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SIX!fhe Press/Friday, April 7. 1989 For Vice-President ... l\ Although I have spoken with many of you as President of AWARE or perhaps in class for the Save SUNY Coalition, allow me to introduce myself for those of you who may not already know me. My name is Debi Tracy and I am seeking your support as I run for the office of Vice President of the Conland College Student Association. I am originally from Huntington, Long Island. I re- ceived my Associate in Liberal Arts from Nassau Community College. Afterwards, at the age of 20, I worked full-time as Assis- tant to the Vice President of Marketing in a chain of 33 retail stores. During this time I lived and worked in New York, Provi- dence, and Boston. Now. at the age of 23. I satisfy all require- ments to graduate from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelor of Sci- ence in Economics and Manage- ment Science- if I wish to. But I do not wish to, instead I want to continue working to improve student life at Cortland. This is my second year at Cortland and my second se- mester as an off-campus Senator. While at Cortland, I have been able to utilize the skills I acquired through my past experience and apply them to my work in the CCSA. My proven leadership talents have been visible through my positions as Student Manage- ment Association President and Vice President. I presently serve on various committees including the Minority andWomens' Stud- ies Council and the CCSA Com- mittee on Prejudice and Discrimi- nation. I've spoken out on issues like Voter Registration on NYPIRG's weekly \Student Voice .. .Issues of the '80's. This year I have been identified as one of the Outstanding Student Lead- ers of 1988-89 by the Student Leadership Planning Committee, I have attended, by invitation, .. ; Scott Welling Board. I was also elected to the office of Vice-President and Treasurer to the Cortland Off- Campus Organization better known as COCO. One of my duties as COCO Vice-President is to act as a liaison between off- campus students and administra- tion. Concurrent with those du- ties I serve as a middle man when conflicts arise between tenant and My Name is Scott Welling landlord disputes. As a member and I am running for the office of of the Financial Board I had the Vice-President of Student Gov- responsibility of allocating funds emment. l feel I will represent the to all CCSA Clubs and Organiza- main stream of Cortland State and tions. As a Senator I have fought will bnng a fresh new course to for student's rights when it came CCSA. to the Judicial Review Board. The ~or the past year I've been an active member of the CCSA Senate and was elected overwhelmingly to the Financial Administration tried to take the student's power away from JRB and replace it with Administra- tive control. I voted to stop that and keep it in Student hands. One For Treasurer ... of my major concerns which should also be yours is keeping the students voice YOUR voice in the forefront of CCSA poli- cies. Just this semester our rights as students were jeopardized by the actions of my opponents and theirfactioninSenate. Theywere front and center to vote to block- ade your right to vote in a referen- dum where their activity fee money went. If I'm elected I'll guarantee your voice will not only be heard but also acted upon. In my quest for this office many current officers of CCSA are sup- porting me such as President Joe lorizzo, Senate Chairman Jim Longi, Vice President Steve Hendrickson, COCO President Mike Gartner. Remember on April I 0, II to vote and vote for Scott Welling for Vice-President. Scott Roman When I first came into office the Printshop was using an old out- dated printing press and produc- ing type on an antique machine. After careful, semester long plan- ning a renovation was started that included the purchase of a new press and a Macintosh based design system for setting type. The combination of these pieces Hello. my name is Scott of new equipment now enables Roman and I am running for re- the Printshop to produce type election to the position ofTreas- faster and of higher quality than urer for your Student Associa- was ever before possible. In the lion.. My reasons for running for end the total cost of this new re-election are varied, but it all system to the Student Associa- seems to boil down to one thing: tion - $9000.00. Not a bad in- the want to help the clubs of vestment. Check out the Print- CCSA. As treasurer of CCSA for the 1988-89 I helped accom- plish many things: The first and foremost was the refurbishing of the Cortland College Student Association's Printshop,located in Corey Union (Room 107). shop sometime. They do all sorts of printing (posters, flyers) and specialize in resumes. The next thing that I accomplished was the purchase of a new 12 passenger van for the clubs of CCSA to use. With this new van clubs were able to travel farther and to go to more events then was previously possible. You may think that this is no big deal, but to those clubs and organiza- tions that use the van regularly it was and is an important matter. Next year I would like to improve the involvement of the smaller clubs of CCSA. One of the major problems facing any new CCSA officer is the lack of time and experience needed to follow through with all the proj- e'cts that are started. I now have the opportunity to complete some more of my goals. Having been in the thick of it for a full year has made me more efficient in deal- ing with dub officers and ad- ministration members, so I hope that next year I will be able .to accomplish even more projects that will benefit a larger portion of student clubs and organiza- tions. The meaning of this is that those small&!r clubs that may feel Debi Tracy Faculty Senate Student Affairs Committee meetings, and I am currently one of two popularly elected State Board Representa- tives on NYPIRG's Board of Di- rectors. A primary goal of mine is to strengthen the communica- tion lines between the college and the community by networkirig$e students, the CCSA clubs, and the community citizens, result- ing in a whole community which is understanding of its diverse needs and concerns. Cortland needs further expansion of off-campus hous- ing assistance along with further diversification fo TABS (The Advisory Board for Students). I would like to see TABS include advisement for college policies such as sexual harassment and slighted or ignored by CCSA will now be able to become more involved and productive. The position of CCSA Treasurer is a very complex one. The person that holds that office must deal with a variety of people and make decisions concerning many of issues. If eel that my ex- perience and my desire to further the interests of the members of CCSA (that includes every stu- dent attending Cortland College) makes me an excellent choice for CCSA Treasurer. Thank you for voting. VOTE!!! academic grie'-:ances. I am not a trained politi- cian nor do I pretend to be one. I am a student just like you and I realize, as I'm sure you do, that being an effective leader is much more than makirtg promises. In . most cases such promises cannot be kept. Rather, let my experi- ence and my proven leadership speitk: for itself. In closing, there are two aspects of myself that I can guar- antee. First, I will tell you what I think. Second. and more impor- tantly, I will listen to what you think. Having that already estab- lished, together we can decide the best avenues for student concerns and together we can see how students united will never be divided. Who ara you ,ยท..-, . . .. goana vata for?

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