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lhe Press/Friday. April7, 1989/FIVE Meet the Candidates or President ... \\· Some of you may know me as a CCSA Senator. others as the co-chairperson for the very important CCSA Committee on Prejudice and Discrimination, and still others may recognize me as one of the students who spoke out against discrimination at the Krystallnacht last semester. I am all of these things and now I am looking for your support as I run for President of the Cortland College Student Association. My name is Todd War- ren and I am a junior at SUNY Cortland majoring in History with a concentration in Secondary Todd Warren . Socilll Studies. I originally come from Ithaca, N.Y. but now live in a town i11 the Adirondacks named Old Forge. There are many reasons why t\ am running for this posi- tion and many ideas I have for next year. I am interested in con- tinuing to bring together the Cortland College Community, so to further educate all students in their rights as citizens in our democratic society. I feel that this is best achieved through a coali- tion of all student groups and interests. From fraternities and sororities to the Biology Club and Rugby Club and to any and all others who so wish to take an activepartinourcollegecommu- nity and the benefits discovered from it. Why do i feel properly qualified to lead such a diverse coalition as the CCSA? I find the answer to this question to be simple ... experiences and compe- tence. I have been on active member of tile student Senate for two se!llesters. During these two semesters I have been respon- sible for a number of productive works. I was the co-sponsor of the l>ill which established the CCSA Task Force on Prejudice and Discrimi11ation and later went on to be<:ome the co-chair of the CCSA Standing Committee on Prejudice and Discrimination. I am presently the vice-chair for the CCSA Committee on Judicial Review alld was partially respon- sible for constructing altemati ves to a IJroposal plan to eliminate · student control of JRB. With respect to off- campus living, I was the one time secretary of COCO and partici- pated in an off-campus housing survey with Joe Perry and Chris Val len. I am also one of the off- campus CCSA Senators who will be in vC>Ived in the selection of a COCO administrative position which will be student controlled. The problems of off- campus living are not strange to me; they are varied and numer- ous. Under my administration, positive steps will be taken, such as an off-campus housing list so to keep in contact with off-cam- pus students who have concerns to actions which affect them. This and other actions like an off- campus housing guide, forums on renting and leasing. and even a \meet your neighbor\ weekend to build a better sense of commu- nity among the students. I served as a member of the CCSA Financial Board, and I have been an active member in the Save SUNY Coalition and have traveled to Albany on sev- eral occasions to lobby on behalf of our university system. On top of these activities, I am presently on the NYPIRG State Board of Directors. In this capac- ity I have participated in organiz- ing the Book Co-op at SUNY Cortland and I also work on the I Michael \Hollywood\ ,amverydifferentthan'Most Michael' MH oll•JWOOd \'- Pau I , _ _..,__ Students.' I am a 25 :A old junior at Cortland State. left college after my freshman at Cortland. While a fresh- . I was a CCSA Senator and served as a justice for JRB. I to Cortland initially as a player for summer camp August. I left Cortland to pursue acting & modeling career in ifomia. My agency asked me go to California to participate the first Levi's SOl Blue Jean . ltflourishedinL.A. modeling since the age of I was unsure if I wanted continue. I stayed and did quite I was on two television \Hill Street Blues\ and i Vice\. I played a gang in both. I especially lf'n>tnllf'n the role on \Hill Street because I played a gang 1 au• ... u•u\'' who realized he had to Kris Dorfn1<111 and running for the office of President. Tonight I would to tell you why I'm running this posticin and what you can ................... from my administration if successful. Being President of this .... v ..... ~;\\ will be no easy task and no stranger to hard work. past year I was a member of Senate af)d I could see first- the problems that our gov- ahead in life and out of the ghetto. It was after playing that character and talking to a good friend and governor of our state, Mario Cuomo, that I decided to return to Cortland to finish my education. I returned last semester to Cortland continuing my major in Political Science and adding a concentration in public admini- stration and public policy. I am currently a N.Y.S. Assembly intern; which means that I am an assistant to an assemblyman in Albany -learning about the legis- latare and bringing back to Cort- land' my experience in politics from a state level. No other can- didate has this experience. No other candidate can talk to Gov- ernor Cuomo personally and try to explain why SUNY especially CORTLAND, needs more money for the budget. I have had several co11versations with him and luck- ily I will continue to fight for more SUNY funds. I became close to the Cuomo family through the Covemor's daughter Made- line~ who I have known since age eigllte.en. If elected, I will person- ally continue my contacts with the governor and ask him to speak at C()rtlrnd.l will try to make this campus conducive to study as well a.s have activities that stu- dents ()n campus will enjoy, in- cluding DJ parties in Corey Un- ion an <I more bands and outdoor Kris Dorfman ernment faces. Being a Senator I've voted and fought hard to keep the power of Student gov- ernment in student hands and not let administration try to dictate otllerwise. I've also been active outside of student government. I wa.s elected Community Service Director of my fraternity. ~e projects which I was in charge of had one idea and one goal to enhance life for Cortland. That is what I want to do for this campus. La.st semester I was appointed interim coordinator for TABS better known as The Advisory Board for Students. This project wi II help students in getting the help they need to get a fair trial in front of JRB. There are many reasons why I want to be your President. First aJJd foremost I want to keep the student voice an integral part in the day to day workings of Stude11t Government and The Adrni 11istration. Just last week JRB was in trouble. The Admini- stration was going to change the process and allow the Judicial Coordinator would hand over all sentencing. In Senate I not only voted tC> stop this but I co-spon- sored a resolution with Senator Scott Welling to keep JRB in student control. This year I would have liked to see some new programs come to light, but as it is in any government things don't go at the s~une speed at which we'd like. One of these programs is SCATE, the student course and teacher evaluations. This pro- activities. I believe students and student's clubs should be able to sell T -shirts and sweatshirts to raise money for activities for all students with only a formal ap- proval from Corey Union and CCSA proving they are a regis- tered student. SUNY Albany students have been selling items for years for personal profit on campus in front of the student by giving only 10% to a club or organization that is part of stu- dent government. I believe it is a good learning experience to deal with money. I also feel fraternities md sorori- ties and any organizations recog- nized by CCSA should not have such bureaucracy !n getting per- mission to sell items to benefit their organizations. These are only the .. tip of the iceberg\ of the changes I would make to help ALL students,not only some, but aiL gram would tell students what kind of teachers they'd be getting and how the course is. COCO is another area which I'd like to see enhanced. 1 would like to see a new computer system which would let students know, just like SCATE, what their landlords are like, if the house is safe,and does it meet specifications. These are ideas and programs which are feasible. These are programs which would help you . That is what student government is about. Another issue I feel strongly about is one that came up this year in Senate. I feel the stu- dent body was dealt a serious blow when it came to a referendum concerning the funding of GALA The point isn't whether I am for or against the group; it's the stu- dent body's activity fee money. on-campus recfcling campaign. To summarize, a War- ren Administration will work to keep JRB where it belongs, in the hmdsofthe students. It will work to ensure the establishment of a professional position for COCO. to protect the rights of off-cam- pus students along with estab- lishing a COCO representative's seat on the CCSA Executive Board. And, also to ensure that the rights of minority students are protected, I will establish a CCSA control over the Book Co-op Program to help fight the rising costs of textbooks to CCSA members. In closing, this cam- paign is a campaign of compe- tence, experience, and leadersll ip. all of which are greatly neede<i in the office of CCSA President. I have proven my ability in these areas and wish to serve all members of the Student Associa- tion in the position of Presidency. I'm not for GALA only. for fra- temitiesandsoroties.only. or BSU or LSU only. I am for ALL ~tu­ dents. 1 have more experience in politics overall. than any of the candidates. I am 25 years old and have more experience in life as well as politics and better com- munication skills than any of the candidates. Did they ever speak in front of a T.V. camera on na- tional T.V.like I have? Why isn't there a Presidential column in the Press or a radio message weekly from the President to the students? I will have both if elected Presi- dent of CCSA. All I ask is give me the chance. So far I have a great friendship with President Clark and if elected I'm sure I will be able to voice the stude11t' s opinions to him with no problem. Get out and vote rvtike \Hollywood\ Paul for President on Monday & Tuesday and I'll assure you your making the best choice!. not Senate's. The student gover- ment is subservient to the college population. Most of you proba- bly read the papers and saw it was quote \illegal\ to deny fund- ing. Idon'tthinkthat'strue. It's a policy issue, not constitutional. It's the student's money and they should tell us where we can spend it, not vice-versa. What all this comes down to in this election is a basic theme. Do you want a president who is accountable to you the student, or do you want a presi- dent who does what he thinks is in your best interest? I think you want to be heard. Today there is a feeling of non~responsivene:;s in our student government. hvant tochangethat. Soon AprillO. 11 make sure to vote and vote Kris Dorfman for CCSA President.

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