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---- con't from pg. 5 \Wilde\ always in character. Any gesture out of character is immediately exposed. Joe Summa replied that \The audience is on stage with you.\ which places greater responsibility in the audience to be more responsive than an ordinary audience. From the director's stand point, Palmer replied,\lt all comes out in the round.\ Chris Griffith finds that acting \in the round\ is like \a ride on a carousel.\ In the \theatre-in-the-round\, withe no walls, it is possible to put more time, energy and money into better acting. -props and costumes. Lovely Victorian settings, which consist of decorative period furniture as well as an English garden. were designed by Daniel Veaner and elaborate costumes were specially made by Malabar Costumers of Toronto; a company which mainly supplies for Opera companies. Joe McFate, costume designer a~ SUNY Cort- land, chose to order such elaborate costumes based on the small cast and the play's demand for them. Floral arrangement were specially designed by Jeff Lowe of Harts and Flowers. While working diligently. Lowe remarked, \Everything's got to be perfect cause the audience can see more detail (in such a small setting).\ All performances of \The Importance of Being Earnest\ are at 8pm. The \theatre-in-the-round\ arrangement provides for an intimate performance space but seating is limited and reservations are strongly suggested. Call X5719 weekdays for reservations and information. Ticket prices are $5 for general public, $4 for senior citizens and SUCC faculty/staff, and $1 for students. Don't miss this \trivial comedy for serious people.\ 0 . ' pttons. Physical Education - Recreation CAREER FAIR ' - . Monday April 3rd 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Faculty/Student Lounge - PER Center The Press/Friday. Man:h ·'I. 19XWELEYE:\ r------------------------------, We arc' trying to plan a DINNER CRUISE for gradu.nin~ !>Cnio~ ti.lr S.nurday, M.ty 13th! ' Are you intncstl.'d? If so pk.1Sl' k.wc this ..:oupon in thl.' ho:-.. .\t tlK Con .. ·\ l'mon lnti.lrnlJ tion tksk. We .uc trying. to get .m .lppro\itn.\ll' numhn bdi.lrl' \c ~<..'(lift' uur n:s~.·rHHion' N~E __________________ ~_ PHONE _________ _ Tk S'e.rti!r c Iars- f\lf(#(ttf.U L------------------------------~ TAKE BACK .';· THE NIGHT March anq Candlelight Vigil Wednesday~ April 5th at 7:00PM coreY Union Steps Sponsored by: AWARE, NYPIRG, SASU, GALA, CCSA Prejudice &: Discrimination Committee. A discourse in Genetics By MARY AM T ASNIF Assistant Entertainment Editor and RICHARD SHARE staff writer Diana K. Lavell is the first, and currently the only, fe- male faculty member of State Uni- versity College at Cortland's Bio- logical Sciences Department. Her field is one of the most interesting of all the sciences- Genetics. Genetics is the field of study responsible for selected breading techniques of champion horses and dogs; and for breeding quality livestock. Genetics deter- mine the parentage of a child when it is not known, It also explains why children look like their par- ents. and so much more. l · Lavett received both her Bachelor's Degree and her Ode- • torate from Atlantic Emory Uni- versity. A desire to counse I people took her back to school where she eamed a Master's Degree in Fam- ily Therapy from Southern C~m­ necticut State University. Her professional interests include writing. Her personal interests include cross-country skiing. writ- ing short stories, and practicing her religion. Genetics counseling is an important and informative form of therapy for couples that have or are at risk of having an ahnor- mal child. Couples are at risk if their family histories include such inherited traits as Downs Syn- drome. hemophilia and color blindness. These couples need to know the probability of transmit- ting such traits. Couples that have abnormal children should know the chance of healthy children; and often they need to cope with and learn to rove the affected child. The genetics counselor monitors the family for such parental in- discretions as abuse and neglect. Lavett has written ar- ticles in various scientific and legal journals. She has also au- thored and co-authored genetics text books; and has published articles on Physical Therapy, an interest she developed after expe- riencing several back injuries herself. expert witness on genetics and scientific procedures in criminal cases across the country. As a direct result of her involvement in this. the FBI has been forced to upgrade its standards of record- keeping and examination of evi- dence. Being an expert witnes~ is both physically and mentally demanding for Lavett; and it requires her to travel out of state about six times a semester. Despite the demands. she perse- veres; she feels it is. her obliga- tion as a scientist to prevent and misuse of genetics. Shefeel.\By doing this. I am protecting my family, friends, and self.\ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-.. teaching, genetics counseling, and Lavett has served as an Lavett is an ambitious. accomplished individual who is engaged in many activities. When asked how she fits everything in to her schedule, she replied,\ I am very efficient~ that's how I find thetime.\ We gave herac~ance to speak a few words of advise for students. \Quit playing so much,\ she said. \Many students will be affected later on in life by what they do now. They shollld think of the future.\

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