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EIGHT!fhe Press/Friday. March 3, I<.JX9 THE PRESS EDITORIAL Support the Mandatory Activity Fee Every four years, the students at State llniversity College at Cortland are given the op- portunity to vote on the Mandatory Activity Fee. The students vote to choose whether the fee should be mandatory or voluntary. At first. a mandatory fee may seem nega- tive to students, however, it is not. This fee is imposed by students and used for students, as opposed to Administrative fees with which stu- dents pay but have no say. The activity fee is used to fund clubs and organizations at Cortland, as well as for lec- tures and activities. To make the Activity Fee voluntary may greatly reduce the revenue avail- able for these clubs, therefore greatly hamper- ing their activities on a social and educational level. The student sponsored clubs and organi- zations play an intricate role in the dynamics of the college. To reduce their role by cutting off the revenue, would take away from the major r()le our clubs and organizations play in the overall Hcollege experience\ gained at Cort- land. The Press urges all students, first and foremost, to participate in the referendum next week, on March 7-9. The Press further urges students to support the Mandatory Activity Fee at the level of $48.50, and thereby support our diverse student clubs and organizations. THE PRESS Nonlllcgi twws Carhorundum Amy Colun:i Editor in Chief Sandi Weinstein Managing Editor News Editors: Pamela Kujawa and Kathryn Zona Assistant News Editor: Kelly Hogan Entertainment Editor: Linda Potrafke Sports EditQr: Rob Adamo Copy Editor: Andrea LaMendola Opinions Editor: Jeffrey Rosenbloom Current Affairs Editor: Aruna Balladin Sales Manager: Joanne Howe Assistant Sales Manager: Mike Bundschuh Adbuilder: Scott Roman Rusiness Manager: Chris Griffith Darkroom Manager: Christine Boyer Photography Editor: Tom Wal~h Faculty Advisor: Syed Pa~ha As.,istant Photography Editor: Andrew Rush Print Shop ~anagers: Terrence P. Brennan and Kay Wilk1m COMMENTS \A call to student Government\ Start working to make SUNY Cortland better Dear Editor: While reading last week's Pres~ I couldn <t help but notice a few things. I realized something that I ldt was so important I wanted to share it with my fellow students. The issue in point is our student govemment. I am not actively involved in student senate. but I feel that my outside insight may be of service to those concerned. My idea is not to he critical. but to perhaps help some great people make some better deci~ions. Judging from the articles that appear each week in the Press. I dare to say that there is much inner conflict within our student government. So much in fact, that people are forgetting that their ultimate purpose is to make student life on this cetmpus better. People are criticizing what is wrong and rather than making the situation better. it becomes exacerbated. I think that some people are on power trips and that others are just getting sidetracked. By fi() means does each student government representative fall into one of these categories. I gul.'s~ my point is that each week I pick up the paper and am bombarded with negative overtones mncl.'rnin!! our -;tudent leaders. I see dedicated, intelligent people getting trapped into expending the wrong type~ of output. We don't need ~•mastic letters or rebuttals; we don't need any more public attacks within our student government. We need eduwtion of cour~e -yes, I want to know when someone is screwing up. Hut I'm finding 11 hard to believe that therl.' aren'tmore positive things to focus on. My plea is that we stop the nitpicking. ~top the vicious cycle (Senate attach Exec Board- Exec hoard attacb Senate elL'.), and start work.in,g toward making SUNY Cortland a better place to he. Not only will a lot more hi.' accompli~hed for the ~tUlknts. but the Administration will hold CCSA in higher esteem. Article in Press fails to pinpiont WSUC problem To the Editor: I am writing in response to Michael Farruggia's artide- \What's New, WSUC\( 2/24/H9). Unfortunately, my response can- not he one of thanks forgiving the station positive, constructive criti- cism, nor can it be a rebuttal to constructive. negative criticism. Instead. the piece seems opinion- ated. yet vague and confusing. If Farruggia had elabo- rated whatsoever on what bothers him about the station-instead of JUSt interjecting the occa~ional sarcastic or mean-spirited com- ment-lcould he using this space to attempt to explain why the station sounds like it does. Obvi- ously. Farruggia has a gripe re- garding the station's program- ming, but I can't even begin to address it because the article fails • to pinpoint what he feeb WSUC's prohlem is. I sincere I y hope that Farruggia (and/or anyone else with ccmstructive input) wi II take the time to write another, less perplexing article. Please, rip us to silreds if you feel it's neces- sary, hut at least, give us a legiti- matlt' complaint we can amwer to. I >poke to Farruggia while he wa\ \researching\ the article and I encouraged him to v.rite a criti- cal p1ece instead of runnmg thmugh a ~tale li-,t of facts about the station. Unfortunately. the article reads like a poorly written and/or edited attempt to ~tir up controversy. Too bad. Norm Wilson Program Director, WSUC-FM Andrea Fortin Sophomore Psychology ____________________________________ ! WSUC welt constructive c1 not half tr~ To the Editor: Thi~ letter i~ in response to Michael Farrul the F~bruary 24th issue of The Press. I would like to begin by stating that college ment of individuals. WSUC here at Cortland. is par The station i~ run totally by students for the studen We at WSUC offer a chance for hands-on experie1 being a di~c jockey. We at WSUC are not profcssionJh.ju~t as WSUC docs not operate error-free, just a' the Pres he seen in the very article to which I am referring. Mr. Farruggia does nothing but degrade 1 research was not adequately conducted hefor.! reach offers an excellent service to the studenh and comr operate as it has. and welcomes any con~tructive cr the station. Article attacks and To The Editor: from Queen that set the stage for the shows they broadcast. His the whole attack. claim of stuttering DJ's may be. AsamemberofWSUC- Mike labels or attacb and I'm sure to some extent. true. FM for two of my four years in each category of music as he sees . I offerthe following explanations: radio I was ~ppalledand sickened fit. New wave music is labeled as they have a speech problem to hy your staff writers attacks on hiprity-hop, the cluh heat in start with. or they are doing their our music procedures and spe- quotes has that overtone ques- show for the first time. Neither cialty shows. lion as to why bother, and the Ia- explanation I have provided When I opened The bcli ng of new and classic rock a~ warrants an apology to him or Press and came upon this article white trash mystifies me. Now anyone else. Tho-;e with a prob- 1 thought it might have some that Mike has attacked every cate- lem have a right to be on the staff value. After clo'ie investigation. )!or~ of music what could he left'? and the other~ mentioned wi II I can now ~\Y it i'i far from the I'll tell you what·~ left. learn only one way, hy experi- 1 L_-----====================================-----_j~t~a~ct~.~lt~~~ta~rt~e~d~o~u~th2y~u~~~ir~1g~'a~4~U<~lt~e--~a~n~a~tt~a~ck~·~o~n~o:u~r~o~n~-<~ti:r~~~ta~f~f:an~c:l~e~n~c~e~.~l~w~o~u~ld~h~c~i~nt~c~re~·s~·te~d~if~h~e~-----------l

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