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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, April 14, 1989, Image 19

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4 FOR YOU .•• If my dream of life could be realized. Do you know what it would be? For us to be together For all eternity. Though dreams are often shattered And thrown away to sea, The time I have to share with you Will forever be in me. I try to understand your feelings And realize the way things have to be Because the way I feel for you Is not what you feel for me. I feel very strongly f()r you And still wish it could be ... The realization to my dream- F()ryou to be with me. Marihe-th Lomhardi Insi CND Black snow falling in the streets, One little boy runs and hides. Wind blows fiercely against the wall, A woman looks out and sighs. The flames still bum in the street, The dust covers all we see; One time there was life out there, The woman wonders how this can be. A child screams in the distance, A bone falls to the ground. It echos of the dirty wall, Suddenly there's no sound. A window breaks and people flee No one says a word. A man falls down to his knees, He screams but no one heard. Their eyes are shut, their ears are closed, They hate the raunchy smell. The little girl, she wants to die She's already been to hell. I look around, it's quiet now, I don't know what to do; America, what have yoll done?? I cllll't believe it's you. I. C. Peace The Pre~s/Friday. April 14. I 'IHll/1\ INTF.ES ··The Loneliness Of Th~ Solitary Poet\ CANDLE It is dark. I am alone. Loneliness envelops tne. The night's somber blanket covers 111} om- ken dreams. Sining in a closed in room a small candle is burning. the last light of earth. Crushed hopes and memories echo thnmgh my chamber. Burning brightly it shows the grotesque figure on the wall. Lost and desperate, no one understands th~ solitary poet. Oh, where has the light all gone to'? People searching frantically for peoples' faces in the darkness that surrounds them. The mobs at my door. trying to steal my light. Pounding at my door, people yelling. screams in the night! Oh, where has the light all gone to'? People searching frantically for peoples faces in the darkness that surrounds them. · The door burst open. a cool breeze blows through. People rushing for my candle. the last light of earth. It flickers for a moment then snuffs out. Oh, where has the light all gone to'? People searching frantically for peoples faces in the darkness that surrounds them. Cries ring through the night, sorrow fills the room. The light is out! I open my eyes but I see nothing. My screams pierce the dark, as I search frantically for the faces that surround me ..... Stephen H. Sparks What do you do when you don't stand a chance? But you can't stand the thought of missing out on romance. Do you keep it inside. not letting him know or do you let it all out, give him the chance to say no? I always have hope and I always believe that he will say yes and I'll no longer grieve Michael T amlmw·i11e But then it comes back and the coward returns I can't tell the truth, ·oom· REFLECTION this I have learned. So, what do you do? I mean, where do you start? I'm afraid, so afraid that he might break my heart. So, in silence I'll sit here, never letting him know. And I'll watch him walk by with tears in my eyes and cry as romance passes by. -eve When in times of sorrowful sadness, look not upon memories gone by, ZAM ZAP I'm gonna hit you and of people who surround you, BOOM CRASH but at the image of your own reflection. This image which shadows your every move, lurks around you, waiting to be noticed. When it is recognized, greet it with an openness, for if doubt shuns on your shadow, your sadness will be kept forever. Amelia Ali right in the face SMACK as you hit the ground POW im not kidding. l.M. Love • .. -. -

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