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EIGHTEEN{fhe Press/Friday, March 10, 1989 CSTV--Watch it grow! A Flea-a- By Michael Fa~ruggia fia l·r Siaff Wnter C'onland College's personal television station CSTV. is ~rowing! Right now the ~tat ion broadcasts from 7 to~ in the evenings m channel 6, and i~ powerful enough to send its programming hroughout donm. Pre~idcnt Karen Fcrnande; qates that with theirenthusiastil: ~taff. the station is gradually building strength to increase \on-the-air\ ime and expand their viewing audience. CSTV is also hoping to air ive events. such a.'> the Red Dragons football games, in the near future. In addition to sports. the station features comedy. news, and od. note., (an MTV type program). The television station also gives eniors a clever alternative to a paper-bound yearbook: A video yearbook. Starting th1.-. school yt'ar (last semester), the staff has been aping on and off-campus event\ that will he edited together and r>ackaged in a VCR tape. CSTV is a non-profit organ i/ation. Students from any major ·an and are encouraged to join the stuff. \Working with CSTV is a ~reate xpcriem:e. \:-.aid Femandu. \Students learn how to edit, use all >f the equipment...(plu:-.) meet a lot of new and interesting people.\ Special to the Press For an excit- ing. fun time that can put money in your club-group-team's pock- ets, the Club and Dance Team invites you to to be contributing part ofLA-Fiea-A-Fuir. to be held Saturday, April 29th 1989. from IOAM-oPM in the Park Center Ice Arena. This event is to be a combination of fie a market, coun- try fair. and a carnival, all rolled into on. Art ides for a flea market are unlimited and go without discussion. Games. stunts, side shows. etc .. typical of a carnival, have great potential. Activities, ~-----D-==-- 0 -n----='-t_r_e_a_d--:--t-h~l.-S-.- 1 ----_j as found in a country fair. can be wide in range and limited only by the imagination. Don 't eat th I. s ' Entries must be submit- • ted by April 21 to the Athletic By :\1ARY AM T ASNIF Assi.1tant Emertainment l:'ditor campus food c.:ould be better. Office. Park Center with a de- scription of merchandise and/or services to be offered. All monies gained from the sale belong to each organization, minus the entry fee. Formoredetailscall the dance studios at x4946. Special to the Press The college dance team is preparing for, interna- tional competition to be held the week of May 26th in Blackpool's 64th festival ,considered to be the ''World's First and Foremost Festival of Dancing.\ The team will enter the Latin and the Modem Formation competitions as well as viewing professional couples in competitions from over 100 countries. The team, flying out of Hamilton, Canada, May 23rd, ex- tends an invitation to anyone to join them on their flight, to ride the coach from the London airport to Blackpool. and to stay at the Georgian hotel for the week of competition. The l,,tal cost of the trip is extremely reasonable. For further information, call Bess Koval at x4946 or contact any team member. As preparation for Blackpool, the team recently danced at the La Classique Du Quebec at the Bonaventure Hilton International Hotel in Montreal, and the Imperial Star Champinnships and Con- gress at the Hyatt House in Cherry Hill, New Jerse) The team's final campus performance will be their Bon Voyage, held Sunday, May 7 th at 2PM in Park Center. Another invitation is extended to attend open rehearsals every Monday thru Friday from 4-6 PM, with an occasional absence when, 10: team is off- campus performing their People-to -People program. Today's non-political issue i~ campu~ food. This idea popped into my head as I made very ab- stract sculptures out of some strange substance pretending to be mashed potatoes. I am sure that if Mom had been anywhere in the area I would have been given the classic line\ Stop play- ing with your food '\. On the other hand if if Mom was around I am sure that I would not be subjected to such near-food. As the mashed potatoes took the fonn of something or the other. I won- dered if I was alone in feeling that Turn:-. out that I wasn't. Many people feel that campus food could only benefit from a little improvement. Here are some of the complaints I got when I asked what they did'nt like about the food service here at S.U.C'.C.: Rockinl with Dokken The food is predictable. It is all too bland. I arn on a low so- dium diet and I get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. It sucks! They don't cater for vegetarians. I don't eat it. Too oily and too startchy. I wish they had more nutritional foods like vegetables rTRANSITION, the annual spring publication from transition workshop, will be accepting poems, and short stories through March 27, 1989. Students are encouraged to submit their pieces today. Contact Howard Lindh, or Kristin Barron for ~ore information. Pi Kappa Phi makes a difference By Robert Anzalone Jr. Every other Sunday of each month, Pi Kappa Phi frater- nity gathers a portion of its members and journeys to Highgate Manor, an elderly hous- ing institution, to talk to and en- joy the company of older citi- zens. To meet the needs of the Highgate Manor residents. proper health care. housing. various exercise equipment, medicine, and competent medical attention provides these people with the means to survive. It seems, how- ever. that there is something the workers of Highgate Manor have trouble providing their residents: companionship and understand- ing. That is to say, the administra- tion and employees care very much for the people they take care of- and do an excellent job in providing social activities and medical attention for them- but a little outside help from Pi Kappa Phi helps to care for their emo- tional needs. For a few hours, this group of members play cards, games, and basically talk with the elderly people. These visits pro- By Matt Douglas Staff Writer Dokken- \Beast From The East\ Label: Elektra Format: Live (Double LP ) What is this anyway? Dokken makes four albums of catchy. high quality heavy metal and now they come out with this? There must be a rule that heavy metal bands release. in their ca- reers, at least one useless live album! S~me members of Pi Kappa Phi vide them with some new faces to look at and ~ chance to discuss, with the younger generation, dif- ferent topics of conversation. The fraternity members receive a sense of accomplish- ment and good will for their fel- low man- but more importantly, Dokken is from Cali- fornia, where most metal bands originate. Their first album was released in the early 80's and since then they've slowly built a good reputation and a loyal fan base. Their albums have con- tained many noteworthy songs including; 'BreakingTheChains', 'It's Not Love', • KissofDeath' and 'Dream Warriors'. Main- stream success appeared to have been achieved with the band's hit 'Dream Warriors' from \Night- mare on Elm Street Part Three\. Unfonunately this latest album it makes the residents of Highgate Manor feel good. Not only do they feel good because they beat the boys at cards- but because it gives them a chance to interact with different people. This new fraternity has only been on campus a short - ... ··-~ -- ---··-~ ---·- ·------ will not help them at all. \Beast From The East\ is a boring record. Not only has the album's title been done by about a million other groups, but the songs are unoriginal as well. Who wants to pay good money to hear the band try (and fail) to exactly duplicate versions of songs we already have? Not me, that's for sure. How many times does one want to hear such color- ful and shouted questions as \Who's Ready To Party?\ Buy the studio albums and forget this live trash. while. However, they have sought to provide the· college- and the community of Cortland-a Greek organization that wants to work with p_eople. Pi Kappa Phi defi- .nitely has paved the path for a new wave of Greeks that will make anew name forthemsel~es. BY mura with activ spot Aren gural attrac four· of th Spor1 tion ~ quest made: 0 PA PA Ll Ml VJl PC AI pri fa'

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