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EIGHTEEN/The Press /April 21, 1989 It's heen so long since I' vc actuully taken ume off to \\-rite an artil'le that I've <lirnmt forgotten how to writt\. lr 1..., not that I don't enjoy wntmg. it'..., Jmt that I'm at the pmnt where I ~till don't know when enough i~ enou!!h. Well. tim whole '>itu- allon hnng:-. me to the local point of an mdividu;tl. who hu~ heen '>omcwhut of ;m 1n~pirat10n or gu1ding light to nll'. Thi~ young man !-new when enough Vv.a~ enough. I'm 'ure many peopk have heard of that hot young mu..,ically mdined group \New Ktd:o. on the Block.\ In ca~e you haven't. they ~mg: \The Ktght Stull (You've got ttl.\ Wt\ll fur Tum R1chard~on. he·.., 1w Ill'\~ i-td on the hluci-: however. he dt>L'\ haH· the R.tght Stull. Whcn I ltr'>t arrm.:d here. Ill)' I re ... hman year. lc ;mte llll'lllltact with Tom R.1chard ... mt. :\t the time. he Wa\ \ecrelary of ( 'STV. and producer. and direc- tor ot lm uw n -.how \He4llth htnc ... -. and Sport\ ... My main 11ltere..,t ha'> alway ... heen 'porh hroatka\ttng. Tom toot- the tunc to 'how me the ha'>ll'\. E xu ted w mtld he an under-,tatement! I w;l\ glonfied. Estat1c. It was at tlw .. time. Torn mtmduced 111e to two of hi-, close\! buddies: Mikl: lerlan and Jimmy Haley. Well. after awhile. the four of us be- came brave enough to do a live broadcast of a Cortland State vs. Potsdam Bears hockey game. Pregame showtime came. and I was as nervous as \a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chair~\- Tommy was just all smiles. \Don't worry Rob, we'll do fine .. he said. Seated on oppo- site sides of me I had Richardson and Haley. Mike did the camera work. Well the interview began and after about 30 seconds I ran out of things to say when all of a sudden Tommy kicks me under the table trying to get me to point the microphone in his direction.! finally caught on and as Torn spoke things were fine unti I he said the Chicago Bears when he meant to say Potsdam Bears. Then he tried to keep things flow- ing and time moving by trying to tell me that earlier in the week he had a chance to speak to Cort- land's head coach AI MacCor- mack. This totally blew my mind because I knew he didn't speak to the coach at all. Well gam- clime carne and it wasn't unt i I after the first period that we real- il.ed that our microphones were not on. After a night of bloopers. bleep~ and foul ups we reclined in ourc·hairs and watched and lis- tened to our live broadcast taped. It wa~ fine if all you wanted to hear was who scored the goals. Roy. it·' a good_ thing goals were '>cored otherwi•a: nothing would have heen heard. WelL that' show it all got ~tarted and ever si nee then Torn Richard..,on has helped me in every way. You -;ee Tom Richanhon reminds me of my- o.;elf and it'.., very hard to find a person with similar 4ualitie\ and charactenstic-,. A while back I a~ked Tommy 1f I could do a feature article on him and he laughed and said \what for\. I said that\ s just it \Nobody knows how much you have accompli shed and done for yourself and Cortland State College\. At the ripe age of 21. R ichanhon is a phy<;ical educa- \The Right Stuff' Tom Richardson - He's got it! tion major at Cortland College who hails from Rochester, N.Y. As a youngster, Richardson was always involved in sports. His closest friends since freshman year of high school until today are Mike lerlan and Jimmy Haley. Richardson started lifting weights in high school. mainly because he enjoyed it. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers who lifted at the time. Richardson participated in track for 4 years in high school and weight trained. \I met a real good strength trainer in the area who really got me involved in power lifting and natural bodybuilding\ said Richardson. Richardson also noted that the strength trainer has been one of the biggest influences on him and has much to do with what he is doing today. In high school Richardson saw hirnselfal-i heing a future police officer. FBI worker or social worker helping out teenagers. He figured upon attending college he would maJOr in criminal justice. \I always liked to reach out. Even as a teenager myself. I wasn't exactly the greatest kid growing up hut I wanted to help other kid!-> that had problems\ he said. Richardson is currently involved in a Cortland high school helping teenagers in the summer. He feels it to be important to help pwple keep out of trouble and help guide them. Richardson applied to colleges that had crimi- nal justice and physical educa- tion. He decided on Cortland College to study physical educa- tion because it was something he liked. Richardson credits his two brother I ike figures Mike lerlan and Jim Haley as having a big influence on hi:-. doings today. His freshman year here at Cort- land was an adopting stage. He competed m track doing the shot put and discus. Sophomore year came and Richardson fought himself getting seriously involved in the human body and the genet- ic~ behind it all. \I wa<o; always curious about how the body works and the anatomy of the different mu\cle grours.l found that work- ing out at the gym helped me get c xpo~ed to a lot of different things and a lot of nutrition a\ well. And this ha' always heen my inter- e ... !''. said Richardson. Richardson rc al it:ed that him being a physical education major meant that he wasn't going to break the 'World and becotne filthy rich. But it was something he liked and was happy with. He had thoughts of being a strength trainer at a major university or being involved in the area of strength physiology. If there i~ one thing Torn Richardson is known for, it is the simple fact that he is a peoples person. He is the type of individual who goes out of his way to help others. \I really like working with people.( also enjoy working with older people as well\. he said. Richardson performed vol- unteer work in nursing homes while he attended gtammar school. He feels that people should \do what they want to do.\ \If someone wants to be a garbage man,just make sure you help him be the best garbage man there is and don't hold him back\ said Richardson. Many people may claim that money is everything but according to Richardson if \I make 20.000 or I 20.000 it doesn't matter. That's secondary. I want to have a nice family someday and be doing ~omething I really like. You can have all the money in the world and not be happy. That\ not living.\ he added. Richardson enjoys watching the game show jeop- ardy and hi.., favorite game i~ triv- ial pur!-..uit. His hope~ are to some- day be ahle to answer all the 4uestions from hoth. He wanh to know a little hit of everything. In his first year here at SUC'C he was awarded work ~tudy in the physical education area. He started working in the Wellness weight center 10 hours a week. He ~tayed here unti I hi\ sophomore year and felt it to he a great teaming experience. Then Richardson decided he was ready to move up as he applied for a job opening at Crown City Fitness Center. Crown City's owner Bob Martin s~Jected 6 out of25 appli- cants and Richardson was one of them. \'This was a real honor for me because it was real com- petitive. After a while Richardson was promoted to Assist ant Di- rector . the title he still holds today. Tom, along with his two buddies, Mike and Jim all enjoy working at Crown City. Richardson also became involved in clubs such as CSTV. He directed and produced his own show entitled Health. Fitness and Sports. Richardson was also sec- retary of CSTV on the executive board. His objective .~-. to make college campus more aware of certain health issue-;, sporting events and proper fitness and conditiolling programs. \I thank Dr. Leary for much of my college \ULTL''-~\ he said. Richardson, still persi,tent to do it all . was elected secretary fo APEM another Health and Fit- ness Club. But the time carne when Richardson had to decide and choose the mmt important joh for him. He realized he couldn't do it all. So he electr:d to stick with Crown City Fitneo.;s. Richardson has also been on the triathlon committee for three years. I've known Tom Richardson for 2 years now and I look up to him as my role model and I'm sure many people do. He has always been an independent individual. '\I like to support my- self and I wanted to pay for my own education,\ he said. With this thought in mind Richardson has taken on another job as a bartender in Jack Da'ilie1sdns twice a week. Working since he was 12 years old. Richardson realizes that people must start off at the bot- tom and work their way up. Recently. he was highly congratulated for a fine perfonn- ance as director of the 1989 Cort- land State Physique Show,some- thinghedoes annually. The judges cailed it one of the best shows they have ever been to. I asked Tom what he is going to do with all his money after his claim to fame anp success. \The first sum of money, I'm going to take care of my family. \he said. A close friend of Tom's, Mike lerlan said, \Tom is an individ- ual. He always had a lot of re- sponsibility since he was grow- ing up and paid for his own things. He works for what he gets and I 'rnjust happy to have him as one of my closest friends.\ In such a short time span 0f 3 years. Richardson has done a tfetime of work. He has grown, developed and progressed in all areas of life. I can only say thank you Tom for being a good friend and helping me. People \hould realize that he is an unique indi- vidual and should strive to he like this young man. I asked Tommy what he saw himself as being 10 years from now? '\I want ro learn and help people. have fun and hopefully be in the fitness industry or teach- ing profession\ he said. If I can give one phrase to best exemplify Tom Richardson, \If you· want some- thing, you have to work for it - You can do it, no one is stopping you.\

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