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VIEWPOINT Press article on WSUC one sided journalism e e t s Editor: I would like to respond to the article \What's New, WSUC\ by Michael Farruggia in the February 24th issue of The Press. The article begins with an un- complimentary quote from a Queen song, and it is all down- hill from there. This article is laced with misleading informa- tion and nd comments which border on personal attack. Mr. Farruggia describes some of our music as .. white trash\ then, he goes on to describe our'\stutter- ing DJs\. These comments not only are unwarranted, destructive criti- cism, they are unfair and untrue. WSUC-FM has, over the past 13 years, been a training ground for over one thousand DJ s. A first show for a disc jockey is a gut wrenching and exhilarating expe- rience. While it is true that some jocks sound very nervous for their first several shows, this Ddes not last more than a week or two. Senators too Now. I would challenge you to find any regular DJ thar \stut- ters\. Mr. Farruggia goes on to describe our new music policy. As a mat- ter of policy, DJs are required to play five new songs an hour (the disc jockey gets his/her choice from a large selection of new albums). Vince Vercillo who was quoted on his opinion of rotation (\It's a drag\) is not even a regu- lar DJ. He is an ., ltt>rn:ltf'\ ho ha~ (Cont'd on P!!· I 01 n g critical of administration ) To the Editor formation, but it is not the job of The Press to print who is mad at As I read The Press this whom: this redu(;es it.'> effective- Friday, I found myself frustrated nes~ when addl'cs~ing valid issues. with reading constant criticism As a CC'SA smator in e of the present CCSA admini- 19X7-19X8, ! have seen the good stration. Yes, The Press's main work done byCCSA, and I am still _Y ______ __,_p_urp_,__o_s_e_is_· _to__,_p_ri_n_t _v_a_lu_a_b_le_in_-__,striving to see to it that the present welcomes criticism-- truths se to Michael Farruggia's article which appeared in Press. y stating that college is for the educational develop- at Cortland. is part of that developmental process. dents for the students and surrounding community. >r hands-on experience at managing, directing, and ju.,t as those who run the Pres-. are not. just a' the Press does not. Evidence of this can I am referring. lthing but degrade the station with half-truths. Hi~ befor.! reaching a decision. I believe WSUC e studenh and community. WSUC will continue to any con.,tructive criticism which can help improve Jeff Habicht Freshman DJ administration does a good job in I 9X8-19X9. It '-\las difficult for me to watch CCSA start out ineffec- tively, but it has been a relieftosee this body become more effective. There has been much criticism given to this administration by a faction in the Senate, but I do not see this group of people working with the present administration to resolve the issues that are at hand. f this faction is as good as it says it is, where wa~ it when the athletic fee was being proposed? I did not see any rallies or formal protests in The Press against the fee, and I ~onot see any protest by this group against the cunent proposal of a jhealth fee. However. I will note that there wa~ a resolution passed in Senate agai n<.;t the athletic fee oy a member of this faction. yet this faction has charged that there is more to beinganeffective leader than just passing resolutions in Senate.lf you are \o effective then why did it happen? Perhaps this is 'ust another area where you are pointing fingers again. The entire Senate body is as hard working as ~ou are, and I am offended that this faction takes pride in continu- ously offering their criticism of the present administration. Every time this faction is critical of the action~ taken by the executive board or Senate itse If, this faction also criticizes every other senator in Senate. If you are more intelli- gent than the rest of us in Senate then why didn't you have a cure for the problems associated with Senate inste?d of making more'? I would like to call for this faction to take more interest in what is happening in the CCSA admini~tration, and to think about what they are doing, not who they are pointing fingers at. Everyone has a political stake in what they do in Senate, and that needs to be recognized. For example, as a person who ha!> sincere interest in the welfare of the students on thi~ campus. my interests are varied and my time limited. But I do try and attend as many other activi- ties as possible. Because most of this faction is part of Senate it -;hould share a mutual interest with the other members. It should share with Senate the desire to be sensitive to the entire student body and its needs, and not continue to offer criticism where it is not needed. Progress cannot be made if we continue to step back wards . Roberta Swan CCSA Senator/ Political Science labels unjcairly If d II 1- has any alternatives. The concept of the ro- tation was correct. You must play five songs per hour from a selec- tion that never falls lower than 75 albums. ~ith all do respect to Vince, a man who has yet to do a show, there i!> something in there for everyom:. The best part of the article was the five shows Mike mentioned. It was more of an ad for each than anything else. The one part that did disturb me was the attack on the sports show at five o'clock on Monday night. The two men who run this show are not professional sports analysts. but they try their best. Tom and Bill put in many hours behind the scenes trying to improve and pre- pare the show. They have derived a new format which should he a success. Then inc hour., of dance on friday speak for themsc lve' hy the number of phones that ring off the hook. As long as they con- tinue to ring there is justification for this programming move. So the next time Mike wants to write a nice juicy rip- them-apart article, remember that is what Geraldo gets paid for' Respectrully, Douglas J. Friedle Promotions Director WSUC-FM The Press/Friday, March 3. 1989/NINE THE PRESS OPINIONS Women should care to protect themselves TAMMY VAN ALLEN AWARE Vice President On Thursday, Feb. 23, 1989, I attended the first of six sessions of self-defense classes which are being offered free to all women. Kathy Terique from the. YWCA: Aid to Women of Violence pro- vided me with some alarm_ing statistics on the occurrences of assault and rape. I learned that one out of every four women are assaulted, and one out of every three women are raped in their lifetime, us·ually during their college years. What really angered me though was that during the self-de- fense class about one hundred people walked by. Some glanced at the posters as they walked by, but none of them bothered to join us. About two-thirds of the people were women. Thus, of those women who walked by one fourth will be assaulted and one-third will be raped. Another thing that irri- tated me w~s that of the 25 people who attended the class there were two housemates of a female stu- dent who was victim of an attempted assault last week walking back from downtown. She was not even there. Although The Press provided two large ads advertising this free event, it seems most stu- dents chose to ignore it. The program was sponsored in part with NYPIRG, Resident Life, Student Life Offices, RSVP, and the Affirmative Action Office. Also, the concept of a self-defense course was encouraged by Public Safety. AWARE brought it all together with instructor Kevin Seaman, owner and operator of the East/West Martial Arts Academy- volunteer- ing his time, skill and knowledge for the benefit of our campus. It seems these people care more about the safety of the female population of students here than the students do themselves.

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