the innocent.

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