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rw H.\ E{t\h...· Pn:.,.,/haJay. Man:h .~I . llJHlJ Rating the reel Help me, Rhonda By CHRIS GRIFFITH !liHifii'H Mwwger and .\fLJjf writ a Hey readers: Well Spring has u:rtainly sprung. blooming with a \ariety of new film~. Out and ahout now i~ a new tilm from di- rector Blake Edwards entitled Skin /Jet'f'· This film stars John Ritter a., u writer, struggling with life in his thirties, and his constant womanizing and drinking prob- lems. His uncontrollable attrac- tion to beautiful women creates problems in his marriage, his extra marital affairs, and thus in coping with life altogether. He resorts to the bottle for a brief escape from reality, and delves deeper into his troubles. The only solution for him is to sober up. begin writing agam. and to try and restore the marriage that he lost. The film certainly has its funny moments, not far from the type of humor we expect from his character from Thrus Compllny. The funniest scene in the whole film is the glow in the dark se4uence, which I refuse to ruin for anyone who has yet to see it. The film also ~tars Bruce Springstein's Ex. Ju- lianne Phillips. Overall. Blake Edwards has another hit for him- Personals Tlldd Warn·n--Than\-' lor all !llUr \Uppmt and advi,ement. I hope I can return the favor .. omc- da~. Deh1 Trac) s,·ntt Roman- Than I-..' for all ) our tinanL'1al adVI\C!llcnt and a~-.i'>­ tance. Dch1 Tracy & AWARE ~elf. whid1 maght very well be another · /0'. Prev1ew~ thi> week include: A new action. cop film. titled Dead-Bung Th1s f1lm stars Don Johnson as a humic ide detective who is assigned totr~cka cop kil- ler across the country, and in the proces~ uncovers a white su- premacistconspintcy. It is packed with violence, shooting, and eve- rything a good acti<Jn adventure needs. This film, directed by John Frankenheimer(The Man- churian C andidtJie), also stars William Forsythe. Another film of teenage love is coming soon, entitled Say A11ything. This film stars John Cu~ci<(Eight Men Out) who falls for the brilliant and beautiful lo11e Skye(River' s Edge). He doesn't believe that he is good enough for her, and thus tries anything t(J get her atten- tion. Playing Cusack's sister is his real life sister Joan, last seen in WorkinR Girl. And another baseball film corning soon is Major Leagui!. This film teams up Tom Berenger. Charlie Sheen, and Corbin Bernson, as three players for the Cleveland Indi- ans, who win a pennant in time to save their team fr(lm being sold Large3\8edroom Apartment ) peork Washer & i)ryc:r in arartment 'SH7) per .. em~:-.te-r For mon: infnrm.ltlllll l·all 7':d- .nl3 JOB OPENING Pmition for ~a1lmg mstructor. Summer llJXq. Send resume: Sailing lnstructtn and relocated to Miami. Video releases this week in- dude: Another comedy from the directors of Down and Our in Be\·erly !li/Js entitled Moon vrer Pumdor. This film stars Richard Dreyfuss as a struggling actor who is hired to portray a dictator of the fictional Caribbean nation.ofPara- dor, to stop the people of that nation from revolting. Romance comes into play when he falls in love with the deceased dictators mistress, played by Sonia Braga. His fun turns into an uproar when Guerilla warfare hits Parador, forc- ing him to rethink his portrayal. Also out is Punchline starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field. In this film, a struggling New Jersey housewife dreams for the day when she can make it big as a stand up comedian. With the help of the funny, and talented Tom hanks, she makes her way to the top. Making his dramatical debut, Michael Keaton proves he is more than serious in the film Clean and Sober. This film deals with alco- holis!ll and the hardships that go along with it. Well that's it for this week. Until next time, \I 'II see you at the cinema!\ Dear Rhonda. My friend likes this girl, and he is driving everyone nuts, because he thinks I also like her. Everytime I so much as look at her he tells people that I'm chasing after her. My problem is that the·girl he likes is very nice. I'd like to get to know her so that we can be friends, but how can I when he makes life so difficult? Also, he has not told me that my talking to her bothers him. I'm not saying that I would ignore her if he told me how he felt, but he tells everyone else about it. In all honesty, Rhonda, these problems have gotten out of hand. The whole situation is stupid. He's my friend, but I'd like her to be, ALSO. Dear Nutso, Signed, \Gain' Nutso!\ Your friend does not have exclusive rights to this girl's friendship. Right? He is jealow of your relationship with her and probably afraid she' /I like you better than him. Your friend really isn't being fair to either of you and could lose both ofyour friendships if he isn'tcareful. She may end up falling for you instead, which he could he partially respons!ble for by acting so unreasonable! . ~ Until he tells you that your talking to het bothers him, don't think twice about being her friend. Relax and enjoy the friendship. You have every right to enjo_v! Even if he does tell _vou this, I think you should remain friendly (() her.' RHONDA Laura- Looking forward to heing your roommate next \Cmester. It v. iII he interesting to say the least. Tanya PO Box I g~. I th:.~ca, NY l4H5l- Kevin- Thanks for the carnation· I'll keep hanging in there. Debi Tracy SAB. PaulK .. Kevin P., Louie L.. Wanda W .. I'm glad you enjoyed (3rd place) my lip sync perform- ance. I had fun doing the contest -Debi Tracy a.k.a. Pat Benatar Debi Tracy-Many thanks & many happy returns -Stacey Payette AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 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